Justin Bieber Caricatures

More caricatures in the gallery below!

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 6.57.32 PM

  • nasim


    • oshini


  • nasim

    i love them !! they r so funny !!!

    • oshini

      6th pic really made me laugh…

  • shortygirl2012

    Wow third, that’s a first. But anyway, I think they are pretty funny: )

    • oshini

      yep! yep!

  • nnsh

    duh 1st ones hait looks so realistic!!! i like it!! thumbs up!! x]

    • oshini


  • oshini

    he he
    i love those pics…
    :) :) :) :) :)

  • PandasAreAwesome

    most of those are creepy…0_0……especially number 8

    • amber

      how r those creepy?they r of him.so ur calling him creepy?huh?

      • Sohail

        I like him and his friendly

  • sisi4ever

    haha!!!they r funny… :P

  • shannel

    i think the 7th one is adorable. :)

  • Brighty5

    Now he looks hot.

  • lohane

    justin bieber love you

  • amber

    justin bieber is such a beast lol i love him

  • jasmine

    cool.. it a little bit funny..:D