Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Shopping at Local Mall D&G, Louis Vuitton! March 1, 2011

The new Hollywood’s youngest couple, Justin and Selena went shopping at a local mall, stopping at D&G and Louis Vuitton and shared a few hugs along the way.

As you can see, Selena holds hands with Justin Bieber as they head out for a bite to eat on Tuesday afternoon (March 1). After stopping at the shops, they picked up something sweet at Pinkberry.

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  • Joanna

    happy birthday ooh im first ti comment and omg thats soo sweet

    • JB_Fan_4_Life

      that should be me holding his hand…….lol JK i fully support u JB shes a great girl happy birthday♥☻ ☺

      • JB’s Runaway Love

        She is a good girl and I support U guys comepletly

      • JB’s Future Lover

        I know! I wish it was me! But its okay because i’ll probably never meet him anyway!

      • khaleya

        No she not she a cheter

      • Mrs.Bieber

        Justin and Selena should date they should date I felt so sad for Selena she is so pretty

      • sammy

        i wanna shop with bieber

      • justin bieber

        u guys are so awesome…thats all i can say

    • daniBeiber911

      Happy late B-Day Justin:) U guys make a great couple! Can’t wait until U guys get married (I’m sure you will sooner or later!).



    • mrs.bieber

      iliked it better when e was dating caitlin beadles besides selena is using justin remember when the new twilight came out and everybody was twihard but all of the sudden she dates taylor lautner and when nick jonas and the administration became famous she started dating nick jonas jasmine v caitilin beadles were better cuz they didnt go hit on every single guy like seriously if u dont believe go to hell were trying to help justin and keep him away from users it would be so much better if he dated a fan cuz his fans actually love him let help him for the love of my super sexy bieber

  • channing

    YAY SECOND COMMENT happy birthday Justin and tell Selena i think its awesome you h=guys are together and also tell her to ignore A- LOT of the things ppl are saying they are just jealous of her and that she gets to be with an amazing guy like you :) i’m with you through thick and thin

    • khaleya

      you stpid she not channing wat the hell you thinking

    • khaleya

      your rite sorry

  • destiny-dawn

    3rd ! awe there soooo cute together ! i swear there the best couple like ever in history ! love you selena and justin !

    • khaleya

      you dumm to destiny

  • maddy

    you two are cute together

    • Jacyee

      They really are cute together! I might think they might get married;) They would make a REALY adorable baby! ;) Lol

    • diana

      i know they are so cute together…many people say they arent but they really are!!!! if you dont think they arent good together..then you basically want justin to feel sad cuz hes happy right now so dont ruin it…and if you care about justin and selena like if you care that they together and your mad about it….yur not a fan…justins happy so you do to..if yur not happy about it…well again YUR NOT A FAN!!!!!

      • i luv ontarians

        I completely agree. If u really luv sum1 then u support them all the way. If justin is happy then u should b happy too. And for thos people who r sending death threats, hate letters, etc. please stop. Before u do that think wat Justin would say if he were there. Would u b proud to say that u sent his girlfriend death threats and hate letters? Stop hating on jelena. They r sooo cute together and I wish them nuthing but happiness.

  • Elliey

    they woun’t meet a long time started from 4th March cause Justin is begining he’s new world tour
    love you justin and I’m so happy they confirmed that they are dating:)
    I stoped beeing jelous cause he is 17 and he couldn’t stay single forever


    Selena cant date justin cuz she 18 almost gona be 19 and justin is a minor nd selena could go to jail for 10 years nd plus she only using him for fame cuz shes wak at singing she soundz lik shes choking no joke she does bye peace and HAPPY B-DAY JB

    • Elliey

      omg:))she woun’t go to jail=))They look both very childish,although she is older
      and i woun’t say that you are a hater,but remember that Justin liked her since always>?He deserves the best,so if he likes her, i woun’t hate her:(Of course I always wished it would be me instead her,but that can’t happen anyway:(If he will evr come to a concert, I will go there with a VIP ticket and will meet him personal,and this will make my life complete:D

      • JB’s Runaway Love

        She wouldn’t go to jail:( She sings really good and she is not using him they really like eachother

        _Jelena Rules_


    Nd im not a hater so f*k does who say i am


    U freakin destiny dawn is da only hoe here so calm ur s**t down before i do nd no i dnt read ur stupid comments cuz dey r stupid nd da 1 dat has to f*c*i* s*y* down is u befor i do k fu**in bit**

  • Elliey

    he is sooo sexy:X

  • Devina bieber..


