Justin Bieber to become an American Citizen /Dual Citizenship

Justin Bieber is trying to gain dual citizenship in United States.

This mean he can become a citizen of two countries at the same time; American and Canadian.

A source says:

Justin loves Canada, but he’s looking into dual citizenship. It will be easier for him to work here if he became a US citizen. His business is here and he needs to be here so much of the time. It would be a smart move for him.

  1. I love this photo because you can kind of see where he would grow facial hair and I think he would be hot with facial hair. But he needs to wait till he can completely grow it out before he tries. Love ya Justin <3

  2. I LOVE HIS EYES IN THIS PIC, THEY LOOK AMAZING!!! i mean his eyes, i think, are his best feature but they look crazy amazing here!!!! yeah whatever justin decides is right cuz it’s his choice=b

  3. he will miss Canada……………hey jb i want 2 dedicate a song 2 u that’s Bee Gees How Deep is ur luv plz listen 2 it a then rply me..love u………….4ever……….

  4. His Eyes Are So Pretty.!(: But Of Course He’d Love Canada More.. He Grew Up There.. Although.. I Wish He Came To Arizona More.!(:

  5. haha CANADA FOREVER!!!!! :V im 100% canadian but idk less ppl know who JB is there even my cousins have no idea who he is

  6. I love him and his new haircut…….its cool is goin 2 be an amirican and a canadian but he is goin 2 love canada more that the usa that is ok it is his country!

    #justinbieber on twitter
    ollow him or read his offical page where u can see his tweets!

  7. i will do this because if i get married i will work in the U.S.A SO i can be with my wife and kids in america it would be better to marry someone who lives in anerica so i could be close to canada but idk it is a long time away

  8. yyyyyyyyyyyy i love you justin really you are soo sezy did you know that was that wird when i told you that your butt is really sezy but i just had to say it sorry

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