Justin Bieber to get $1.7 million condo/House for his 17th Birthday from Mom

According to TMZ, Justin Bieber is going to get an awesome birthday present from his mom Pattie Mallette. What is it? it’s a beautiful house/condo in L.A.

The condo is 2,400 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and cost around $1.7 million. The owner is a model.

Sources connected with Bieber tell TMZ… “Justin’s mom and grandmother have been looking for a condo or home in the L.A. area, which they want to close before Justin’s 17th birthday on March 1. We’re told the top contender so far — a $1.7 million condo near the Westwood area of L.A.”

Justin’s grandma thinks the condo is perfect, but they’re still looking.

Source: TMZ

  • Yasmine matar

    Wow it a nice condo/house for Justin’s 17th b day present I like it !

    • Camille

      I agree that condo is 2 cute like 4real !!!! *_*

      • Shannel

        Dang!!!! That’s SUPER nice i wish i had some money lol. It is SUPER cute! That’s aperfect house 4 my SUPER SWAGGED OUT sweetie pie! ;)

      • nya

        justin i know your ready for your own house and i think it really fits u because your a sporty guy. i like it.you should feel the need to pick wateva house u like.i like ti.make sure u get what kind of house u want.good luck.love u.and i like it. i cant believe your about to be 17.your growing up your bout to be a man.wow. i hope u live for a very longgggggggggg time.remember good luck , you’ll need the support

      • nya

        sorry i kept sayin i like it.i didnt even see how much i wrote it.but i think its good to put a lot so u know how much i care for u and dont want to see u hurt

      • Jillbo

        He is lucky can I visit u jb plz

      • the real x mrs bieber

        you know what him and selena are gonna be doing…….alone……..in his OWN CONDO……….with an ocean view………..loolololololoollolooololollolololololloo lucky selena

    • angelica gavino

      ang cute ng bahay mo…………..

  • VaNEe BieBeRr

    if he lives ther it would be awsome cuz i live in that building and could go see him whenever i want to…lucky me:)

    • Shannel

      DIE!!!!!!!!!!! jk jk jk but 4 REAL IM SSSOOO JEALOUS!!! if he moves there we need to be friends so i can come over your house and we :)

    • taco

      u R so luckey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if he lives there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mallory Felstead

    JUSTIN BIEBER I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU AND ALWAYS WILL i am your HUGEST FAN EVER please come to North Vancouver B.C Canada, my address is 258riverside drive I WILL REALLY BE SO HAPPY IF YOU COULD COME AND SEE ME:) It would mean the world to me i love you so much and i will never stop:) you are my one less lonely boy i think about meeting you everyday and everyday i try to meet you one way another ONCE AGAIN I LOVE YOU JUSTIN <3

    • Emma

      who says ur the huggest fan?? im sure everyone thinks they are his huggest fan! i think IM THE HUGGEST FAN

    • taco

      don’t put ur adress on here some1 might stalk u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • zion

      yeah ryt ..

      • alvira

        thts truee u should maaintain ur privacyyy.. still gr8 house! but mileys and sels is better:)

  • Margaux Bieber

    I would love a condo 4 my B-day!

    • Shannel

      mmmm hmmmm me 2!

    • rommela velacruz

      can i visit your condo? :* pls tweet me in my twitter :))

  • BryGotGame

    Omg nice place i wish i lived there

  • dannie

    i wanna live there. that would be like to ultimate b-day present or i could get tickets to c jb live instead of on a movie screen.

  • Marty

    Um… whoa whoa whoa, It’s a birthday present from his mom??? Or from HIS bank account, because I dont recall his mom being RICH!!! But yes, that is a nice condo, and for the people that already live there, they might want to move out!! Also even if you decide to stay there you won’t get to see him or go on his floor!!! They will have that floor blocked off!! He will probably get the top floor!

    • Shannel

      his mama handles his money. i mean she’s his mama n he wont be 18 til march 1 of next year. so as of now n prolly still after he 18 what’s his is also hers.

      • dona

        OMG!Justin you are the beast! man you have a nice mom you are soooooooo f*** lucky man just let me see you one day!
        let me live with you hottyy!\

        ps. you are the best!!!

        lol peas beast!!!!!!!!!!

      • Brianna

        I agree with u dona

  • miss. bieber’s mom

    that is a awsome condo but dosnt he need to travela lot for concerts and stuff then who is ganna takr care of it =-?

  • fitri bieber

    wowwww i like it….

  • Sophie.

    That’s so nice of your mum, its an amazing house too, wish you the best luck and you have more things to come in your life too. I love you Justin!!! and happy birthday for Tuesday :) xxxxx

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  • gh3860

    This is unfair! I have to pay 8.25 million for smaller apartment in the upper east side.

  • ♥ ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥ ♥

    Dang.. That Condo/House is expensive.. i’ll buy it if i was rich :-)

  • Faith

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  • ♥ ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥ ♥

    I’m serious i’ll buy it.

  • ashley

    faith u r on here

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    thanks faith is my bfff and we go to school togethrer

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      Umm i think she went to bed.

  • ashley

    hey writni

    • ♥ ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥ ♥

      I live in North Carolina

  • assiram

    thats going to be my house haha jk jk

  • Hannah Bieber:)(NY)

    omg tlk about lucky?!?!?! he deserves it though! <33333333:)<3:)

  • caitlyn

    omb…you guys have tons of money if only i had that much. wait…justin how do we become famous?:)

  • Justin Bieber

    Just be yourself and NEVER SAY NEVER. You’ll go far

    • Trixie

      Thankz Justin! :)


      • Justin Bieber

        Glad I could help :) gtg gnite to all of my amazing fans!! Love you guys!!

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      • Justin Bieber

        Im back but only have 5 mins

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        Okay Justin. :) But I dont want you to feel tired in the morning. But how was ur day?


      • Trixie

        Goodnite Justin. Have a gud nite sleep. I believe it is the real you. Some people are blinded by stupidity, but I know the truth. God bless you, Justin and everyone else. Dream softly. :) ;)


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    Hayyy Justin((:

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