Jamie Laou: The Next Australian Justin Bieber?

17 year old Australian Jamie Laou sure looks alot like Justin Bieber. Many says that he will become the next Justin Bieber? I don’t think so. He can’t sing.

Speaking about Bieber look-alike, if you notice Jamie has slightly larger head and fatter cheek than Justin.
Also he don’t have Biebers plumbing kissable lips. :)

  • Daisy Bieber


    • charmaine

      your face is so dumb

  • rakeishta_bieber06

    he looks like justin…:))

    • charmaine

      thank you……i’ll tell Jamie you said that…a few people have actually said that he is hotter than justin….lol

  • Prabashi

    Hell no he doesn’t look lyk justy!

  • annalevas

    That kid is so hot :D

  • sisi4ever

    ik a guy who looks like jb more than him!!!!!!!!!!n hes dumb!!! :|

  • JBsGirl

    Dat dude is HOT! But he is a FRICKIN IDIOT! He needs to STOP hatin on Justin!!! Jamie DRINK LESS HATERADE!!!

  • bieberfan22

    he looks like jb but hes dumb

  • godblessyoujdb

    o.b4 u judge him&say he’s dumb or whatever pls think twice.i first saw got 2 know him from twitter &ppl were h8ting on him& calling him a bieber wannabe.what i can tell u is that thats totally false.i got 2 know him a little more and it even makes him upset that ppl h8 on him bc they think he’s a bieber wannabe.He just wants 2 be himself,he likes to make ppl laugh.btw im pretty sure he’s a jb fan,so any jb fan trying 2 go after their dreams is prolly from jb inspiring him or her.we r all inspired by him(:i think he trully doesnt deserve the h8.even if he would do singing,its x rite 2 h8 on him.again there r alot of jb fans being inspired by jb 2 sing or whatever&ppl dont h8 on them.he is a very sweet boy&doesnt deserver h8!we all know how much it bothes us when h8ters h8 on jb,pls dont h8 on him,there are alot of jb fans who like him.again pls dont h8 on him or anybody b4 knowinga little bout them.u shouldnt really h8 in any case,thats something else.im not h8 on ppl who commented things bout him.i know its easy 2 judge.i thought i’d just clarify sme things(:

  • godblessyoujdb

    also y do jb fans get all histerical when we see jb wannabe,most of the times its jbs fans who just like 2 dress jb.i dont think theres anything wrong bout some1 looking like jb,theycanthelp themselves&dont deserve h8.again jamie isnt a bieber wannabe,it really hurts him that ppl h8 on him.bc we know how much we dont like jb h8ters i think u should know that its x rite 2 h8(;peaaaaaaccccceeeeeeeeeee

  • deyna

    thats my friend boyrfriend so i dont now why your dissing him for he only done the stunt to help justin becuase there were to many fans so he help justin out !!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love you jamie laou

    omg jamie i love you so much u wee cutie pie :)

  • Johail

    He is cute but dumb and stupid and nobody ever could take Justin biebers place no even if he dies one day. Iloveyou Justin!!!