Matty B, the Next Justin Bieber?

Rapper Matty B just turned 8 years old last week, but his songs have already been listened to and viewed by millions around the world. Today, Matty B is already being compared by people like Perez Hilton to Justin Bieber.

“I like Justin Bieber, I like Michael Jackson, I like B.o.B,” said Matty B.

Currently MattyB is studying music at Jan Smith’s studios. The voice coach has also helped to train Justin Bieber, Usher and others.

Will Matty B become the next Justin Bieber? well, MattyB is doing raps, while Justin is doing pop/RnB, but we’ll see.

Checkout one of his video

Honestly I think MattyB being famous is a result of his parents being super rich with all the crazy video editing equipments. But I must admit he got the rapper #swag:)

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