Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Movie Date 2011

Must watch!
Justin & Selena spotted on a movie date. January, 27th.

  1. wow ppl just need to leave them alone! haha jk i would do the same thing if i saw justinbieber and selenagomez when i just went to c a movie not a STAR!!! hahahahaha

  2. im a little upset with sel now.. ugg… she’s hurting beliebers.. then again, why can’t justin live lie a normal kid?

      • i thnk justin n selena should date n all u dum kids should stop hatin like 4 real n if he say tht thy nt datin it jst was friendly thn thts thm n anys he a normal kid like us sty out of thy grll( n did yll see tht video it was funny *LOL:)

  3. Love them both!It was totally cute of Justin to take a picture with that little girl.It’s kinda sad that they can’t even go out without someone following them with a camera:P But I think that they’re cute together and the fans who hate Selena for dating Justin should know that they’re not really belibers if they can’t see that Selena makes Justin happy and keep on sending threaths to Selena. It’s just so sad that people don’t have a life to live :(
    but Selena and Justin make the best couple ever so stop bugging them!!

  4. Guys it’s not proven that they are dating. Did it ever occur to u that they just might be really close. They can’t go out without large crowds of people like u and I do. But if they are dating, then let them be..Justin can’t just date any girl. He has to know that they’re dating him for him not his fame. Selenas that kind of person

    • hi selena i am a big fan of u and justin bieb and i no the baby trouble and i no it is not true can u let him know for me and i wish i could see him i have never been to one off his conerts at all i live in ireland sligo can u tell him for me here is my email chloemcmorrow1@hotmail.com contact me i would love to here from him thank u o ya love u . and i wish people would leave u alone tooo.

  5. Why?! Why are u lying to your beautiful beliebers?!! Tell us all the truth Justin! We all love u soooo much, there is no chance we will leave u hanging because of some girl…..We might know it’s true….but we wanna hear it from u…<3

  6. AWW they look so cute together!! But i have to adimitt Selena should of stayed with Talor Lautner. Why was Selena walking away every time Justin stopped to take a picture?? Does the real Selena Gomez and the real Justin Bieber really come on this??

    • plz plz plz stop talking smack about me .i dont like taylor. and i walked away cuz my face is already all over magazines and to tell you the truth being mobbed by ppl isnt a good feeling

      • ya u guys really do need to leave her alone and let her live her life let her and justin do want they wanna do its there relationship not ours and stop being mean to her. and u wouldent do all of this if u really love justin evryone.

      • Oh sorry Selena I didn’t mean to hurt ur feelings!! I really think you and Justin make a cute couple. I hope I din’t make you upset with me,I am a huge fan of you and Justin!! Sorry Selena I really didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!! Do you forgive me!?!?!

  7. Aww so cute love it how he opens the door for her hes is such a gentle men and please people that send death threats to selena sorry but get over it it seems like you dont want him to be happy and i kno people get kinda pissed off seeing them together but there happy together and if you listen to stuck in the momment it kinda based on there relationship and i think its sad that justin bieber selena cant go any where they dont get followed by camera or get asked question and all he say is never say never cute right and did he call them geeks? cause if he did he should kno some of his fans are there so :(

    • ikr y do you guys want to kill me..and not being mean but its no aww we were going to see a movie going home and you know talk we arent dating yeah i love him but i dont think he likes me like that he is so so so so a good person judje him on who he is inside not out besides someone might be cute on the outside but not so much on the inside and i think that he should be known for who he is “a great,loving,generous person” oh and actually we werent dating at that moment but we r datin now yay i love you justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • i like u selena and i like tht u and justin r dateing cuz im a fan of both of u guys but if u two r dating i dont think justin wants people to know he said tht he needs to keep some stuff presonal and i think tht was one of them so u should keep it to your self. it will b nice if u told us but i dont think thts wat justin wants:)

      • yea i luv justin and i wish he could have a normal life i wanna cry thts how bad i wnt it 4 hm n selena

  8. ppl are so rude. me and justin just wanted to watch a movie and hang out i know there has been confusion but we r not dating.i love him for taking a picture with that girl.he is such a good person.no haterz love you al. p.s justin i love ya

  9. ppl are so rude. me and justin just wanted to watch a movie and hang out i know there has been confusion but we r not dating.i love him for taking a picture with that girl.he is such a good person.no haterz love you al. p.s justin i love ya. and no they didnt call us geeks uhh i think haha

  10. Let’s CLEAR THE AIR THEY’RE GOIN OUT!GET OVER IT!:{HE IS GOIN 2 GET HURT BY HER BUT LET HIM LIVE HIS LIFE!IF UR A FAN OF HIM NOT SELENA GOMEZ[she said if she ever went out w/ him she'd feel like a cougar{hes like my lil' bro}so i guess she feels that way now]!:}

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