Miley Cyrus Becoming Justin Bieber on SNL (Saturday Night Live) Parody!

Miley Cyrus hosts Saturday Night Live and portrays Justin Bieber in a sketch about The Miley Cyrus Show. The show aired yesterday on March 5!

Check out the video! lol


  • Brandy

    Ha he is so sad that even Miley is making fun of him.

    • Lilly

      Ha Ha Ha you Milley are dum for doing that ha ha ha now that is funny ha ha ha think how manny people can see that ha ha ha you are a big fan of maddie ha ha ha my name is Hannah

    • LOLZ

      OK i know this was mean and all but u got to agree it was a little funny ( im not a bieber hater) (i lobe justin bieber) but this was super funny bcuz i like justin bieber and selena gomez and miley cyrus

      • LOLZ

        sorry i meant love not lobe sumtimes i miss spell sum words

  • laura

    thats well mean!!! why do u go on this website if u obv dnt like him!

    love you justin! x

    • Brandy

      I see how Miu could be so mean to you guys now. I’ll make a deal with you guys, I will leave the site once you guys learn how to spell.

      • Talon

        Umm just to let you know ” brandy” that was mean and I do know how to spell . And yeah you should leave if your going to be mean. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

      • Brandy

        Why should I leave if I want to be mean?

      • Blue

        We don’t have to do anything to make you leave Brandy, you should just stop acting like a fool and be nice other wise someone might end up reporting you and that will be just embarrassing for you.

  • alyssa

    wow miley cyrus out of ALL people r making fun of him? wow. justin and SOOOO many mof us could make fun of her soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more than that from what shes done. so if i was miley cyrus i wouldnt be making fun of people.

    • Brandy

      I think there is way more to work with when it comes to making fun of Justin. Miley Cyrus has been done to death.

      • ShElBeY

        Gosh brandy i swear!!!..whyy r YOOH nd so manyy otherr ppl hatiin on jb?!..all yooh guyz r jst JEALOUS nd HATERZ!!!

      • Brandy

        I could careless about Selena and I was hating him on this site way longer than she was around. Also if anyone thinks it is stupid of me to be here then, by that logic, I could take a massive deuce on your bed and just say “If you don’t like it, roll on your other side.”? Or if you think that’s too ridiculous, just remember people aren’t always willing to just turn the other cheek. Things bother people.


      mayb shes mad @ jb 4 dating slena! ooooohh! ;P


    why she look like that ewwwwww

  • Rebecca Bieber

    Stop wiv the hatin Brandy !!! Miley…cant blive she did that like dissin him but LOL omg shes good at the impression. I dont think in parts she was meant to be mean but she was just joking x LOL but it is quite funny. BIG UP TO BIEBS xx LUV JB xx and Brandy…why u on the website if ya dont like him ??? CONFUSION !!! xx

    • Brandy

      Like I said a million times before, if you guys will use the correct spellings of words I will leave. I’m here because the sentences are normally so bad that it is funny.

      • PandasAreAwesome

        Ever think that some people here come from different counries and can’t speak English well? They try their best.

      • Brandy

        Then they should speak their native tongue or they should mention that when they post.

      • ShElBeY

        Whyy do yooh caree so much about howw ppl wriitee???..nd thiis iis a fansiitee! if u dnt liikee jb thn y even bother lookin thiis place up??..i bet u do liike jb ur jst sayiin tht cuz ur tryin 2 be kool…

      • sophie

        brandy ur mean u cant judge ppl becoz of their spellin MISTAKE becoz this is a free countrY and if ppl make some spellin mistake u hav no right to correct IT and complain bout it .UR NOT PERFECT URSELF WHEN U BECOME THE CLEVEREST BOY IN THE WORLD THEN U CAN CORRECT PPL SPELLLIN MISTAKE AT THE MOMENT I THINK U SHOULD LEAVE PPL ALONE .

