Justin Bieber Reaches 8 Million Twitter Followers, Still 2nd Spot below GAGA!

Congratulations to Justin Bieber who officially now has over 8 million Twitter followers!
Everyone please follow JB’s twitter.


We want to make him #1 most Popular/followed user on Twitter.

Below is the Top 10 most POPULAR users as of March/13/2011

1. Lady Gaga (ladygaga — 8,724,152 followers) We’re almost there GAGA! c u soon!
2. Justin Bieber (justinbieber – 8,059,373 followers) Please follow the Biebs or you DIE :D
3. Britney Spears (britneyspears — 7,104,222 followers)
4. Barack Obama (BarackObama – 6,943,883 followers)
5. Kim Kardashian (KimKardashian — 6,707,370 followers)
6. ashton kutcher (aplusk – 6,436,349 followers)
7. Katy Perry (katyperry — 6,162,527 followers
8. Ellen DeGeneres (TheEllenShow – 6,129,299 followers)
9. taylorswift13 (taylorswift13 – 5,568,043 followers)
10. Oprah Winfrey (Oprah — 5,314,608 followers)

  1. Hey jbieber I love u I wish I could meet u but I can’t because I had a hip Operation and as I said I would like to come and meet u. I am your number1 fan and u r my idol love u send me am email to pdustin jb

  2. omfg he is the f**#ing cutest guy in the world i fainted after the video haha i have major bieber fever and only Dr.Bieber can fix it lol love ya justin
    – lily <3

  3. So proud of u babe omg i cant wait til u come bak to la to go see ya im already following u ps. I LUV U SO MUCH WEN I GOT SICK I ASKD MY DOC IF I HAV BIEBER FEVER HE SAID PROBABLY LOL HAV FUN ;)

      • UGH… I’MMA STOP TYING IN CAPZ. IT MAKEZ ME LOOK CRAZY. So how have you been… you know… Since we broke up?

      • Everything has been okay. I went to go take my sister to see Never Say Never. I also heard you turned 15 about two weeks ago… Right? Or a week ago? Something like that. I wanted to wish you happy birthday, but I forget your number, Trixie.

      • Lolz. Yeah, I turned 15 on March 5. It’z been so freaking long that we have done this. How’s school, Joshie?

      • Wow Fixie your 14? Fail. I’m way smarter than you and i’m only 9/2+(.5)+10-2+100-3-52-45= my age.


      • Don’t make mistakes? Psh whatever her name is Fixie because SHE needs to fix her mistakes. No one calls me A$$Y. Ever.

      • @assie, I can tell you a little white girl, so I’mma tell you a story…

        Trixie is black and shes from the hood. Once the little, ugly comments pile up she will explode into a hell, and you will be one of the first people in it. I dont know how long it will last, but you girls got some issues. Conctrate on Justin Bieber not on Trixie. Because jumpin’ people will not get you nowhere.

      • Who said I was gonna jump her? Who cares if shes black and from the hood. I was abused half of my life and i’m still happy. My dad died and i’m still happy. Yeah me and my family may have “issues” but that won’t stop me from being happy. What i’m trying to say is who cares what other people think. Kill them with kindness because if you fight fire with fire your just gonna get a bigger fire.

    • Um, I have some ups+downs in my life. I don’t even wanna get started with it, but I was thinking about you; And I don’t know if I still have feelings or not for you actually, Josh. I AM SINGLE. READY 2 MINGLE!

      • Well, mingling with you is totally hot. I adore you Trixie, you know that. Why did we even break-up? Was it because I live in NY and you live in NC?

      • UGH, YES! These jealous bitches are trying to test me, again! It’s just me and Brook and whoever else wanna be strong and hold their own! They be jumping me! And I thought I was ghetto!!!!!!

  4. Lol, TRIXIE! Yes, they are jealous of you, because you have one thing that they don’t have and that is: the ability to be you. I see that you and Brook are about the only girls on here that is not afriad to speak your mind, even when its really clueless. BUT IF YOU WANT, JUST TELL ME THEIR NAMES AND I’LL HANDLE THEM!

    • How are you going to “Handle them”? Cussing them out won’t help it’s just going to make matters worse. Just stay out of our drama you’re just making it bigger. You weren’t in it so don’t try to help.

      • The only way you could be “The $h!t” is if you subtract the “the” and you can’t even see me so you don’t know what I look like. Because according to all my friends and boyfriend i’m beautiful. Fixie on the other hand, Not so much.

      • Thank you for being probobly the nicest one on here :) Just ignore the ones that bother you, and i’ll be happy

      • Excuse me your name isn’t Justin. And btw I don’t cuss or get angry fast so name calling won’t do anything hun.

      • Nigga, ur right. I’m not no Justin Bieber or whoever. I’m Josh Ryan and Trixie is my girl. I handle some niggas back in the day, cuz thaey wanted to play. I should be cursing… ja, ja, but I need to put you in your place.

      • There is no place to be put in. I’m on top you’re on bottom.. Why? Well lets see im smarter, I love Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles, Oh and i’m just way better than you.

  5. @ASSIE: Consider yourself warned. Jealous girls. Stop being so jealous. Over saying: “I HATE TRIXIE!” UR JEALOUS. DUMBASS.

  6. Trixie, let it go. Its prob the same bitch as last time… Speakin of bitches, are you friends with Effie?

    • I know, and yes I’m late, but I thought that you and Brook and Effie ran this webby site? Are you friends with Brooke?

      • That’s alot of questions. Brook, Effie, Writni and I ran it a longggggggg time ago, along with a few others. REMEMBER HOW WE CURSED OUT AN0N???? AN0N???? AN0N??? DIDNT NO ONE LIKED HER/HIM! Yes, I’m friends with Brooke. She and I still kept in touch.

      • ooooohhhhh! Well no one tells me anything anymore, all bcuz we all lost touch with each other. But Trixie, you were the Shit. EVry1 knew you! And An0n…. Bringz back memories…

    • Yes!!i agree with you,cassandra…justin bieber must in the 1st sport!!everyone,please follow justin bieber!!we love you justin!!

      • Your right, but the thing is that no matter what I do or say these crazy bitches try to jump me. Cuz I’m independent.

      • miss independent… Ohh, evrything u got, these other bitches want… yeah, they start drama n u aint neva gonna stopppp

      • People jump on you because you comment at them saying mean things when there trying to speak their mind. Like when someone said they loved Selena you wen’t on there and said you hated her and that started a fight. Quit hating on people Trixie and maybe you’ll be #1 and own this site again. You just have to work your way up to it. Don’t hate, or as my redneck best friend would say “Don’t be hatin”


    • No, no you aren’t. You and I LOVE TRIXIE are wwwaaayyy to out of your heads. Please stop, both of you, tryin to put attention on yourselfs by posting random crap about each other. It gets annoying. SO annoying!

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