Beliebers vs. Little Monster //Bieber fans vs. Lady Gaga fans

Lady Gaga may have the most Facebook & Twitter followers on the planet. But guess who has the most active fans? Yea right, its Justin Bieber.

According to stats from, As of March 2011, Lady Gaga still have more fans than Justin Bieber, but beliebers are far more engaged than little monsters. Yayy… πŸ™‚

For the first time, FanGager has published a list of the top 100 Facebook fan pages. But it doesn’t rank pages according to the highest number of fans, rather it favors fans that are the most active, or who “like” and comment on posts with the most frequency.

“We define Active Users for those who do meaningful community activities, including Like, Comments, Posts, etc., which represents the real engagement activities,” FanGager founder said.

Check out the rank below!

Texas Hold’em Poker is not a person.
It’s a Facebook App!

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  1. Trixie
  2. irish girl xoxoxo
  3. rosa
  4. Jen #1 Fan
  5. Belieber
  6. Bieber lover
  7. * Writni Luvs Her New Boyfriend Jordan*
    • sisi4ever
      • * Writni Luvs Her New Boyfriend Jordan*
    • Your Mom
  8. Rianna Bieber
  9. kosovagirl
    • sisi4ever
  10. sisi4ever
  11. BieberLove09
  12. Justin's #1 #1 fan! Lauryn Bieber
    • #1 jb fan ;)
    • Trixie
  13. Mallory
  14. diellza
  15. #1 jb fan ;)
    • Your Mom
  16. LOVEJB
  17. starla harris
  18. starla harris
  19. Mrs.Bieber
  20. chrisy
  21. bieber fever girl
  22. brianalovesyou
  23. Biebs
  24. Laurasia
  25. Vanessa bieber
  26. Yasmine matar
  27. JOJO
  28. KIANA
  29. alina101
  30. ILuvJustinBieberForever

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