Justin Bieber vs. Taylor Lautner as a WOMAN

Don’t get me wrong. We love both Justin and Taylor.
Sorry we can’t stop laughing :D :D :D

credit: worth1000.com

      • if you don’t like justin bieber why you on a justin bieber fan website?!
        corr, people just need to understand that he’s just a 17 year old living his dream!
        leave him alone!
        he’s amazing:D <3
        never say never <3

  1. William C. Aden
    0 mins ago
    I cannot fall asleep at night without putting Justin Bieber in my ear. His voice just relaxes me so much! Someday I’m gunna be just like him! When I go to my hair stylist I ask her to make it look like Justin! He as to be THE best singer on earth! I think he should try rap because he’s so good at singing, he could beat birdman, and lil Wayne out of cashmoney records ANYDAY! An Justin I like the superman of music! He can do anything! But he has no cryptonite! The only person that can bet Justin bieber in musical talent is Justin bieber! I lOVE YOU JUSTIN! Iv had thoughts of becoming gay so I could date you! But then ik that an awsome guy like you can’t be gay! Your to awsome for that! I have a brother Wessley that sings to Justin bieber with me alllllll night! We look up Justin biebe videos on YouTube and hav contests to see who can master the dance first. I beat him in “Baby” but he KILLED me in “eeni meeni” LOVE YOU JUSTIN! Text me or call me ANYTIME to talk about Justin or talk in general! My number is 712-335-0617 )) <3 Justin 4 life!!! =))))

  2. i vote for justin hahahah!! this is soooo funnyy!! my brother is like see? i knew he was a girl but i told him it was edited lol i cant stop laughing!!

  3. if i was to be the judge of that i would have to say that you are much pretier than taylor lautner. so much better lookin than him bec he i so ugly it aint funny .lol

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