Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Break UP?

Read only if you believe in astrology! :)

Have Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broken up?

According to celebrity astrologer, Terry Nazon, it’s definitely on the cards.

Despite Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted hanging out in California coastal town Laguna Niguel last week appearing to be pretty loved up, Terry Nazon believes the relationship won’t last.

Terry has gazed into his celebrity crystal ball and predicted that 2011 will be the year for “relationship rollercoasters” for many stars, with the Bieber and Selena at the top of the list.

He says: “While they have sparks, they are also both focused so much on their careers that they will soon go their separate ways.”

What do you think — will Justin and Selena break up?

Upto August 1, 2011, Justin and Selena still remain strong. All the breaking up rumors are false.

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      • i hope they don’t break up but, look at demi and joe,miley and liam,and zac and vanessa……. i really hope they don’t turn out like them!!!:)

      • apparently they have broken up. there’s a rumour going around that they split up earlier or yesterday.

      • i honestly am like pulling away from him now that he is dating selena gomez. i mean i like her, but i think she only wants him for his fame

      • they need to break up.
        selena is only using him for his fame
        she doesnt need any more fame.
        justin has just started out and she just wants him for that.
        she shouldnt be using justin at all.
        remember when selena dated nick jonas when the jonas were huge and then taylor lautner when twilight was huge now its justin because he’s HUGE!
        shes just using him and i dont like it.
        i love you justin and selena needs to go away!

      • loverofjustinbieber: i agree with you because that’s what shez doing exactly and he doesnt see because hes in deep love but he needs to open his eyes because theres soo much nice girlss out of his fanss that he can choose andd ilovehiim and cant bare watching him get used by a bitch selena ……

      • ilovebieber- i know, i hate to watch him get hurt and he does need to open his eyes to see what selena is doing to him and his fans.
        selena wants him to stop one less lonely girl, and she wanted him to get a hair cut. shes not making anything better, shes making it worst.
        i dont hate selena but shes making justin look really bad and he losing all his fans because of her.
        i bet if he dumped her sorry butt, than all of his fans would be back.

      • ya…i wish its true that they broke up…i want him!!!!!!!dont take all of him selena :( dont make us suffer girl

      • I read they have already split up because Justin was texting Jazmin Vagas. But don’t believe everything you read I just don’t know. I am going to consider them still together until Justin or Seleana say it in a interveiw or something like that :) x





      • Chill Selena and JB are a good couple, Selena and JB didn’t break up they can do what they want if they don’t break up who cares?! If they do break up who cares?! I mean seriously just chill people. Anyways Selena is not using him she’s famous enough she doesn’t need him to make her more famous!!!!!!

    • You saay look at zac and Vanessa butt they are still good friends witch i hope these 2 to bee
      lovee you jusstinnn xxxxxxxxx
      Happy 17th birthjdaaay

      • I really hate selena gomez but i hope and think they will break up.Selena Gomez is so lame and Justin Bieber will just get tired of her lame personality and go back to single and trashing selena gomez in 1 of his song.id luv to hear that song.Luv you Justin Bieber………………..

      • i hate selena gomez for going out with justin bieber people are going to hATE selena gomez cuz she is going out with the hotest guy all myfriends said they want to kick her ass i do to i use to be her biggest fan now no more because she goes out justin bieber asint right with selena gomez he isa right single and if he keeps going out with her he is gonna lose all his fans watch u will then he is gonna break upwith zone I HATE U SELENA GOMEZ FOR GOING OUT WITH MY BABY JUSTIN BIBER U ARE GOING TO LOSE YHUR FANS LIKE RIGHT NOW U LOSE ME IHATE U BUFF

      • To you ^^ Ok. soo yu hate her cuz shes datin JB? newsflash, yu will NEVER have a chance with him, so get over it. okay? kthanks (: annnd btw… selena and jusin make a good couple, and they are both talented

      • I Agree with MONI, All of you will never have a chance with Him, so get over it girls. He’s dating selena if you like it or not. And in my opinion i think there a cute couple.(:


        -Shelby Michelle S. <3333

      • Don’t hate selina what did she do? And personally I hate Justin but if it makes her happy then I guess I’m sorta allright with this though rumors say she’s pregnant with his baby I think lies and I agree with them you font have a chance with him and selina has her own fame she is honest enough to date for love not fame prudes would you date an ugly for fame when you have own maybe more no and neither would selling ps I probably won’t go on here again so say what u like I’m just expressing myself don’t hate her from jealousy and I won’t hear nasty things bye

      • yo, ItsMeShelby:) i dont agree to what your saying or what MONI is saying. and i have 3 reason why.

