Justin Bieber making Funny Faces with two Best Friends, Ryan and Chaz

Justin hang out with his bffs Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers this weekend and making funny faces on camera :)

  • paramiss

    سلام من از ایران هستم خیلی باحال هستی خیلی خیلی خیلی امیدوارم بتونم یک روز باهات چت کنم آهنگت با کینگ استون خیلی نازه خوشم ازش میاد کاری با ما نداری در حد المپیک هستی جاستین بای اسم من رضا پارامیس هست خداحافظ

    • lol


      • tanya bieber


      • k. love justin

        He is crazy..I’m from Iran too &…HE wrote:
        Hi I’m from iran..You are so so so & so cool & wish I can chat with U…your
        clip whith kingston was great & I love him too…Buy justin I’m Reza

      • JB’sRoCksTaR

        this is wat it acually maens:
        “Hi I’m from Iran are very, very cool I hope I can chat with you one day do so many records with the King Stone Naz·h like her do not come work with us in the Olympics are much Justin Bye Bye My name is Reza Paramys “

    • k. love justin

      & i’m from Iran too but dont show where were U born it is embaressing

    • k. love justin

      He is crazy

    • Paramisse

      why Paramiss what is the meaning of Paramiss ,Reza???????

  • paramiss

    I’m Elaine I hope you’ll consider that you’ll update Saytv my first site you come Barmh

  • paramiss

    If someone can answer me here to show my chat with Justin

  • Yasmine matar

    Justin u look cute make funny faces! And you r a hottie !can’t wait to meet u and I am lebnz!

    • KYRA


      • bubbless

        right justin look the cutest he so FINE!!!

      • paige

        he is fine now

    • oshini


      • branca

        hdshgdy xgu

  • paramiss

    Justin Dvrt Who is this, without any 90% you’re beautiful because you got yourself a few days I do not see nurses song got a lot to work with you as I tell you brother, do not be proud Hchvqt never lose yourself valuable time

  • paramiss

    Here is someone

  • Dedepp

    i love you

  • Chiudra

    Haha :-D
    so funny, so cute . .
    Love u ;-)

    • oshini


    • I Heart ~Country Boy~

      I think Justin Bieber is cute and he is a talented singer, but people are being really mean so they have to stop.
      Do any of you have a best friend that yu have been friends with 4ever and they are being JERKS I have a friend thats being like tha now and i know u know whom im talking about.

  • Topping Little JB

    Hi Chiuda


    • Chiudra

      Hi Topping, whats up ;-)

  • angelica

    he is si cute! cnt w8 to meet u justin!!!

    • claire

      that’s true he is so very cute

      • KYRA


      • oshini

        cute & s**y

      • Beth

        Cute sexy fit and much more :) ok..

  • claire

    cute!!!! i will love you jB I’m your biggest fan..i love you..i hate joanna kristine catequesta because she like you too….she’s my friend but i hate her so much <3 she is a flirt and he make the boy's fall inlove with her..all of your cd's picture are full of her room

    • oshini

      Then y r u keep calling her ‘friend’?????????

  • Amyy

    Cutee! ;))

  • chyaapple90

    theyre so funny :D
    look at his lips. lol

    • oshini


  • ♪Ash +JB=Luv4ever♪

    Hi Justin,you look sooo Cute and Hot.I love you sooo much.When I meet you I am going to give you and my mother in law a huge hug because she is soo supportive for everything that you do.I would have never find my one and true love without her letting you become famous.You should know that I love you for you not for the fame or money I love you no matter what happen.The first time i saw you my heart literally went knock,knock now them butterflies in my stomach won’t ever stop,stop.Anyways. I just want to tell you i love you alot ok. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO YOUR SHAWTY ASHLEY LOL

    • oshini

      @ first sight!!!!
      Keep it up!!!
      :D :D :D

  • Janice

    Cute :D :D

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    Hehehehe bad color

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    What this

  • bianca

    justin bieber te adoro mas vc è gayy

    • JB’sRoCksTaR

      wat does “vc è gayy”. n r u mexicana o que?

  • Robin Elizabeth Leach

    haha! aw man i can’t stop laghin’! :D

  • brittany

    heeeey justin whats sup !!!! :D how are you doiing sweetie ;0 keep it up… god bless u:) dont let any one hurt you i wont let that be you… i dont want u to be in danger.. i want u to be safe justin…. im a bieber fan im 15yrs old from a bieber fan brittany laboucan :) im from slave lake alberta… i wish i could meet yuh #6 that is my favorite number too omg omb i luv u u rock…

  • Ksylin

    Damn can you say hottie!

  • Beth

    Yo F** justin the too boys are fkin fitt never mind justin oh yh justin ur also fitt but boys are like legends :D xx

  • Evemarie

    I love you justin bieber ..your movie is just very good and i love your music :)<3

  • Evemarie

    You are just so cute <3

  • kryhstine:D


  • cutey_bieber

    u and u friend are smexi but justin ur wayyyyyy smexi :-)