Justin Bieber Dissing Lady Gaga’s Egg & Meat on Chelsea Lately Interview

Justin admits his disappointment after losing out at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Plus, Justin puts the moves on Chelsea and dissing GAGA. Check it out!

On Chelsea Lately, Justin Bieber gave his frequent flirt buddy a big, wet cheek smooch before giving her a Grammy post-game of sorts. He lamented his two losses (“I’m not gonna lie. People are expecting me to say, like, something else, but I’m disappointed”) and spoke about his awkward encounter with Lady Gaga at last year’s ceremony.

“She went for a hug, and I was like ‘Oh, let’s just hold up on that. You have meat on you,’” he said. Pic here

And apparently he’s not a fan of Lady Gaga’s fashions, taking a jab at her egg/pod entrance this year. “People say it’s artistic and stuff, and I’m, like, ‘You’re an egg.’”

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