Justin Bieber European Premiere Purple Carpet Live Stream from Cineworld O2, London

Justin Bieber and his “Never Say Never” movie are premiering over in London today. After domination at the U.S. box office, we have a live stream from the Purple Carpet at the European Premiere event.

14 comments on “Justin Bieber European Premiere Purple Carpet Live Stream from Cineworld O2, London
  1. Alice Coblentz on said:

    Justin: I saw Never Say Never with my 13 yr old granddaughter, and her friend, on Sunday. I thought it was an absolutely amazing production and very entertaining for young & old!

    I must say however, I came away scared to death for you. There’s no question you are a mature, stable, TALANTED young man that has been raised with love all around(your grandparents & Mom are wonderful); just makes me sad that fame is going to take away one of the things that is most admirable about you – your kind, caring, loving ways.

    Wishing you love and happiness forever! You are on-your-way and success in the music world is a given! Don’t forget who you are and stay true to yourself.


  2. Gabriela on said:

    hey i love everything in your movie i waz 2nd 2 watch it with my friend shakia and my sis jessica and we lovedd your movie that if we watched it 100000000000000000 times it wont matter = D

  3. sophie linnell on said:

    love u justin!!! hope to see u soon!!! xxxxx p.s… wishing u everything u want and more! and best of luck at everything!!!xxxxxxx

  4. alessia on said:

    omg what a hottie !!!!! wish i was in the chrowd !!!! love you so so much justin bieber !!! wish to see you soon !!! <3

  5. Victoria on said:

    I LOVE u Justin I wishu the best luck and hope u r have a blast. I hope one day we’ll MeeT. Just stay really and be u.
    I Love uR movie and can’t wait wat big project ur going to make next. Remember u wil always have Fans thAt LOVE u specialy me

    Victoria Bieber

  6. vinicia on said:

    i love u justin u r coming to dublin in march i wish i could come but i didn t got tickets me and my friend didn t got the tickets

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