Hundreds of Indonesian Bieber Fans Crying at the Airport

Hundreds of Indonesian beliebers crying at the Soekarno Hatta airport because they failed to meet Justin Bieber in person.

Fans were waiting Justin Bieber for hours and expecting to see him at the airport’s GATE D2, but Justin and Selena Gomez exit through the GATE 2E. :(

  • Brianna

    I feel bad for them . Don’t u guys and girls?

    • Janice

      Yeah I feel so Bad for them.
      If I was there and I didn’t get so see him I would cry too…

      • MalaysiaBelieber

        Yeah and i think its all Selena’s fault…okay maybe not all but she is the reason that he isnt paying as much attention to his fans.

      • Aysha

        i feel really bad for them … can’t believe justin did this for his fans :'(

      • Ashley

        since justin and selena met. justin have been letting down his fans :[ felt so very bad for them

      • jordyn bieber

        i and maybe only me believe its not justin we all noooo he love hiss fans alot and he would do anything for us right!!!???? so its probaly selena she hates her fans am i right like she never says anything bout her fans like justin does… so there for if justin was alone and selena wasnt there we probaly b with them and sighning the stuff!!!!! justin loves us to much. And selena is the one who made him get his hair cutt she is changing him we all no he is a very kind hot and crazy boy right sooooooo!!!!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!! :) <3

      • britney

        i do feel bad for them, i mean havent u notice that every since justin has been dating selena he hasnt set up any contest to meet him, hasnt told us he loves us fans, and never really bother to say hi or meet us,i guess his put all his attention towards selena :(


      I feel bad too. Ever since selena meet up with him he’s been letting down his fans ( not majorly though). Its hectic with paparatzzi’s( is that how u spell it) and people following him and watching his every move but still at least he could’ve said hi to them or something…. he just let down about a hundred or more fans and thats probably the only chance they’ll get 2 ever meet him in a lifetime. : (

      • love bieber 4ever

        yea i love jb i’m a fan too selena i like her music but not her i feel bad to this cry to see him we love justin bieber why selena meet jb i hate her

    • Emma

      I’m as Indonesian Beliber felt sad too. But I think that’s all not because of Selena. Just imagine if JB walked among thousands of fans. The result could be very bad. Even before there are artists who died because it was in the crowd of fans.

    • Emma

      I’m as Indonesian Beliber felt sad too. But I think that’s all not because of Selena. Just imagine if JB walked among thousands of fans. The result could be very bad. Even before there are artists who died because it was in the crowd of fans. Surely you do not want to JB experienced the same thing right ..?

      • belieber06♥

        it was juxt hundreds not thousands “in the airport”!

      • Emma

        OK, only a little fault. But others are right, right …? :)

      • belieber06♥

        @emma: yah others are right..:)

      • belieber06♥

        emma: yah others are right..:)

    • Trixie



      • love bieber 4ever

        I sorry for all of thoese kid who love jb music and him come and see your fan this fly to see him i wish i was there too see him

    • Chloe ;)

      yea that would be sad :( i would be devistated but he is famous and needs to be left alone sometimes so he can go on with his life without any fans but i still feel bad :(

    • brianna

      i feel bad but u need to give jb his space

  • Love the biebs! :)

    First yay!! :)

    • Brianna


      • Tiffany

        yep poor them id b crying 2

      • Brianna

        Exactly right Tiffany

      • Tiffany

        Yeah ive seen his concert i have not once been to one because i live in Sarnia Ontario i have so many friends that lov Justen Bieber i have an exboyfriend his name was Justen thats pretty awesome so Justen Bieber when are you coming to Sarnia Ontario to do one of your Concert.

      • Brianna

        I feel bad for u

      • Trixie



  • lola

    i feel bad to

    • Brianna

      Thanks Lola

  • lola

    if selena wasent there they would have seen him i blame her or they could have both gone to meet them -i feel bad for them-

    • Brianna

      Thank u Lola

    • Mingming

      same here :S

      • Brianna

        Thank u mingming

  • Irish girl xoxoxo

    Aw I feel so bad for them xxxx <3

    • Brianna

      I feel really bad for them.

    • Trixie



  • tiffany

    i cant believe selena did tht he should have met them and not listened 2 her

    • Brianna

      I agree with u Tiffany. U rock my sox!

