Justin Bieber at the US Embassy, meeting Japanese kids tsunami victims in Tokyo.

Justin Bieber met with victims of the Japan earthquake and tsunami in US Embassy, Tokyo on Wednesday. He wished nine students from the hardest hit areas of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima a brighter future and invited them to his show in Japan. (May 18)

  • Sabrina bieber

    1sttttt aww jb u just keep getting sweeter and sweeter

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    aww he is sooo sweet, by the way 2nd!!!

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    his hair is growing back yeah

  • Johail

    He Is the most nicest person in the world! <3


    Aww Justin Thats Very Sweet Of U!

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    Justin u r so nice I love u so much I want to meet u so badly in la ok bye! love u Justin bieber

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    He’s soo cute and nice!!! Luv u justin<3

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    awww ur 2 sweet!

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    Ohh he’s such a cutie,Making a change in the world justin ur so inspiring praying for everyone in japan my love is with u all xoxo

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    Aww isn’t he just adorable? Nicest guy ever.

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    awww he IS getting sweeter and sweeter i didnt no he could be so mannerable so cute

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  • neetaberry

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    Justin Drew Bieber is the sweetest boy alive! He really givez back, encouraging kidsthat they will have a bright future.


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      Trixie where my cousin justin bieber am Lerosha Lee:)