Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez KISSING in Hawaii Beach

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber share a playful kiss as they enjoy the ocean waves during their vacation in Maui, Hawaii earlier this week.

The pic above kinda reminds me of “The Notebook” movie kissing scene.

Selena Gomez holds onto Justin Bieber as he leads them out into the ocean in Maui, Hawaii earlier this week.

The couple landed in the island state just a couple days ago and were quick to hit the waves.

[Source: JustJaredJr]

    • OMB!! i can’t believe what i just saw…
      this is crazy so many pictures that they are kissing in hawaii..
      im so jealous.!!.:’( in the first picture ohhh..!! can’t believe..all i just wanna say WOW..!
      and in the second picture they are look hot together!!
      love you justin..♥♥♥
      even you love more selena!!!

      • OMB! Soo cute couple ! Ofc, i am very jealous at Selena, she have the best boyfriend ever! I wish that should be me ! :) She is soo lucky <3

      • HAVE U EVER HEARD pens and needles by hawthorne heights WELL ITS AN ALTERNATIVE ROCK AND ROCK a friend told me what his favorite song was from HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS and have u ever heard DISAPPER by ANBERLIN he also told me about that song its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • yup i still remember you…:D me either..this pic made me cry..search at facebook CERTIFIED BELIEBERS there are so many pix justin and selena kissing..and justin holds the batt of SELENA…:’(

      • @ Belieber06 okay i will & please (& this goes to anyone and everyone who is reading this right now) Like this fan page on facebook -BeliebersWorld ! IIts the one w. only 473 likes :/ It does a lot of kool stuff for Beliebers & Justin :)
        Please like this page if u are a TRUE BELIEBER ;D

    • selena is justin grilfiend now i like borth selena and justin i want this to stop and be a girlfrend like a a fan me

      • Get over yourself they are dating and you aren’t dating him leave it like that!!

      • they are just hateing on them just becausethey both go out bye to the fans it is
        okay for the superstars to date.


      • im willing 2 swear that their not gnna be hsband & wife..but if they will……& im willing 2 say that thy r gnna dvorce….so dnt wory if ure heartbroken,….& justin,ure not gnna be young 4evr,so take ur tme & dnt “die” wth people hating on u so much….

      • look good together ……….but…….. it was really unexpected justin…….<3 <3 <3 lots of lov for both of u …………….:)

    • Um,I am sorry but yu are not the real Selena gomez,we all know because why would she put her full name and why would she be on the internet looking at herself and Justin on his fansite when she is on a vacation? DUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH! You have To Use Your Common Sense Hon!

    • i love you Justin for ever and ever
      even if you have Selena
      i will be your biggest fan
      love me love me say that you love me tell me what i wanna here tell me you love me…i love you JUSTIN BIEBER…I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH…

      • im going to agree your cute together nice with each other i like selena to be with justin even if it hurts
        its your life we have to accept it.
        love u justin..im voting for justin and selena

      • u guys need to quit being soooooooooooooo rude to selena shes just a normak person would you guys like it if selena said she hateed you guys how do u guys think she fells by these rude comments you guys should know that what ever you guys out on this yoou cant earse it how do u guys think selena fells about thes rude commens

    • i guess i cant hate her cos if you think about it so many people hate justin and we’re all on about it. Im not in love with it but hey, you cant hate somebody you don’t know.

  1. She’s a fcking whore…top pic
    My option to hate her..I’ve NEVER liked her….and I am a true belieber because I support JUSTIN not selena…okay?! I do care about his happiness too so that’s why I don’t send her death threats to her twitter

    • Thankfully you ” care about his happiness”….and not decided to not actually go along with those other loser freaks & send idiotic death threats……grow up!

