CSI Star Marg Helgenberger thinks Justin Bieber is a BRAT

She starts talking about JB at minute 3:30

While appearing on a French radio interview program, the CSI star Marg Helgenberger was asked her thoughts on Justin Bieber’s debut on the crime show last fall.

“Justin Bieber wasn’t bad,” Helgenberger said. “He had never acted before. I shouldn’t be saying this, but he’s kind of a brat. He was actually very nice to me, but he locked one of the producers in the closet. And he put his fist through a cake that was on the table.”

And that wasn’t all Marg had to say.

“I am pretty open to whoever comes on the show. If someone is a jerk, that bothers me. If they’re a so-so actor, it doesn’t bother me. [Bieber] is actually better than you’d think!”

  1. No…. Why does CSI think Justin Bieber he is a brat.. He is not a brat.. He can be a troubled boy in the show but that doesn’t mean he’s a brat… Oh C’mon now.. Think Straight.

    • Justin is not a brat.. CSI should be screwed 4 calling him a brat… Shame on u




  2. Yea Justin is not a brat he is so cute and hot and sexy and I hope to meet u soon in california ok bye love u Justin ! And please Justin follow me on twitter @fairlygirl4 ok Justin please ok bye !

  3. Justin Bieber is not a brat,he’s just love to have fun and his a prankster,look he is a year pop teen sensation,did you heard a word that is selfish from justin,!NO! right, Marg Hellgenberger may be your the brat one, and justin is humble,i didint her him saying selfiish words dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Y’all don’t be immature and start calling her a brat. Really? I mean I love Justin and all, but he could have been being a brat…we don’t know. She was just “calling it as she saw it.” yes, the locking the producer in a closet was most likely a prank, but she didn’t know that. Most people on set act very professional and they don’t see that sort of thing, so that is how she interpreted it. And the punching his fist in a cake that does seem a little over the top and unprankish. You never know what Justin can be like considering none of y’all truely know him. So don’t call her a liar. And can’t all of us children be bratty at times? So it is very plausible that he was or maybe it was all just fun and games. Either way, let’s not hate on her.

    • hahaha I’m not surprised. You don’t know anything about him so get over it. You’re not the ones working with him, you’re the ones who see him when He knows the cameras are rolling. Rally behind him for whatever reason sure, not like he really needs it, but they’ve got just as much right to say what they believe.

  5. Just because justin locked a producer in the closet doesnt make him a brat it was a joke where is her sense of humor, i mean when she told the story she laughed about it so she cant think its that bad. I love csi i have watched it with my mom since it came on but really he is a prankster…everybody likes to have fun

  6. Can’t say anything.. I mean, I can’t comment cos I respect her opinion.. and all that matters to me is that I love Justin no matter what they call him and how they see him.. I love everything about him even his dark sides (if ever he has).. :)


  7. Hey i can be a lil a trouble maker myself but that shouldnt be qualified as being called a brat ok she called it as she saw it but still that is kinda rude plus he hasnt acted that much so hw wud u act? On top of all that he is a kid thnk u n gudnight every one right its 3:29am where i am i luv u all

  8. c’mon ppl..were we there to start arguing if he was a brat or not?just cause hes kinda cute dosnt mean he still cant have an atitude.she was there she knows what shes talking about or maybe she took the wrong way nobody really knows.

  9. i think those guys at csi producers and actors need to chill he was 16 at the time 16 year olds can be d-bags he was having fun that shows marg helgenberger is to tired and old to deal with the new generation of actors. imagine if they have in the show guys younger than justin they would go crazy.

  10. He is so not a brat!! What’s up with you?! Don’t you know he is a prankster? If you didn’t know that was a prank you better get to know now! Don’t be serious over this little things sister!

  11. SHE’S A 52 YEAR OLD ATTAKING A 17 YEAR OLD BOY. She’s obviously jealous of Justin Bieber’s success. He’s 17 and acting like it, that’s not what I’d call a brat.

  12. Seriously people, I see that J is a Prankster but this type of behavior can be expected from a 12 year old, not the 16 year old that he was. If he were 18 and he did this, charges would be filed against him for locking the producer in the closet.

  13. screw her!!!!!!!!! Justin was JUST BEING A TEENAGER FOR GODS SAKE and locking someone up in a closet is pretty funny :D

  14. WHAT??? You Call The Boy Who Stole America’s Heart,a BRAT? If He’s a Brat Then What Are You?? a Phyco Freak? Just Bcuz Ur On “CSI:” Doesn’t Mean You Insult Others Like That!,& If You Think He Acts Like a Child,Look at Yourself!,Calling Someone a brat thats younger then you (WAYYYYYYY YOUNG UR PROBALY 50!) Is Immature,So Get An Attitude Check & Apologize,Can’t a Guy Have Fun?

  15. omg she called hhim BRAT well that makes her a bigger ine i luv u justin u r awsome she is a b**ch 4 calling u that u rock on csi though u r not a brat dont listen to wat they say who cares cuz i will b here 4 ya 4eva luv u cant wait till ur movie comes out luv ya

  16. omg he is not a brat ur the one who is a brat nobody gave u permission to call him a brat u freaken old lady so shut the f*** up


  18. obviously she doesn’t have kids, or doesn’t have kids that are funny. you can’t judge him you only met him once.

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