Justin “Evil Bieber”

Justin Bieber makes his acting premiere as “Evil Bieber” in the debut video coming soon from Superstar DJ crew, The Unrivaled DJs.

“There’s no need to hide. I’m gonna find you, I’m looking for you.. and a… I’m gonna kiss get you!”

  • AmOuRa

    wow,great justin
    love u so much

    • oshini

      He z perfect!!!


      I DO TOO

      • mindyluvsGrant

        i do too wat

  • sisi4ever

    2nd!!!!!!!!!!!! :)any1 on????

    • oshini

      i’m here…n I’m sooo bored…..
      where r ma friendz???? specially..u n writni…????

      • Kaytlinn Mallette

        hey i can be ur friend :):)

  • PandasAreAwesome

    at first he sounds like a creeper but then it gets funny!!!

  • PandasAreAwesome

    hmmmm…….does anyone agree that the way he says “I’m gonna find you” is like he’s talking to his dream girl he didn’t met yet?……

    • PandasAreAwesome

      sorry I mean ‘meet’

  • belieberforever16

    WOW justin sounds so hot!! Hey guys did he say i am gonna kiss you or i am gonna get you??

    • kaylee

      i thinnk kiss

      • Emily

        i think he says im gonna get you cuz why would he say im gonna kiss you?!?

    • Mrs.Bieber#1

      He said imma kiss u

      • jada

        he change it durr

  • All 4 kim kardash & justin biebs!

    Voldemort: “I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth…”

    Harry: “u have no hair!”

    Voldemort: “u have no parents!”

    Harry: “u have no nose!!”

    Voldemort: “….!”

    • All 4 kim kardash & justin biebs!

      Hehehe…somehow made me think of that evil Bieber video….???!!!

  • Masha

    This sounds like the song bed intruder.. “we loookin for you.. We gon find you”

  • a.c.h

    that is sooo funny!

  • tmt

    your chance with him is a 2 over 100 ha ha

  • ♥Bieber Fever!

    O SHIT! ….
    ill b waitin ;)

  • Future Mrs Bieber

    ok honestly i thought it was creepy…but hot …ok Justin you can get me any time i`ll be waiting.lol

  • Bre

    okay to the author who puts up these videos!! in the description u said he said “im gonna find you… im looking for you,,, and a,,, im gonna kiss you.” it is actually “Im gonna find you.. im looking for you… and im gonna get you.” seriously you have to learn to hear!!!

    • Kemmy

      ii dont mind kiss me

      Lmfaoo(; ♥

  • baby love

    awesome jb!!! hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!…

  • Sarah

    creepy but hot but still creepy..

    • JB kiss me

      Ya creepy but hot but then creepy again

  • Kemmy

    ♥ Kiss me.?(:

    Oh Yea Most defiently(:


  • selena gomez

    ilove you jb kisss me for a long time xoxoxoo…

    • JB kiss me

      Shut up loser

      • ImHigh4Bieber

        hahaha ikr

      • oshini

        okay people….cool down…

      • hailey

        hahahahahahah nice one :)

  • belieber

    justin bieber is the hottest teen in the world

    • oshini

      yea….might be…

  • Lyss

    Not if i kiss you first lol

  • oshini

    To whom is he telling this to….
    I bet itz…

  • talesa

    come and find me and kiss me

  • Caitlyn

    I love this!! Ha he looks and sounds soooo AMAZING!!!!! :D

  • Fa-ann

    Okaii!? WTF!?

  • Larissa

    I hope you do find me and kiss me : ) i will be waiting.

  • justinbieberfan

    he says i am gonna get u that only means u guys only think about kissing justin bieber :) btw he looks sooooooooooo hot at 0:09

  • Jackie

    That was funny :D

  • Abigail Conroy

    Hey Justin your a real good acter and I love the vidio on you tube (Justin bieber flirting with teacher) I like the song big brown eyes x

  • MeryEnnBieber

    haha, lol. i loved you at c.s.i. keep going, your a great actor!

  • Justin and Selena forever

    He sounds sooooo cool!!!!! ;)<3

    ~whenever U Smile I Smile

  • Candy

    I want to be the one u find baby