Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” Remix Album track list. Release Date on February 14

Justin Bieber will drop a remix album, “Never Say Never – The Remixes,” on February 14, and the 7-track CD will include “Born To Be Somebody” (as penned by Dianne Warren), a live duet with Miley Cyrus, well as songs featuring Jaden Smith, Chris Brown, and Rascall Flatts. Nothing says “I Love You” quite like listening to the Biebs’ voice quivering through puberty.

The Never Say Never – The Remixes track list:

1. “Never Say Never” (featuring Jaden Smith)
2. “That Should Be Me” (remix featuring Rascal Flatts)
3. “Somebody to Love” (remix featuring Usher)
4. “Up” (remix featuring Chris Brown)
5. “Overboard” (live featuring Miley Cyrus)
6. “Runaway Love” (Kanye West remix, featuring Raekwon)
7. “Born to Be Somebody”

Click to Download & Listen all songs – Never Say Never – The Remixes CD

What song are you looking forward to hearing the most? Tell us in the comments!

Source: MTV

  • ur teenage dream

    i would lovvvv it if we could here latin gurl

    • D a n i e l l e B o n i l l a s

      hey Justin drew bieber

      thank you so much comment on hi5.com? :) 2 weed of your movies coming out i xan wanting that be so cool 3D movies Wow? :) :)

    • D a n i e l l e B o n i l l a s

      hey Justin drew bieber

      thank you so much comment on hi5.com? :) 2 weed of your movies coming out i am wanting that be so cool 3D movies Wow? :) :)

    • Bri

      Born To Be Somebody!
      But truly just can’t wait for the entire thing!

  • Yara

    born to be somebody :D

  • yaaaayybieberslove

    Born to Be Somebody

  • Maddy

    Definitley born to be somebody but I think all of them will be fantastic!!! :))

  • Maddy

    I just pre-ordered it!! SWEET!!!

  • sisi4ever

    2nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gud night every1!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

    • sisi4ever

      oooops….i hadnt refreshed the page 4 a long time…anyway..gud night!!!!

      • يارا حامد

        thank for the nice vieduse

  • jbfan

    born to be somebody:)

  • jbfan

    born to be somebody :)

    • ur teenage dream

      how come evry 1 thinks thats a good song…never heard of it

      • Beliber4eva

        you can hear it on youtube. or just go bhuy the album lol pree sure any JB fan would find a way to hear the songs. lol i’ve herd em all. and born to be somebody is an amazing song i love it

  • justinbieberN1fan

    every song but not miley that supid girl what is she doing with justin bieber :( :( :@ :@ @

  • sisi4ever

    idk…i like almost all of them..lol!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  • bieberfever

    I already ordered it 2 weeks ago!

  • Bieberlover

    Love you jb:)

  • ilovebieber

    born 2 b somebdy !!!

  • TammyBieber

    BORN TO BE SOMEBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • bieberfan4eva

    I love all the songs I don’t have a fav

  • bieberfan4eva


  • Flower:)

    Somebody to love

  • Troyonna

    Omg I want to hear up that’s my favorite song of his :)

  • Yasmine matar

    My favorite song is up and thats should be me and never let u go and never say never. I am a big big fan of u Justin !

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Why ?why?

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Where this party?

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Any song yo favorite?

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!


    • albina

      i love you justin beiber (L)
      from albina jls

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Why Remix?

    • albina


  • sarita meena

    born to be somebody:)❤ ❤ ❤

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Sould not remix or Dj ??
    Sould song with piano saxsessfone only

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Recpect if i ‎ wright

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    When this party was.??

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    He dont know sing because big mic in hes hand

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Look at he face ?