Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting Married, TOMORROW, in Paris FRANCE!

We’ve learned from top-secret sources that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are getting married TOMORROW in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, France.

We’ve been told that best buddy Chaz Somers and Willow Smith will be ringbearer and flower girl. How adorable!

About the secret wedding, JB’s mom Pattie Mallette spilled, “After few months of keeping their relationship a secret, Justin & Selena finally decided they couldn’t wait to let the world know they are madly in LOVE and they want to take their relationships to the next level “marriage”. I’m so proud of him. This is going to be the best wedding EVER!”

If you’d like to buy a gift for the couple, they are registered at Walmart.

Congrats, Justin & Selena!

Oh, and… APRIL FOOL’S!!!! :D

      • totally agree its just a joke for april fools day and i doubt a lot that justin and selena will get merried at this age they are too young!!!i dont think justin would actually do it(at the end it says APRIL FOOLS)!! ;)

      • Yea I would be angery because I dont really like Jelena cuz now Selena thinks shes so cool because now shes always with Justin she gets all the attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

      • Ok so i hear they r gettin married but then i c april fools wats uup wit tht and it might be tru cuz i saw in a magazine tht justin said he wanted to get married soon i am soo confused is it tru or not?!?!!!!!!!

      • Ok so i hear they r gettin married but then i c april fools wats uup wit tht and it might be tru cuz i saw in a magazine tht justin said he wanted to get married soon i am soo confused is it tru or not?!?!!!!!!!I hopE it a is a joke but anyway justin wen will u be in chicago illinois or sumwhere around wisconsin i luv u and want to c u in concert again soo bad!!!!!! luv yah justin

    • They were kidding guys but that is not funny!!!!! It was just cruel to even do that!!! Love u Justin with all my heart and i hope u seriously wont make that decision to soon or with the wrong person! <3

      • ur so rite i got tricked there fora min. and then i got scared and then i saw April FOOLS and then i gotreleif do u luv JB or selena i like JB bot selena

    • I knew that they were not getting married it was a joke.I do not care if they get married i like Selena i like her she is so pretty.

    • What ?
      You joking me they are gettin married to tomoz that’s just shocking M8tt but anyway they think that’s the best way to do it .. We can’t stop them anyway !!!

    • Justin bieber is way to young for marriage besides.. i didn’t hear any thing about an engagement ring huh?
      And if he doesn’t get married like i no hes not i m still available :)

      • Agreed

        Hes to young i was preparing myself for when i began to cry if he did get married all them fans he would lose good god.
        Love you Justin

    • PAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA april fools to u to
      …….Not funny anyway i no he wouldent considering his 17 !!!! And i no they will get a divorce
      its a bit ovious

    • even dis is a tru story but there so many boys out there r cute dan jb wy u must to cry cuz he is married TOMORROW.FOR ME DAT IS A GOOD NEWS.

    • no one likes Selena Gomez and i know you guys just want to support Juastin But to teel you the truth u people r jealous of Selena Gomez dating Justin Biebers.I know i would be jealous if Justin Bieber dated any Girls cause i am also a JB fan not number one though just saying so stop acting like they r a perfect couple because Selena is 18 and he is 17.Like Seriously that is not a perfect match isnt a boy suppose to be older not a boy!People please have Common Sense Shshsh people these days r so paranoid and weird Gosh!!!!

      • UUhhhh, excuse me? I love Selena Gomez! And of course we support him because WE LOVE HIM and we are LOYAL FANS. We’re not gonna hate on him or Sel just because they’re dating. I mean, yeah we’re gonna get jealous of her, but so what? That’s our problem and we can deal. They are the perfect couple. My boyfriend’s in seventh grade and I’m in eighth grade and everybody thinks we’re going to get married someday- I’M OLDER THAN HIM. It doesn’t matter who’s older. So calm your hormones, and quit the hating. It’s people like you that make this world a horrible environment.

        ~ Samantha Mae.

    • it’s just a joke because it’s april fools right so it’s a joke ;) well me and justin are gonna be married in paris france……… just kidding hahahaahah

    • yep its true i was there when he proposed to her. He is so romantic he held my hand and took me out for dinner he told me i have the most prettyest eyes in the whol world. So sorry. I mad that its not me but im happy for the both of them.
      so im so sorry.

    • am am so glad that it was a april fools joke because dont really like justin bieber i just am a realllllllllllllly big fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn of selena gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • calm down and if he was getting married u shouldn’t care its his life not yours and if u were the biggest pop star in the entire world probably jb wouldnt be pissed off about it like u are

  1. why are you gething mirred what the heck i am going to cry is this going to happen first you are too young what the heck justin pls tell me thus is just a joke pls i am crying!:)

  2. OMG, 4 a second I tough that was true I almost cry, I don’t like that prank. I still wan’t cry. 4 a sec
    I tough that my last opportunity was lost.

  3. I nearly got heart attac .. ;oo when i saw dat . and i thought its true and i nearly cried .. bt when i read at the bottom ” april fools ” i was like thank you god <3

  4. I do not believe it because you may read the previous dialogue to Justin Bieber has said that they are friends only, and may also confirmed by Selena as close friends, it is impossible that Justin has the desire is to marry a 17 years old and Selena age 19 or 20 years old this something incredible if it is true, I wish His happiness and Congratulations to them and their love of God sustains the most important thing the Selena care for him and keep him and delight him

    • omg i cant believe i felt for the damn april fools joke and if justin and selena do get married i will probably kill myself by hanging myself or cutting or throwing myself of the cliff !!!!!!!!!!
      i love justin bieber love yetlanezie c.

      • and to tell you the truth taylor lautner is so better lookind then justin bieber !!!
        i love taylor lautner

      • my name is yetlanezie kaylan campos i was born in march.4.1999 im 12 now and i love justin bieber i hope he reads this i am very pretty and im waiting for you to call me and ask me out justin drew bieber here is my number :1(562)-403-7022 call me i will always have my phone own twenty four hours

  5. say WHAT?????!!!!!!!!!! u gotta be kidding me. okay thats a joke. im sure its just a prank. i dont think justin is getting married.

  6. oh my gosh its 1 april we can lie in this day thats not tru cuz i and justin are in a secret realiship i love him i was lieing thats not tru ,i just love him and why i know thats its imposible if someone want to add me in fb pic me in “marrysweetangel” nice to meet u all

  7. hahaha you wanna hear somthing funny well i got on here and i said OMG and i went up stairs to show my mom and dad and and its a really old conputer so it took forever and i got on this and it said APRIL FOOLS and i didint roll down enough hahaha so funny ha

  8. I didn’t been shocked cuz i know it’s first of April

    Dear Justin if you read this i want to say you i respect you from all my heart you are so talented. I am big fan <3 <3 But I never been in your concert cuz You don't come to Doncaster in England :( :( I hope i gonna see u in my life time.

    I will never say never

    Inita. <3

  9. ok first i almost believed it and i was like what the heck their so young and then when i went down a bit then i saw!

  10. ok first i almost believed it and i was like what the heck their so young and then when i went down a bit then i saw! wow thats so funny

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