Justin Bieber on Rolling Stone Mag Photoshoot 2011

In a set from the photo shoot, he answers some questions from fans like what stuffs he will grab if his house is burning and he only gets 60 seconds. In an interview with the magazine’s contributing editor Vanessa Grigoriadis, he talks heavier issues like sex, drugs and politics.

Check out Rollingstone behind the scene.

We’ll give you guys update when we get the pictures! :)

  1. He is so hot and sexy ! Can’t wait to meet u Justin I like u so much I listen to all yours songs very day ! I am your biggest fan !

  2. DAAMMMNNNN HES HOTT!!! and lol girl asks: Wat do you think of durring your photo shoots somrthing something make those far away look in your eyes Justin: (Cute smile) I think of how bored I am..cuz photo shoots are long and thats the look that comes out haha love you <3

    • i know.. how about swimming in a pool…with justin bieber…. no lets make the pool filled with chocolate pudding…is tat all right with u justin…haha love u all :)!!!!

  3. i love it but only one thing what about his little fans bieber slow down but i really do like it your so hot but slow down se yu

  4. the 1313 is very sexy XD jojo amm because I would love to come especially culiacan mexico sinaloa jaja I do not think and I love the vampire look muahaha dont know what else to say except that is sexy and cute haha chikibaby
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  5. he is soo hott!!!! i luv him soo much i want him to mary me and i agree with that pic of the girl with that sign I LUV YOU MOE THAN SELENA WELL id ont like selena I LUV JUSTIN i hope selena doesnt see this if she does well i dont like you selena you stole my man !!! B#$%H!!

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