Cute white boy wearing beanie hat

Wearing beanie hat, Justin Bieber spotted signing autographs for fans in Australia.

  • ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥

    Awww the beanie hat looks cute on Justin when he’s wearing it.

    • tsarmeynjuno

      I agree with u writni.. :D

      • ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥

        Thank you Tsarmeynjuno 4 agreeing with me :-)

      • zohreh

        i agree too and i missed u a lot writni ! :)

      • ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥

        Thanks Zohreh

      • ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥

        I missed u too.

      • zohreh

        how are u doin’?

      • ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥

        I’m doing great.. How are u doing?

      • Jasper

        HOTT but it is a toque not a beanie, I know cuz I am a Canadian xD

    • Janice

      I also Agree :D

      • ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥

        Hey Janice.

      • Live Your Life

        So Cute
        Love You

  • tsarmeynjuno

    YEY! 2nd! While I read the headline, I never tought that it was justin it referred to that cute white boy! LOL! I thought it was a different guy! Well, Justin really look cute on beanie hat! Sooo handsome he is! :D


  • jazmin

    cutie! second…………
    love ya justin!!

  • anne

    y he look so sad?
    maybe he missing selena gomez

    • soha

      hey, there is no need to make fun of justin bieber, justin bieber is gonna come to Memphis in 2012, so be nice.

  • Yasmine matar

    Yea Justin u look so cute with a beanie hat and I hope to meet u soon in la ok bye ! and please follow me on twitter @fairlygirl4 ok Justin please reply back to me ok and please go on msn soon ok Justin bye ! Love u so much Justin !

    • soha

      sorry, justin bieber is already following me on twitter @tianaand

  • belieber06♥

    yah..his really cute..hahah..
    LOVE yah justin♥

    • soha

      don’t luagh, you know that is bad to lagh

  • Rachel Bieber♥

    aw he looks sooo cute <3
    love you so much justin<3 :D

  • cookies&cream


  • justinbieb4evah @ twitter

    Volcom! :d

    justin, is sooooo coute<3

  • Vina Bieber

    HE IS SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!! :’) <3

  • NasLey Bieber

    OMG …
    I’am crazy with you JBboy ..
    I lov ya’i lov you so much ..
    Please foloww me on twitter :

  • jasmine luv Bieber

    Justin is cute with whatever he wears and please we want Justin in Egypt can u please make it 2 Egypt

    • soha

      um, Egypt is where Muhummud lives

  • emma

    i was born the same day same mount and different year. only about 4 years diffrence:)
    me: 1/3/1998
    jb: 1/3/1994

    • soha

      um hello, i was born in May 29th, 1998

      • Trixie

        Thankz for sharing:

        I was born on March 5th. And @Emma, you are special, very special and lucky!

  • Annika Bieber

    that is the cutest photo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love him so much! i hope he will sign autographs in perth! i want his!!!

    • soha


  • macklla

    he looks sad i wonder whats up hmmm……?

    • Justin Bieber

      Naww not sad, Just tired . Thats all.

      • starlaharris

        poor justin how is your back still in pain

      • tsarmeynjuno

        Then u should take a rest justin.. I worry if something bad happens to u.. :(

      • Lizzie Bieber

        Awww, justin I love you and all and all of your fans do, but sometimes I think you should just have a break and now your back is hurt you might want to just postpone or cancel just one concert, your health comes first!!! <3 u jb, please follow me on twitter, @lizziebieberxxx

      • soha

        hey justin, tyler anderson spyed on me again, what should i do? tell my friends or tell my cousins?

      • JADE16

        awwwww sleep my hot angel

  • Biggest Fan :L

    Omg.. he.s soo cutee , hott , awsome <33 omg i love him soo much !!! :))) ..

  • catherine tan

    I LOVE JB….
    i want see him again in INDONESIA…..

  • Flor=bffe

    omg cant ne one llet him like live his life without paparazzis? i dont know how rebecca black and justin bieber and usher annd kanye west and all those celebrities do wat they do with people following them around. i want to be famous but i couldnt do what they do i give them credit.
    (btw justin does look really hott)
    ~look at me now

  • Jordan Bieber

    lol, he is pretty cute in tht beanie:)

    • soha

      reply back

  • soha

    hey, its no big deal, all justin bieber was doing was that he was trying to help you, and you think you didn’t need JB’s help? i think justin bieber is great and he helps me so much that i even get advice from justin bieber, justin bieber loves you all bieblers out there and he can even help you. you should feel happy justin bieber was trying to help. you bieblers out there are being mad. think about justin bieber, if you needed advice, who would help you? if you were lonely, who would adoore you? if you were sad, who would make you feel better? justin bieber would because he loves all of you and cares about you, you all should be happy that justin bieber does everything for you.

  • soha

    Jordan, if you were lonely, who would adoore you?

  • justin’s shawty

    damn! go white boy! y is he soooooo hot?

  • Laurasia

    omg!!!!! hes so cute in that hat :DDDDD

  • *ashliey*luvs bieber

    Justin u say ur tired but u look sadd :( and do u just say ur tired but ur sad and sick of all ur fans? if u r wwell srry not ur falt ur so hott and sing good and r sweet and lots more and u look hot in anythin u wear specially ur hats beanies and ssweaters luv u? srry if ur sick of the fame or r u juss sick of selena if ur sick of selena then yay!!!!!! srry but yea yay! luv u justin fyi i always tell my friend ur a hottie mcscott wit a sexy swimmers body hehe luv ya Plz reply

  • jaqsa bieber

    justin i luv u
    i want 2 see u in pakistan
    u r my onelesslonely boy in this world

  • Jazye(:

    He looks so uber duper cute! xD

  • Trixie

    Yes, OMGEEZ, but why did they name it that? It sounds funny and crazy at the same time. :)


  • kennedi


    • Trixie

      Yeah, but he is my cute white boy! :) LOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)


  • Kaity

    Why is Justin so perfect?????!!!!! The phrase nobodies perfect doesn’t work anymore :)

    • Trixie

      He isn’t perfect, cuz no one is. But he is better than the weenies, the fools, the haterz, and loserz. And no one has a pure perfect human soul, be Justin is perfect in my mind. :) Hez my type of guy! 8)


  • #1 JB Lover

    ¤¤¤¤OMG,he is soooooo hot!! He is my sexy white boy in a hot beanie hat!!!!!¤¤¤¤