Justin Bieber Bodyguard get arrested for Pushing Paparazzi?

One of Justin Bieber’s bodyguards Kenneth Hamilton was cited in New York for allegedly roughing up a photographer.

According to the NY Post, security guard Hamilton is accused of pushing photographer Jason Nicholas against a parked car in midtown Manhattan back in November 26 as Nicholas attempted to snap shots of Bieber.

Hamilton went to a police station on Wednesday to give a statement and was given a desk appearance ticket, but no court date has been set yet. A rep from the Bieber camp told TMZ that the allegations are false.

Kim Kardashian just tweeted, “I am so glad the rumors aren’t true! Thank goodness you werent arrested @ KennyHamilton!!!! Craziness!

Oh.. thanks god!

  1. heyyy everybody i dont think that justin biebers bodyguard should of got arrested thats a stupid reason and i mean he was protecting jb OMGZ

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