Justin “Evil Bieber”

Justin Bieber makes his acting premiere as “Evil Bieber” in the debut video coming soon from Superstar DJ crew, The Unrivaled DJs.

“There’s no need to hide. I’m gonna find you, I’m looking for you.. and a… I’m gonna kiss get you!”

  1. hmmmm…….does anyone agree that the way he says “I’m gonna find you” is like he’s talking to his dream girl he didn’t met yet?……

  2. Voldemort: “I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth…”

    Harry: “u have no hair!”

    Voldemort: “u have no parents!”

    Harry: “u have no nose!!”

    Voldemort: “….!”

  3. okay to the author who puts up these videos!! in the description u said he said “im gonna find you… im looking for you,,, and a,,, im gonna kiss you.” it is actually “Im gonna find you.. im looking for you… and im gonna get you.” seriously you have to learn to hear!!!

  4. he says i am gonna get u that only means u guys only think about kissing justin bieber :) btw he looks sooooooooooo hot at 0:09

  5. Hey Justin your a real good acter and I love the vidio on you tube (Justin bieber flirting with teacher) I like the song big brown eyes x

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