Justin Bieber & Ozzy ROBOT suit – Bestbuy Superbowl advertisement

Nice to meet you: Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber greet each other on the set of their Superbowl advertisement.

Ozzy didn’t know who was Justin Bieber last month.
During interview, he says: “Who the f*ck is Justin Bieber?”

Click to Watch the Official BestBuy VIDEO Ad HERE

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 6.13.52 PM

  • galina

    sooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • Faten Ube

    1st ^^
    Justin Bieber is like a robotttttttttttt

    • Faten Ube

      sorry i’m not 1st

  • ordinary girl

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      • The real JUSTIN DREW BIEBER

        I dont caree what you guys say i have the most amazing gf in the world *sydney Ransbottom*

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  • Sligo ^_^ cute

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  • Sligo ^_^ cute

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  • funny kid

    I hate ozzy and his old wife sharon osbourne and justin is the best.

  • K

    lol I like Justin in his Robo body super bowl suit. Very cute! ;) :)

  • diamod

    ilove justin bieber

  • Yasmine matar

    I love u alot Justin I am yours biggest fan !

  • Justin Bieber

    thanks yasmine matar :)

    • sisi4ever

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    • ariannabieberr:)

      ughh! stop impersanatin (idk how to spell it!) justin bieber!!!!!!

      • K

        Ya I dnt like it whn othrs come here and do tht. Its not right. Be yourself people!! I mean it!! =(

  • samantha

    hey Justin

    • Bon Bon

      I ♥saying that ” Hey Justin” ☺☻

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  • kely

    who the f is ozzy osbourne? lol

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