FAIL: Justin Bieber Pranks Usher

I just love his big bro’ relationship with Usher.
Watch Justin Bieber try to prank Usher.
He’s bad at lying. :D

  1. funny i loved tht part when jbiebs was like yup we on r way to the hospital and usher was like yea…. i know your lying thnx thow WELL…. IT WAS FUNNY !!!!

  2. did you guys here that justin said to selena I LOVE YOU!!!!! im sooooooooooo sad!!!!! what do you guys think if you dount belive me go on it is sooooooo sad!!!!

  3. hey justin!!! i just came back from ur movie!!! omg i loveeee u moreee!!!!!!!!! me and my friends have BIEBER FEVER!!!!! NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hahahahahahahahahaha ur kinda bad at lyin jb lmfao :P
    but i shuld said sumthng like “hey usher,man,dude me n ryan where just at a mall n dese girls where chasin us in our car n we thought dat we lost dem but dey rly were in da bak of da car n dey tried 2 kissed us!” lmfao…at least sumthng dat waz gud–ish lmfao :P
    or say wat u said but like wit more emotions like u shulda sound more pain in ur voice u kno wat i mean..?
    lol ily

  5. justin bieber have a gurl friend nd she probably iz his type but all his fanz does not need 2 be all up on him juz becuz heeeez famous.he need time wit his luv3 life jus az we doo.i kno im a big fan of justin bieber’s but i dont go around sayin dat justin bieber’s mines. even doh i luv3 his music dat doesnt mean i dont like him az a friend or a best bud or somethin. not az boyfriend nd gurlfriend be cuz he deserve hid space nd fame jus like i i becom famous i would want mi fame nd space…………………………………….
    . from:lexi pooh 2 all fanz

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