FAKE Justin Bieber BUSTED by FANS in SPAIN HAHA (video)

Must watch!

Screaming fans chasing FAKE Justin Bieber.
OMB.. this is just too funny! HAHA

    • is Justin avoiding his fans?
      actually Justin is loved by his fans so dearly that they even pushes his mom or do crazy stuffs just to see him… i’m disappointed.. :(

      • ashley1803, it was a fake! justin would have sucurity gaurds and stuff. but he does love his fans and hes a great person . thanks for reading! ps he is sssssssoooooooooooooo hot!

    • that just goes to show, even when hes not here hes a beast! Props Justin… props. and i think it was totally funny, not for the girls who went out there to see him and found out he was a fake, but to the guy who lost his money, ID, and what not. thats what he gets!a true belieber can spot the real Justin… don’t front.:)

  1. Cool!! I’m the third to comment.. yey! Well, this is how diehard JB’s fan are.. love u sooooo much justin.. hope u’ll read this.. :))

  2. why are ppl so crazy about him? he’s a 17 year old boy, those girls in the video were acting like they just saw God or something.

    • yeah justin bieber is just a normal boy he’s even said it on interviews before n goo morning it’s 7:45 am according 2 california

    • By the way the girl hoo said why are girls so crazy about him maby he is cute so don’t hate omg he looks so cute love u jb

    • @jbs biggest fan im a huge fan of jb im not a hater im just saying hes just a normal teenager and ppl run after him as if he were Jesus

    • if i saw the real one i would not go THAT crazy and stalk him or anything i would just say hi and ask for an autograph

  3. Those guys so did that on purpose because why would show up at the same place as Justin dressed like him with there heads down !! Guess they want to be justin lol !!! :)

  4. but hey why would they bring their friend dressed in something that Justin would wear? its like they wanted to do that on purpose

    damn i feel bad 4 da fake justin bieber…but dat shit waz funny xD

  6. Hahahahahaha dats wat dey get for trying to be justin haha they wish dey were him n of course dey obviously did it on purpose da guys just say dey hate him because hes got crazy gurls all over him bt i didnt act lik dat wen i met him it wuz just normal n fun wen i met him probably dats y justin is stressed out with all dose crazy gurls screaming lol dat wuz so freakin funny lolz I LOVE U JUSTIN BABY

  7. bahahahahahaha:D thats just sooo funny!
    and if that was the real justin thats just sad all those girls! wow! hes just a boyy!! laughing my butt off!



  8. If i was them and later found out that i was screaming over a fake justin, i would of been of been sooo devo!!!!

  9. okay Trixie
    i am eager to visit you……..
    can you please say me what is the cost of one ticket
    of justin bieber concernt

  10. “OMG There was like so many of them” lol…..*laughs & giggles* wow so i would take pictures but i wouldn’t be able to even get up the nerve to try and talk to him… and if i saw a croud like that i’d probubly run…lol… he has this crazieness every day? wow it’s amazing but sad… how would you do anything???!!!

  11. SILLY FANS THOUGHT IT WAS HIMM..LMAOO! thats super duper funny..and if it was himm bieber would have no arms,legs or anything else!

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