Pattie Mallette’s Boyfriend = Justin Bieber’s future StepDad?

Looks like Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette has found love?
Check out what she tweeted about this lucky guy!

“Enjoying the show with @joseph_edward_ , and friends .. None of whom have twitter!! Get with the times! ;)”

“I love you too. RT @joseph_edward_: i love you.”

“I agree he’s handsome!! RT & follow him if u think @joseph_edward_ is cute!!! Haha! Blow up his twitter lol”

NOTE: The pics &tweets are from last year. A source tells us that Pattie and Joseph are dating.

PIC SOURCE: Pattie Mallette PLIXI

What do you think about Pattie Mallette going out with Joseph Edward?

  1. Ahh i think dats lovely!..soo happy for her!..nd i no justin wud be to!..she deserves to hav a gwd time now nd again cus if it wernt for pattie dere wud be no such fing as justin bieber!

  2. although he looks kinda like a guy that is just in it for the fame and glory but if she does not think that than i am happy for them P.S. i am new does anyone wanna be friends

  3. Have a good time together u guys r da cutest couple nd if it wasnt for justin parents justin wldnt b here nw showin hes HOTNEST body hope justin okay with it;):)

  4. awww dey r an amazing couple bt i hope justin agrees with dem dating becuz hes been saying he misses hes dad alot n i dink de will gt married dey although dey mak a great couple n we should all b happy for her n for bringing justin to diz world to mak us happy lolz love ya justin n pattie ps. Isnt it wierd n cute both son n mother dating lol -;)

  5. He is too hot for her. she is ugly and if they’ll date it’d be cuz of justin’s money. OPEN YOUR EYES. sorry pattie but this is the ugly truth. why on earth a hot 25-year-old would like to date an old n ugly lady, she might be cute but… come on!! it’s like… patie isnt even hot

  6. Aww… Pattie & her boyfriend looks so cute together… Let’s give the round of applause.

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