Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Romantic Boat Vacation, Canoodling on a Yacht in St. Lucia

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez canoodling on a yacht in St. Lucia. Justin Bieber wears sports black swim trunks, while Gomez wears a blue bikini. They are seen hugging, cuddling, snuggling and kissing, and in one shot, Justin has a hand on Gomez’s backside.
Over New Year’s weekend, Justin stayed active on Twitter, sending out messages of love to fans.

A lot of u are tweeting me about the TT #girlrespect so im gonna chime in. All girls should feel beautiful. a real man knows to treat a lady like a queen. ur happiness comes from theirs. step up fellas. #girlrespect.

When asked about his personal life last month, Justin brushed off the rumors about him dating Selena Gomez.

He told MTV News:

She’s really cool. She’s an amazing person, I think that people are always gonna be interested in my personal life … but I gotta keep some things to myself. I’m just having fun being a teenager.

So are they dating now? Maybe yes. However still no official confirmation from Justin or Selena.

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