Justin Bieber CUT his HAIR SHORT, New HairStyle 2011!

Justin Bieber short haircut done by his regular hairdresser Vanessa

Gary (Rascal Flatts) having lil fun with JB’s hair

OMB, Justin Bieber got haircut today!

Justin Bieber underwent a little haircut today while on the set of a music video for a song he did with Rascal Flatts — that’s Gary from the group (above) having a little fun with the scissors.

On TMZ Live today, Justin said the actual cutting was done by his regular hairdresser Vanessa. He said he was a little nervous about the cut, but he “wanted to change it up” and he thought the cut was “kind of a mature look” and they grow up so fast!

Why did Justin cut his hair?
heres what he had to say on tweets:

yeah so it’s true…i got a lil haircut…i like it…and we are giving all the hair cut to CHARITY to auction. Details coming soon.

Actually JB is looking great with both haircuts.
Just make sure to be yourself Justin and not what others would like you to be.

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