Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Scooter Braun, Ryan Good Prank Willow Smith on Stage while performing Whip My Hair

Crazy boys ready to whip their hair on stage with Willow Smith

ssstt… its a prank!

Watch the video below! Funny!

  1. I love you Justin can’t wait to go one of your concerts in la soon and Justin can you give me 6 free tickets ok plz bye ! Write back ok justin

  2. this is HILARIOUS!!! lol if something like this happens in the hong kong show!!! willow looked so surprised when she saw them on stage! follow me on twitter: hiuhiuloopdedo

  3. i want to know how he define the law of sexxiness i think thats how u would say that eighter way im saying he is sexxi to be getting called just sexy no what i mean haha anyways love u willow that was funny and yea

  4. hey were was that at plz Write back justin plz ill be really happy and 1 more thing are u comeing to columbus ohio grove city plz Write back justin


  5. LOLz. How interesting…
    Me and my friend Joanna watched this during Seminar XD the librarian ahhdores me so she let me use her personal IPhone to watch it XD

    Joanna says:
    Wow that was hilarious luv you!!!!

  6. waw jb wat hair do u ve to whip the hair u cut u used to whip ur hair or wigs because seriously i can’t belive u would whip ur hair but congrates and to u jsmith i luv u’ll

  7. please open your msn ok plz i want to talk to u ok justin i have bieber fever ok plz write back ok justin ok bye!justin i am go to tell u about myself ok so i have a mess up feet it is huge it my right feet and i want it to go away soon it is hurt me! and i love yours songs and i love to bowl and to go shopping and plz justin give me 6 free tickets for your concert ok for july or october ok bye !

  8. Aha Dats Funny!!!!!!!!!! But Awesum:) Lol, Justin Bieber, Yuur AWESUM!!!!! Aha… I Didnt Kno Id Be Sayin Dis… But Im Startin To Love Yuu Now, Ever Since Yuur Movie!!:) Lol, It Wus So Inspirerin! An Amazin, Loved It An Love Yuu!! Yuur Awesum:)

  9. Ok guys obviously it’s not the real Justin Bieber who commented. You can’t be so quick to trust people. And if you’re sure it’s him then ask him to tweet saying that he really commented. I love the JB and I’m sure thats not him. It’s funny how you all were like OMG hi Justin!!! What makes you think it’s really him? There are thousands of impersonaters out there…just saying.

  10. sisi4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!not sixi4ever!!!!!!!s-i-s-i-4-e-v-e-r!!!!!!anyway,u can call me sophie!!!!!dats my real name!!!!i wrote sisi4ever bcause some guys at school call me sisi sometimes…. :)

    • OMG that is a funny prank love you JUSTIN BIEBER and JADEN SMITH you guys rock I love all your songs I love you guys you guys are so hot :) ;).P.S I LovEd your concert you had In SA in Joburg Justin it rocked I hope to see JAden Smith come to SA in Joburg soon <3

  11. Jaden Smith, Ryan Good, Justin Bieber & Scooter Braun are all so crazy when they are pranking Willow Smith.. While on stage, Lol.. Ya’ll so crazy

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