    • Adriana(:

      I Know Justin Bieber Change A Lot Becuse Of Her>:/ I Thought He Loce His Fans He Should Just Pass By And Sayy Hi Mabe Cuse Selena Gomez Told him No Cuse They Will Sock Her In The Face Lmao:D She Should die

    • Janice

      I agree with you tiffany….

      • melly mel


    • Trixie



  • arijana cerimovic

    selena gomez makes justin bieber do those stuff.and he will never see any of his fans even in person.I feel really bad for all of them.they really deserved it.

    • belieber’s lawyer

      yeahhh. i didnt get there but im feel ur feeling. i thnk too selena is bitchh. n she turned justinn!!!!!!!

      • kennedi

        soooooooooooooooooooooo true

  • dxyeaaahhh

    i feel bad for them, this is selena’s fault. i hate her now!!
    maybe those fans went to airport, coz they dont have luxury of everything to buy tix in concertt, that’s why they just went to airport..

  • Janice

    Did Selena told Justin to go to the other way?? =(

    • athaya_neversaynever

      Maybe :\ selena’s changing justin too much :(

      • belieber06♥

        yah that’s wat i think too..maybe in justin’s mind you see his fans realy hate selena maybe his afraid of wat his fans will do with selena….

      • Janice


  • Mae

    Awwwwwww poor fans. even though i wanna see JB more than anything!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would rather see those sad fans with happy faces before i see Justin. And Selena Gomez is ruining some of our lives. i dont wanna hate on her, but she should either be on her own tour, or be nicer and more caring. ilovejb4ever

  • tsarmeynjuno

    I pity them.. I know the feeling of waiting too long then get nothing in the end.. :( :( but, in that pic, it seems like JB has gone dead that they are cying really hard! LOL!


  • Rosa

    awh thats mean that he would just leave and shatter all of these peoples heart .

    • Trixie



  • Jbieberfan3434

    people need to let them have their OWN space! i would not cry or do that. i feel sorry for them.

  • Yasmine matar

    I would not cry for Justin and I would love to meet him !

  • Ms.Say What I Feel

    i feel sad for those girls:((
    just like them i would want to see justin in PERSON!
    i woul have cried too:(
    he has never went a different wayy to avoid his fans..
    he could at least said hi or waved or something he really broke there hearts:(
    i wonder if selena had something to do with this??
    he has changed a lil bit every since he stated dating selena!…
    poor girls waiting there for HOURS and then dont get to get a look at bieber..sad:(

    • Trixie



  • belieber06♥

    if i was there i will cry too..becuase you wait for how many hours…and you will not see him personaly..?:'(
    i felt sorry for them..:(…and if selena was not there i think justin will even say hi to his fans..and i know justin will not let his fans down….
    “THAT SELENA!!”!!!

    • melly mel

      love it so true !!

      • belieber06♥

        hahaha…thank’s..melly mel..

  • david conway

    dear justin bieber zone web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to this issue i just came to surfing around just on the internet web site i just the pictures here im so sorry just for those girls as well , i just think that selena marie gomez should be punching realy badly , i do think that selena gomez mother mandy should found right happend love david b cionway

  • emily

    I’m not sure guys. He definately shouldn’t have ignored those fans but tbh he does it all around the world. I stayed in the same hotel as him last year in london and there were about 20 girls there wanting to see him. So we asked his driver and he said no. And the justin got all of security and the police to gaurd him and block all the fans off so we couldn’t even see him. This was before he was even with selena. I don’t like them being together but I don’t think that she has changed him. I am a MASSIVE bieber fan so don’t hate on me and you can go and think that I am just making it up but I’m not, we spent hours waiting to try and see him and couldn’t, that’s when there was only 20 of us? I wish he could trust his fans more. We don’t want to hurt him, just to be able to have the chance to meet him :/ :/ <3

  • Bieber Shawty

    I was Always a Jelena Fan but now I hate her!! Justin Bieber is changing because of her!! Please Justin! dont change!! But I wont change, I’ll always remain a Bieber fan!!

