Justin Bieber at Critics Choice Awards 2011 w/ Thick Mustache

Justin Bieber was spotted interviewing Elle Fanning and Jeremy Renner, asking them “Have you ever heard of Justin Bieber?” lol

About an hour after the red carpet wrapped, Justin tweeted “if u can’t laugh at yourself u can’t have fun.”

What do you think he was up to? Filming a new prankster show, or just being goofy?

Credit: zap2it.com/ gettyimages

  1. OK although that`s weird i still like to kiss him ..but without that thing on his mouth.it makes him look desprit to have a moustace .lol

    • That is totally true and right to say Brighty5. Xd I WISH not a single piece of hair will grow on his mouth or I will get a shaver and shave it off!

  2. Awww and hahaha! He looks adorable and hilarious!!! But, who am I kiddin’! he still looks awesome but the mustache, OMG horrible lol!

  3. I would still love Justin no mater what but Omg if he grows a mustache I would cry!! So plzz plzz plzzzz Justin do NOT grow one!!!

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