Justin Bieber in the Studio with Kanye + Bieber surprised cos Kanye never use phone!

On Tuesday night Kanye West took to his Twitter account to post a photo of him and Justin Bieber while in the studio— working together on a track.

Justin Bieber is wearing sunglasses and a white denim jacket, and can be seen working on a MacBook, while Kanye West (also in sunglasses) is tapping away on a keyboard.

In an interview with MTV News earlier this month, Justin said that working with Kanye “was amazing,” and added that he is “such a cool guy … just really laid back and … at the end of the day, he’s just a nice person.”

Of course, he added that West certainly has his quirks.

“It’s funny, because he doesn’t even use a phone; he just sends e-mail,” Bieber laughed. “It’s so crazy. I’m like, ‘How can you not use a phone?’ ”

Source: MTV.com

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