      She has done nothing to you ! You ungrateful little pig !
      Btw, Selena and Justin look soo cute ! Hope they had fun (:

      • lool ungrateful pig? what shud she be grateful for anyways? not that i think hating Selena Gomez is a good thing lol shes not a ungrateful pig, shes a hater. But yeah Selena and Justin are good together because there both hot and so cute together :) i will be honest i am a bit jealous but hey theres a very little chance i will ever be with him so lets just let him be happy with his lucky girl :)

    • forget u !!! little freaks !! just because some of us bieber fans dont like selena doesnt mean u have the right to say crap!!!, u know u were a little jealous when u saw this pics so stop being fake and why dont u shut the freak up and stop worring about other peopleand FYI selena’s okay and all but we all dont have to LOVE her, god bless justin :)

    • i totally agree wth that! we r beliebers & its just all bout justin,we blieve in justin & not that selena bitch….she’s ruining justin popularities,& we nver hate him whn he’s with jasmine villegas,its just that selena playgirl cmes 2 catch popularity,& whn justin world is over i bet selena will search 4 other guys 4 sure….selena’s a bad girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! idiot!!!!!!!

      • i like selena gomez but i soooooooooooooooooo hate justin he is sooooooooooooooooo not cool ok he is the worst ever………………. i so hate him hes a big bitch

    • IF U Were a true bieber fan than u wont be getting upset u should be happy Justins happy that’s all if he can’t date her then who is he supposed to date if he dated a fan u wouldn’t be happy about that either ok so suck it up and support Justin!

    • hello! age is just a number! age doesnt matter.. what matter the most is that you love him/her duh! its not that im supporting selena gomez i super hate her! FOREVER!!!

    • Dear Mrs.Bieber,

      Your mean thats rude. Well if you hate Selena why announce it to the world? If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber why would you post that you “HATE” his girlfriend lon his website (its called comon sense). And she has a guy her own age and it’s called Justin is 17 years old. And she is 18 ummm last time I checked thats only 1 year apart. Im sure you date younger guys I mean they are hot!! Well the point is calm down and im sure you don’t have a reason to hate Selena you only hate her because she dates Justin. They can’t help who they fall in love with neither can you. Maybe you should try not to be jelous and support Justin +Selena I mean they would do the same for you. So why hate on their reletionship and their love if you can support it.

      ——-Ny’Asia Butler (Bieber)

    • How is she ruining his career ?
      You guys are funny, if you really support him why can’t you support his happiness?
      You heard him say that she makes him really happy ! Jeeez get over yourselves .. Justin is also lucky 2 have her as she is 2 have him… !

      • no offence but u cant expect us to all be super happyand joyful when justin is dating her, this isnt a fairy tale sweet heart its reality,real things happen to real people, and they should have know that before they started dating, but its not like there getting married bieber fans( including me haha) his just being a guy, but even though im not going to be as happy as i want for him , i’ll try and it will take time so selena fans, DONT rush the bieber fans B)

      • I agree if justin is in love with her he is in love with her. Selena comes from a strict family. Selena is a GOOD GIRL not bad. Just because she plays a rude lousy girl on TV doesnt mean she is bad. She is acting on TV but she is a GOOD GIRL in real life.
        GO JUSTIN AND SELENA!!!!!!
        You guys look cute together!


    • I’ll second that…Justin’s gonna find out who TRULY loves him and those who are just crazy looking for some kind of “love obsession”…..I hope he and Selena are happy together and that they don’t do anything to jeopardize their futures….IF you know what I mean *wink wink*

  3. I think its so adorable how there dateing in such a youthful way! But just is only 17 and fr a kissing scene like that u should be at least 20 to do that but i fully support them because there both just so sucessful and keep it that way for a longg time:) Just and selena, I wish u both the best a hoping to meet u someday! And cute swim suite selena! And lie the new tatoo justin!!! :)

    • Wow !!! They Look So Hot Together ….I’m So jealous From Selena She’s Very Lucky She Have The Best Boyfriend Ever And She Always With Him ,Kiss Him,Hug Him, But Me !! I Want Just Meet Him I Hope That Day Will Come Soon ….I Wish You The Best Vacation To Both Of You And I Love You Both But Justin You More Than Selena Haha…Sorry ..I Wish You The Best Luck And I Hope You Always Be Happy …..Love You Boy (L) ….Xoxo

      • As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to let down probably will. You’ll have your heart broken, probably more then once, and it’s harder every time. You’ll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when someone broke yours. You’ll fight with your best friend and maybe even fall in love with them. You’ll blame a new love for the things an old one did. You’ll cry because time is passing too fast and you’ll eventually lose someone close to you. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every 60 seconds you spend angry or upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.

        lol had to say that ur user reminded me of it

  4. Wow Justin u look so hot and sexy I wish I was there with u jk lol ok bye but please Justin follow me on twitter @fairlygirl4 ok please ok bye !