    • Trixie

      GOOD CHOICE GURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    • Janice

      Yeah :)

  • Alba

    i feel so bad they have waited for so long and they didn’t get anything at the end

  • emm

    Its not for us to say whether he should change or not, we are his fans, we should support him no matter what. But he should support us too and help us to achieve our dreams of meeting him. I mean what’s with the blacked out windows? He could drive around with normal windows so we could at least see him :)

  • Mandy

    I feel so bad for them, Justin atleast could have gave them a glimpse instead of upsetting them like that i mean his fans do alot and sacrifice alot for him so he could of atleast saw them plus that i dont think he has to get that much securty to protect him i mean its not like his fans have come to the airport to kill him, dont hate on me i like justin bieber aswell but still

    • blieber

      agreed with u mandy ;(

  • blieber

    awwww poor guyzzzz welll justin becomes lil bit rude wid his fans and itx awl cuz of selena he is crazy about her!!!!
    guyz don’t get mad on me i still love him but we r his fans we also get hurt …….. BTW he is the best just become rude…… :'(

  • Fiona

    I was there too. I was soooo excited about how I could see my idol. but it kinda turned me down after I knew that he exits thru the other gate

  • starlaharris

    awwwww i am sorry for them becuz if that ahppen to me i will be crying tooo!:(

    • Trixie



  • Leeann

    That is just mean I feel so bad for them he could of at least said hi hes always mean whenever lil miss gomez is around

    • debbiexxbieber

      yea ur sooo right :( iwould feel really upset too :(

      • belieber06♥

        me either…!

      • Alba

        i agree debbiexxbieber :O(

  • ZolaRehana

    i was there, and i was crying…i’ve been waiting for Justin for 10 hours, but Justin didn’t come… I felt so upset :'( but finally i met his crews on the airport, i talked with them and told them to tell Justin that i love him so much :) and finally i met Justin on his concert :)

  • Biebette belieber bieber shawty biebers baby

    Look at how sad they look!!! I liked the old Justin way better. With no girlfriend, paying attention to fans, and his old hair!!

  • Kiana Bieber

    THIS IS JUST CRAZY!!!!!! AFTER ALL THIS TIME, YOU NON-BELIEBERS STILL HATE SELENA!!! Yeah, he’s changing, but HE’S SEVENTEEN, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!! Don’t you think you should change when you’re 17 (if not, @ least BEFORE you’re 17)? If you’re a TRUE BELIEBER (I think this is my 100,000,000th time saying this bullcrap!!!!!!!!), you would realize that he’s struggling (I think that’s how you spell it…) right now… [@ the time] He was trying to balance his relationship w/ Selena b/t his relationship w/ his fans… Sometimes you need to step into other people’s shoes before jumping into conclusions!! Damn..!

    (P.S.–Although I said all that stuff, I do (which is what we’re gonna say to each other @ our wedding [about 10+ years from now] (haha jkjk lol)), truly, feel sorry for those Indonesian (I think that’s how it’s spelled…) Beliebers..! I bet that if I was in their shoes ;), I would be BMAO (bawling my ass off), too..!)

    • Ms.Say What I Feel

      well im not going to say mean stuff or anything im just going to say what’s on my mind…

      if he wants to keep a good relationship with his fans and with selena then he needs to learn how…do get me wrong here i effin love justin to death…and i understand what u are saying..people do change when there close to 18 or whateverr!! but us FANS only get ONE CHANCE to see him…even if he stopped and said hi it would have made there life..selena could have step to the side and let him do this thing…i mean its not like hes going to leave her they were going to the same place, and i understand that they need space..but what if those girls didnt have tickets to see justin the next day?? it was there chance! and he let them down=( i know justin hate to let his fans down but i have to say this time he did…he probably not coming back there for another 3 maybe 4 years or so..and they didnt get to see him!

      not being mean,just saing whats on my mind!..just look at my name!..lol:D but i LOVE JUSTIN! i just hope he dont change to much!..btw i love the SINGLE justin WAYY BETTER!♥

      • 06BieberNinja06

        i think so to

  • brookelyn

    woow do you guys notice this is alll selenas fault shes the only reason he didnt go out og gate 2b. i feel bad for those girls that waited so long to meet him becuase i would cry too. we all no that jb loves selena and wwe should be happy for him and everything but hes changing its not a bad thing but his fans are getting there feelings hurt