Justin Bieber Spiky “vampire” Hairstyle

Justin Bieber and his swagger couch Ryan Good doing their best impression at the SET of ROLLING STONE photoshoot.

With that hairstyle, Justin kinda reminds me of the bloodsucker Robert Pattinson :D HOT!

  • AmOuRa

    I Don’t Like This HairStyle ,You Are Not Good Justin
    please Don’t Be Mad But I Really Don’t Like This
    Your Baby AmOuRa

    • aleena


  • henrialba

    i like the old one better but he still look adorable in everything love u justin :)

  • dannie

    wow thats funny looking/and kinda twighlight-ish i hate that series its annoying jk. well what r justins other hair styles hes gonna put on here??????????????? are they all as funny at this one???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JUSTIN <3 DREW <3 BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Birsje

      i agree i hate the twilight series to. i liked his old hairstyle better but i still love him!

      • Emy

        me,too..i hate that twilight shit..it’s like soo boring..the only thing i watched is vampires suck..that’s a parody of twilight..u need to wwatch it..it’s really funny…! :D <3

  • Bon Bon

    so hott!!!!

  • zoe

    aagh beaut

  • jb

    omg ..
    it’s terrible
    but if he cut them it will be great !

    • oshini

      totally ryt….

  • secret

    you look like Robert pattison.i like u r original hair style.

    • oshini

      Justin z soooo much better than him…

      • secret

        hello oshini. i agreed. robert is look like vampire . i afraid him . jb is cute.

  • JB’s shawty 4ever

    I don’t mind JB’s hair like this!!:) it’s nice and I remember a pic from a while ago on this website and it look like this one but a lil different! Plus I must say I LUVED the way he had his hair at the golden globes cuz it was different and he looked like a bad boy! Like he says he us!:) so JB leave tht hair do from the golden globes on for a while cuz it looked similar but different!:) luv u JB!<3

    • Katlin

      Lmao jo fo lol!

  • Adusia


  • maddie-loves-j-biebz

    i kinda like it but kinda dont

    • jocelyn

      sam here lol he still cute lol:)

      • jocelyn


      • oshini

        agree with u guyzzz

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    robert patinson better looking and cute

    • Emy

      LoL …. hahah.!

  • natalie

    He looks gorgeouse<3

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    Hello guyys

  • kely

    he looks hoot.

  • Darrio babeh

    hahaha… it’s…awesome! bahaha but that’s just my oppinion. i agree, his oher hairstyle/s are good, amazing infact, but for a change, this is pretty good ;) haha

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    Put in here head

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    U mean robert have pretty good

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    Hello hello .h r u?

  • Katlin

    *SCREAMS* He looks like Edward Cullen in Twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OMG)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katlin

    PS: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT NESS CUTE!!!!!! I love the detail and he looks almost like my brother but instead, brown hair and more spiky.

  • MacedonianBelieber

    so sexy!!!! <3

  • Yasmine matar

    Justin you look so hot and handsome

  • Alana Loves Kemmy Bffs

    I Like it(;
    Loves th Biebs

  • J.J.

    Hey Justin,
    Have you ever thought of changing your name to “Beaver?” LOL

  • sabrrinnaaa

    hahahaha lol he does look like robert pattenson except justin bieber is hot<333(;

  • Colette

    Omg! He looks so hot! That shud b his new everyday hairstyle! :)

  • OhNaNaWhatsMyName..

    hes copying ryan’s hair.
    so why are comparing him to robbert pattionson.

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Only hair style like robert

  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!


  • Kaz simply amaazinggg!!!!!

    Where are yo guyzz?

    • sisi4ever

      im here!!!!!!!!!hows every1????? :) :)