  • Angela

    urgh!!! yuck!

  • Swagga Girl Shawty Mane

    ew… why does selena want go shopping with her self? she doesn’t ashame of it…? don’t think guys that im jealous what I mean i feel different to Selena from now on she’s really changing

  • Izzy

    omg this girl is just using him for his money and she’s changing
    him. before selena he was a sweet kid who use too make a heart with his hands, he doesn’t even do that anymore and he always talked too his fans on twitter and he would tell him everything
    now he barely talks to them on twitter I don’t care if he’s dating I just wish he was dating someone eles.

    • Mrs.Bieber

      i am so with u on that

      • JB’s Runaway Love

        I agree I miss the real JB :(

      • makana kiannianni fernandez

        I agree but i feel bad cus all the girls are saying if u are a true jb lover u would like who he is dating.an selena is one of my favorite singers so i feel bad an shes only using him 4 his money the will be over soon.

    • jb-cb lover

      i agree =(

      • JJ


  • Whydoucare

    Justin thinks he got the howl world that liitle creap loser date that selena like i car i hopu u die together u can do what ever u want u liittle ****** ******
    im sorry fir this coment but i have to hate him
    and u know that bieber fever thing is so stupes
    and i got over it dr.bieber stinks go to hell u rich selebrety

    • i luv ontarians

      If u hate Justin with such a passion, why r u on this website. Haters only hate the things they cant get and the people can’t be.
      Keep looking his way, his head is heald high
      You want bring him down I dare you to try.
      Justin has a pack of 8 million+ beliebers. Not only that but he has high confidence and a family that loves him. You can’t bring him down. Just admit ur jealous and we can all move on.



  • JB’s Runaway Love

    What did you buy?? Lol I love u<3 and Selena U r both my role models lol

    _Jelena Rules_

  • april bieber

    im happy 4 the, even he if dated a fan it would leev the rest of us so at least hes been fear xxx congrag xxxxxxlove u justin more than all beack beans in world xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Marie

    I think they have fun or i don t know

  • Jennie

    grow up!!! Stop being jealous.. They are together..

    • diana

      ikr…they have been together for a while give them a breakk

      • jessy

        ikr… leave them alone… they are in love.

  • diana

    i luv them together!!!! i luv jelena!!!! <3 they are so cute together..many people are giving her death threats and saying rude things to her!!! she doesnt diserve to have all that because she is an amazing person! justin and selena are happy together so…why do many people want them to be sad?! i want them to be happy cuz im a belieber. many people that gave selena death threats arent fans…not one bit!!!! i want justin to be happy…and selena. so i dont care!!! people..you have to leave them alone or your not a fan

  • jiali

    aww selena shopping with justin bieber on his brithday . that so sweet.

  • jiali

    aww selena is huging justin that is so sweet and selena holding hands with justin .

  • avalanche5

    they r so cute. i love jb and selena

  • shovyjbsshawty3

    Look guys u have2 understand that jb is happy with her.

  • shovyjbsshawty3

    Look jb fans,
    he cant single forever. Let the hot bieber have his privacy and leave him alone, HES DATING HER EHAT DNT U GET?.my heart was also broken but i understood. The chance of jb dating u is 1 in a million
    he might date mecuz i look alot like selena andshes pretty but not with those pants
    Look guys u have2 understand that jb is happy with her. U r so jealous i mean i personally dot think they match but if my babay justin ishappy im happy.DONT BE WORRIED CUZ THEY WONT GET MARRIED OR SOMETHING.

  • jessy

    they r so cute! i’ll support them 4 life! so sweet! all you haters are just jealous…. once i found out they dated, i felt sad coz i didn’t know how cute they looked 2gether… now i am a selieber…. u jealous people are not fans, your haters…. if justin is happy, i’m happy. if selena is happy, i’m happy… i check on them every single day… and 4 the girl who punched selena on the face, i think justin will never forgive u for hurting his girlfriend… i love JB and SG. I hope they stay together 4ever….

    <3*<3 JUSTIN+SELENA=JELENA <3*<3

  • zaine_18

    im soooooooo tired for commenting for both of them!!!!!!!!you know JUSTIN your losing sooooooooooooo many fanz,wish you know the answer!why?because of that fame user!!!!!!

  • Priya

    i like selena but i don’t love her, but JB loves her and he’s happy with her, so wherever he’s happy, i will support him :)

  • justin bieber girl 4

    i am happy for us u look a good couple xx

  • bieber fever

    u look a great couple and so happy xx love ya