      • Brandy

        Since this is a free country I can judge a person by how they spell, I can correct it, and I can bother you all I want. As a hardcore thrash metal fan, I’m not even going to address that you think I like him. I never once said that I was perfect so stop putting words into my mouth.

      • Blue

        Seriously Brandy you’re very judgmental and I think you really aught to stop this is a public Justin Bieber fan site and we “fans” didn’t come here to hear anyone talk their head off about how much they hate Justin Bieber. We also didn’t come here to be pushed around by someone like you who gets a laugh when she sees someone not spelling correctly. I think you should be ashamed of your self for that. Also if you’re such a good speller that probably means that you’re not to young so you’d think that you aught to be a bit more mature. So please stop being a immature bully .

  • starla harris

    miley are you making fun of people if you did that is so mean pls stop don’t make him sad

  • starla harris

    miley are you making fun of people if you did that is so mean pls stop don’t make him sad are you ok justin


    that part was mean when she said i put the finger up now she was makin frunt ov

    • ShElBeY

      MiLeY ShooDnT Be tLkiinqq cuZ iif yooh guyz HavE seen hiiS moviie…u now how many ppl can call her a s**t or a s***k?!?! she really ShoOd ShuT up Cuz She Has no reasON 2 maKee fun Of jb<3..i hopee u dnt feel bad bout wat shee sed..iif u do i hopee u feel better justiin i <3yooh!!

      • Brandy

        Shut up, she was amazing and she did it perfectly. If you watched the thing she was being made fun of at the same time and she was being a good sport about it.

  • rose

    ewwwwwwwwwww she look afule domt even go there miley yuo know why because yuo dont got talent lol sorry but i hate her

  • Me

    She’s the one to talk. Making fun of Justin, when she’s the one making horrible life desicions.

  • kaylee

    wow miley ur such a bitch we all know ur a whore slut bitch with no talent so stop hatin cuz all of us beliebers could go and make fun of u

  • funny kid

    behalf of all bliebers I’m honored to say to you miley
    you are such a big horny bitch and I really mean it.

    • funny kid

      and you’re trying too hard to be funny
      but you are not.

      • funny kid

        the Jealousy is killing you miley

    • Erica

      Omg don’t you people know what Saturday Night Live is, it’s a show which is based off of making fun of people. Miley isn’t doing it to hate on him or anything like that she is doing it because it’s part of her job.@ funny kid don’t say “behalf of all bliebers” because you are just being ridiculous and completely retarded.

      • funny kid

        ok maybe I overreacted
        so I’m sorry for those words
        but she always try to make fun of him
        and that makes me angry

  • Maddie

    She did even the *thing* grabbing… that was “pretty cool” .. best show ever..

  • bekah

    That’s just rude Miley!Why don’t you just grow up and get a life.I am so sorry Jb.I feel bad for you.I hope your life gets better.

  • onyana

    hey justin i hope u have a great life

  • Ivette

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww why does she look like that….She tryed to look like Justin Bieber but she failed at that ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she ulgy :0

  • vinicia

    os that miley circus omg

  • Trixie



    • Brook

      lmao hahahha omg trixie

      • Trixie


      • TINA


  • michelle

    justin bieber miley cyrus try to be you you should laggh at here because she try to be you

  • Gillian(:

    Y’all we can all be fraaands

  • Samara

    That is 2 cute. Miley you did an awesome job pretending to be Justin bieber .

  • Laurasia

    i was watching it i thought it was funny and i love justin bieber, but miley sort of had the right to make fun of bieber, because that other girl who was pretending to be miley was weirdo -_-

  • Laurasia

    likes ppl i just noticed that the youtube video is a mirror image

  • justinbeiberhater

    Miley haz a deeper voice than jb.

    • Trixie



    • hudanoor

      U think so

  • jiali

    miley has a deeper voice but she does’t sounds like justin

  • luna


  • Kiley:)


  • nilofar

    un cool miely!boooooo

  • boo boo

    ewwwww she looks ugly

  • macey

    lol that’s so funny