        1st – we all know we dont have a chance with but u know what, we want our baby to be happy and he wont be when the NEXT popstar comes out, because selena will just come in and rip his heart out and we dont want to see that :(
        but even tho we know that, we could be the only lucky girl to be with him, you never know what will happen. Justin said that he would love to date a fan. so.
        2nd – thing is We wont hate selena once they stop dating and we could never be mad at justin(L).
        selenas is the one using him.
        3rd – thing is knowing we dont have a chance makes us want it way more. knowning you cant have someone makes you want and want and want to have them. you fall for them & then they break you.
        but we never known unless we try. maybe it will work, maybe it wont. but in like 5-10 years from now, justin will be on a “where r they now” show.
        just saying.

        i love you justin (L)

      • Just because justin n selena are dating now every girl hates selena why just because u guys can’t have him now u want 2 bite selenas head off jeez and b.t.w selena isn’t dating justin bieber just 4 his fame OK..!!! Maybe they inlove we never know and why would she date him for his fame she has enough already why would she want more jeez give them space and if u have bbm invyt me on bbm 23BF60F0


      • Stop talking about them it is there life not yours ok if they beark up don’t say I’m going to be with justin not Selena Selena is pertty then yous who ever said they should so you can be with him that not cool if you are 18 so how cares your not going to be with him he can chose who wants to be with ok

    • i dont really know i mean he and her got something going on right now but u never know what could happen in three months i could be with him u never know but i wish them luck it not easy having a girlfriend when u r famous so all of his fans that vgot something aggit him leave them alone let him be happy dont worry they may break up they may get married but at least we know that he happy that all that mATTERS

      • W.O.W. You ppl gotta stop trippn. I bet half the ppl who are now SELENA GOMEZ HATERZ luved her music and songs and her before she started dating jb. Hey. I am in luv with him too. But we ALL know we don’t stand a chance because most of us DONT EVEN KNOW HIM!!!! Some ppl really need to stop sayn that selena is only dating him for his fame. So what if she is? There’s nothing you can do about it.
        P.S. I luv u J.B. nd I <3 ur music Selena Gomez. I hope u 2 nvr break up bcuz ur perfect 4 each other.

    • Just think Selena dated Jonas Brotheres(nick) Then Twilight was big and dated Taylor And glee is big and had flirts with Corey NOW Bieber is big now dating him..? hmmmm.I like selena but this just gets me wondering if she really broke up with him like the otheres and who is the most popular boy now..

    • The True I Think Selena Gomez Is ugly I Never Liked Her In My Life But I Dont Like her More Cuse She With Justin Bieber He Should Date Someone Pretty And Nice Not All Ugly Lil Face Person Like Selena Gomez hope You Get A Better Girl Justin

      • I don’t think that you see clearly whom Selena is ADRIANA and by the way that is such an ugly name (oh and fyii am not maenads at all).

    • yeh i agree, they’re really cute together, but their relationship would most likely last if it wasn’t for all those horrible fans that dis and give death threats to Selena for supposedly dating Justin. Its horrible having to cope with all of this just because you love someone that is popular and a known celeb.

      love u JB and i always will :D

    • i want them to break up and not because i want to date justin because i dont like justin-i hate hate him……selena should date gregg sulkin!!!!

    • ya I agree. I think they are really cute together and no one really has a chance with justin bieber. I like love him but ik that I will never probably ever get his autograph. he seems like a cool kid to hang out with and a great boyfriend and i think him and selena r cute together.

  1. Sorry Beliebers I dont know , but I think they’re not that Cute and Honestly I Dont like it …. I mean I really Love Justin and Selena but they’re not that thing we call ”Cute Couple” .. bcuz I want Caitlin Beadles and Justin Bieber for each Other!! ‘They’re so Cute Together!! <3

  2. Justin Bieber is breaking up with himself? I’m curious to know how it will go. And as per usual, these teen relationship will only last a few years, especially since they’re both celebrities. It’s hard to manage a relationship when you’re hardly together. Although, it could make them stronger. Who knows, and who cares. Let it play out and we’ll see if it does happen or not. Honestly though, I think we should let him be happy and not butt in on it.

  3. well im not happy or sad.. but im not team jelena. just to say… and i do believe in astrology. i do honestly think that they wont last long, i think they’re only gonna go on for months, justin is gonna have a world tour so they’re both gonna be separated…

  4. I do believe in astrology and fortunes……..in fact I think I may be somewhat phsychic…idk I just get these….feelings…and whenever I see these two together It just feels so wrong….he’s going on tour this thursday and she’s gonna be starting to film a movie “thirteen reasons why.” I have a feeling it’ll be over by…may?

    • i have the same feelings when i see them together, i rly dont think they r a cute couple.. im not jealous but when ppl say they r a cute couple, i just dont c it o.o

  5. hey i think that they shouldnt break up cuz they make a GREAT couple together and i think theyre both happy………HAPPY 17TH B-DAY JUSTIN I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D

  6. they probably will! i mean what are the chances that they will saty for at the very most more than a year. i mean what celeb relationship does anyway?

  7. if u watch the hotel video,it seems like Justin is saying all these words like”not Right now!” is just trying to protect us from being 2 fed with him ,but Selena is jealous,she is so fed up! that relationship WILL NOT LAST SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bye-bye
    Selena greetmez

    ps.get outa jbs life b****!!!

    ps. we still love u jb!! <3 <3 <3

  8. happy birthday of my idol !!!!!!! Justin Bieber
    I know I’ve said it’s too late
    but better late than not at all !!!!!!: D

  9. i hope they do break up sooooooooon and yes i belive in that but if they were ment to be well it will be and if its not well then its not ……… :)

  10. well actually hey are pretty bussis. selena’s doin tht new movie monte carlo, and i think in march 14 or somethin is her comin out album, she still got tht disney show.
    as for jb he is w/ jaden smith on tour right now, so idk about the comunication he has his fans and etc.

    the are both bizz with their career so we dont know.

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