Andy Samberg tryin to kill Justin Bieber in “The Roommate” movie spoof SNL

SNL – Justin Bieber featured on new spoof movie trailer ” The Roommate” with Andy Samberg. Funny! :)
Justin is back from the flirty boy, and the school nerd, to this!

6 thoughts on “Andy Samberg tryin to kill Justin Bieber in “The Roommate” movie spoof SNL

  1. jaquisha moton

    NEVER SAY NEVER Justin Bieber has a wonderful family and amazing fans and amazing fans and he has won alot of awards justin BIeber rocks.He really is cute and selena Gomaz and justin bieber are cute couples.They both go on dates and spend alot of time.Justin bieber just cant keep his hands off her is really cute.Justin bieber is one of the biggest world singers.MY favorite two new songs are DRUMER BOY and MISTLETOE.HIS friends and family and fans support him and take him and takes him to the next and next level I bet his life rocks.He has a betyful house and JUSTIN BIEBER and SELENA GOMAZ are the best singer ever.HE supports selena supports him.Justin Bieber told fans and peolpe who have dreams NEVER SAY NEVER.JUSTIN BIEBER.NEVER GIVE UP.JUSTIN Bieber is a big prankster and fun! This is the life JUSTIN BIEBER.


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