Justin Bieber Renting a Zero Gravity Plane to Film his Upcoming Music video

According to Dailyfill.com, Justin Bieber’s next music video will feature some high-tech special effects that take Justin Bieber to a whole new level. It’s reported that Jusin Bieber’s people are in the process of renting a “zero gravity” airplane for the shoot!

We still DONT KNOW which song gonna feature this “zero gravity” plane! It’s SECRET!

For some of you who don’t know Zero Gravity Plane, I have attached the pic below!

Sound fun? YEAHHHH!

These specialized airplanes mimic the feeling of weightlessness that astronauts experience in space. It probably would have been cheaper to just use wires, but when you have as much money as Justin Bieber you can afford to film your music video at 35,000 feet.

So yeah.. its like in the outer space! and we will expect to see Justin flying in the upcoming music video!

Are you excited for the new video? Can you guess which song?

UPDATES MAY 23, 2011.
It turned out Justin Bieber using the Zero Gravity plane for his “Perfume Someday” commercial.

  1. Dats gona b awsome bt funny cuz justin is gona b flying lol i dnt no wt song bt up is da only song dat relates to flying so yea bt i dnt no i wonder whos gona b da gurl hey imagine it selena gomez dat wuld b a lame music video den ha well gud luk justin love ya ;) muah kisses

  2. omg thats goin ti be awsome i wish i would be famouse to star doing my own video and having fun like for ones in my life but that wount happend so good luck justin biber good luck on that video hope yuo have alots of fun

  3. OMG my dream since first grade has been to get in one of these and EAT WATER since there’s no gravity!! OMG I HOPE HE GETS TO SINCE I CAN’T, LOL!!:))) ohhh….and I think it’s for up or down to earth:)))

  4. I think it’s for “Up” or “Overboard”!!!!! Anyway it’s gonna be awesome because Justin’s gonna be in itttt!!!!!!! =]

  5. It’s defiantly for Up, “I’ll take you to the sky, past the moon, through the galaxy.”……Zero Gravity Plane…No gravity..Like space…..The moon and galaxy are in space……Lol!!

  6. I think its up or overboard but if im wrng idc its gona b awsome cuz justin is in it i love yhu ;) MUAHHH XOXOXO I LOVE YOU FOREVA JUSTIN HOPE YOU COME BCK TO ARIZONA

  7. K vanessa we get dat u luv him well i do to n dang vanessa ur rm is full of him but mines mre n I LUV U JUSTIN PS SO DOES MA FRND VANESSA

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