  5. And honestly if u ppl hate her so f***ing much wht are u looking at this picture?! If u care about justin and his happiness! And if u hate selena so much just go away she doesn’t need all these negativeness and she has feelings and she’s only 18! Callin he a shore doesn’t make u any better

    • totally agree! besides, our chances of being his girlfriend is extremely low, so why bother complaining? O___O

  6. lol when the page opened i saw selena and justin kissing and im like aww thats cute then i scroll down a little and holy mama selena’s legs are wrapped around him xD they’re a cute couple, im a bit jealous yeah, but im happy for them(:

    • you’re cute and you and selena are so cute. you’re a babe and please tell katy perry that i luurrvv her. hehe thanks byee(:

    • I think that is sooooooooooo adorable and yehhhh sure I’m sooooooooo jealous but all I care about is justins happiness and if she loves him truly and he loves her truly then that’s all I ask so no one needs to be sad :)

    • what is wrong justin are you sad because of what people are saying about your GF i am so sorry i think you to are a cute tougher dont listen to what people are saying i really hope you to will get married someday and have kids because that will be cute.

    • Oh dont make a sad face Justin just because we hate your girlfriend! Thats so stupid! You should of seen it coming Justin. I use to be a bielieber, but now I keep getting sick of hearing your name! Im sorry, but you’ve changed big time! And no I dont think its puperty! Whenever your with Selena your a totaly different person! You ignore your fans, you get angry at the paps, and you never sighn or take pictures with your fans when your with her! So I hope you and your whore have a happy life!

  7. i luv justin i wish i was in selenas place but i thin jb is happy with her and they make a perfect couple

  8. OMG she is really needs to fine some one her own age,like really selena ur whore,im sorry but he is like 17 and she like 18 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is a slut,he is to young for her,she will be 19 in july,Everybody thinks that she is WAY to old for him and she is changing him:(

    • WHAT!!!???…..hes 17 & shes 18!!???….the end of the world is coming!!!….Irene get realistic hun…..that hardly justifies as a big age difference in the real world…….pop yourself out of that 10 year old sounding bubble

      • How old are you?…honestly, thats hardly a difference. Fast forward 10 years…he would be 27 & her 28…..would there be something horrific about that?

      • Totally agree with Jackie.. I think these kids need 2 grow up.. They have never been in love obviously cuz 2years is nothing… Take you parents as an example how old are they?? Damn its funny how you are making a positive thing into a negative .. Justin is love with Selena and his going kiss her, hold her hand and I wouldn’t be surprised that he will publicly state that he LOVES her !

    • remember as he liked kim kardashian.she was really way to old for him. but selena is nearly ok…. age is just a number. and she also said she feels guilty for dating him . i was also gelous. my boyfriend is an year younger than me.see?

  9. Well….. Selena is so super beautiful! Justin…. WOW what can I say SMEXII lol but I dont like them together!! Dont u guys notice how Justin is pulling further and further away from his fans each day? I have nothing against Selena but she just needs to leve him alone for a while…. Let him meet all his new fans….Selena is changing him and his fans and even everything he does!! Well we cant tell him whats right or wrong…….I just hope he finds it out soon xxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Sarah

      • if mrs . Justin bieber dislike selena behave its up to her and u know that justin has changed so much , justin bieber said that he is happy what happens when we find out that selena is finding it so hard to cope with death threats that the fans are showing how would justin feel .

    • c’mon girls….why are you blaming Selena for what would happen naturally when Justin became involved with ANYONE? Seriously, of course he’s going to devote time to any lucky lady he chooses to bestow his affections on and not have quite to much time for fans like he used to….so sue him jeez!

  10. i haaaaaaate selena
    she is terrible
    and she is soooo ugly
    i love justin without selena
    justin is so hot but selena isn’t
    plz jb

  11. Well………… what can i say, we all knew that this was comin i am kinda pd off but we can’t do nothin bout it. I just wish i was selena but we all do and she is soo much more prettier than i am, ily justin xoxo

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