Matty B, the Next Justin Bieber?

Rapper Matty B just turned 8 years old last week, but his songs have already been listened to and viewed by millions around the world. Today, Matty B is already being compared by people like Perez Hilton to Justin Bieber.

“I like Justin Bieber, I like Michael Jackson, I like B.o.B,” said Matty B.

Currently MattyB is studying music at Jan Smith’s studios. The voice coach has also helped to train Justin Bieber, Usher and others.

Will Matty B become the next Justin Bieber? well, MattyB is doing raps, while Justin is doing pop/RnB, but we’ll see.

Checkout one of his video

Honestly I think MattyB being famous is a result of his parents being super rich with all the crazy video editing equipments. But I must admit he got the rapper #swag:)

    • NO HES NOT CHRISTIAN BEADLES LITTLE BRO. CHRISTIAN BEADLES DOESNT HAVE A LITTLE BRO. christian beadles and mattyB’s parents r friends. mattyB doesnt have a little bro either. he has a little sister named sarah and an older brother named Jeebs also, he has another brother a lot older than him. and yes he is SUPER rich just like everyone who lives in atlanta! MattyB: Keep making ur vids they r amazing. some ppl might not like them but not everyone in the world can like anyone’s music. Your rlly good at rapping just like ur cousin so keep doing what u love and what ur good at which is rapping. Go MattyB! :) Chyeah!!

    • Keep doing what you love matty and there is many fish in the sea pick whoever you want cause know one can tell you who you date and how to sing. Love Maddy

  1. Matty B is really top I hew of him I stand on with his music and go to bed with his music. He is really a mini Justin Bieber

  2. mattyb rocks and i love him lol. I LOVE MATTYB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hey ladys mattyb rocks and i know u love him too

  3. hey mattyb i love you and your brother is cut to and please give me a tickit for justen beiber consert because i love you both of you but mattyb be my boyfreind mattyb and come to my brithday party and git justen beiber please i love you both so much and girls stay off my man i love you both very much

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  5. mattyb u r awsom i care about u and the way u feel.
    i love u!!!!!!! i dont know wat to say so im going to say
    wat comes out ……….. Im not like the other ones i have a good
    side. Please reply !!! I also have a bad side !!!!


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  7. I see no one has replied!! Hey Mariah you seem like a girl that
    likes mattyb cool but hes mine step off :() you should not be asking
    him for his number how is he going to give it to u with out
    giving it to the whole world …. how old r u ….. 14


  8. I love justen beiber hes so so so so hot and i like hes song baby it is so so so so good and that song is so so so hot with you in it and you are so cut and cool but be my baby because you are and i love you so so so so so so so much and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BE MY BABY CUT BOY FOR EVER i love you so much

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