Justin Bieber crying on stage Melbourne 2/5/11

Justin Bieber on his My World Tour a Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on 2/5/11
He was singing Favourtie Girl Acoustic and had to stop because he was crying overwhelmed by all his beliebers out there supporting him!!

See the video:

(starts crying at 1:35)

This is not the first time Justin Bieber in crying at the concert.

See also: Justin Bieber crying at the Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena (NIA) concert, UK.

We love you justin you are a true inspiration and keep doing what your doing! xoxoxo

Warning: lot of screaming!! :)

  • Elliey

    maybe he was thinking about selena.hope no

    • Elliey

      he shouldn’t suffer because of her

      • shivani

        yea i hope he wasnt thinking of her////ughhhhhh

    • Jesse

      Nope thats not y!!! well i hope so but i knoe y!!! but i’m not tellin cause its a secret

      • daisy

        theres no secret about it. somtimes artists need to step back and look at their impact on the world. He did. and he has sp many beliebers, friends, supportive family… wouldnt you cry? i know i would.

    • Steph

      no he is def’s not cause when he pullls out the ear plug he is like ‘WOW’ so he is just soaking up the atmosphere..
      ps this is my video i flimed it, sorry for all the screaming it sounds so wierd i know!!!

    • Tara

      thats what i thought but anyway justin ur a great guy and talented keep up the good work …….I LOVE U JUSTIN ;)

    • k. love justin

      yeah…sure about it

    • karly

      maybe he was. idk.

    • niks

      Yes i think this too.. :/ that’s so cute :/

  • Elliey


  • Justin Bieber Girl 1

    i am crying……..boo hooo
    i luv u justin

  • EmotionPotion

    It’s okay that he cried. IT shows that he can truly emote onstate.

  • Sabrina bieber

    Aww its good how all us beliebers support him and hey it takes a real man to cry actually i say he deserves an applause yay ily jb :)

  • JBgal01

    It feels so great that all these people can come together and have a great time! This is what God wanted. A world full of great happy people!
    Beliebers rock!!!!!!!!

  • starla lovee my justin

    why was you crying justin

    • Justin Bieber

      Becuase i was thinking bout how much my fan loves me

      • Mrs.Justin Bieber


      • PandasAreAwesome

        Justin your a cutie!

      • Kiana

        Stop faking it! You are not the real justin!!

      • k. love justin

        OMG….I ‘DO’ lOvE U very very very very very very very very very very very much
        You must sure about this sentence that I said

      • Lerosha

        Hi Justin Bieber:) It’s Lerosha Lee

      • Trixie



      • soha

        hey justin

      • soha

        awww, justin, thats so swwet of you, i love the songs you wrote about me

      • tanya bieber

        awwwww u r sooo nice

      • Treneicia wilson

        so sweet

      • Mrs.Bieber

        awww thanks Justin we love you to

      • Malia gaskins

        Its allright to cry. Its hard being a pop star and trying to keep up with everything. I love ya!(;

    • k. love justin

      & kiana is right too(I think so)

      • Kiana

        Thank you!

      • ♥ ♥ ♥ Writni Luvs Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♥ ♥

        Shut up Kiana

  • jess

    i don’t think he was crying because he loves his fans and all…though he does. But rather, i think he was crying because either he misses Selena or something happened with them. I’m gunna go with he misses her though. I think it’s about Selena considering the song. Just my opinion….seems a little more valid.

    • Steph

      no he is def’s not cause when he pullls out the ear plug he is like ‘WOW’ so he is just soaking up the atmosphere…
      it’s not about selena he wouldn’t be thinking about her when he is on stage in front of thousands of people, it is purely because he is overwhelmed by all the support :)
      ps this is my video i flimed it, sorry for all the screaming it sounds so wierd i know!!!

      • Lindsey

        i agree with stephh beacuse if it was about selena he probably would of walked off stage instead if sitting there and listening to the fans scream….. and then he probabluy would of came back out to finish…

      • jb’s latin girl

        i dont think he was thinkin bout selena

    • cassie

      But this song was dedicated to taylor swift coz the first time he sang it, he sang it to her and said it was dedicated to her

  • * Mery * 9976

    i read one place that he just gets very emotionally when hes at stage.. but i dont know. hope it will work out, justin <3 (L) ily :*

  • JB’s rich girl

    omg he is so cute Justin dont worry about your haters remember haters make you famous!!!!!!

    • soha

      haters hurt justin’s fellings

  • Yasmine matar

    Aww it’s ok Justin do not crying be happy ok and enjoying your world tour ok and I love u and please please follow me on @fairlygirl4 ok please ok Justin bye reply back to me ok and please go soon on tinychat ok bye !

    • jb’s latin girl

      hi justin im new at this website n i hope u answer me i luv u!!!

      • soha

        that is yasman matar

  • Laurasia

    wtf whos that girl screamin “OMYGOSH!!! HES CRYING!!!” shes nutz

    • CB


  • Laurasia

    hey everyone i dont usually use social networks like facebook or myspace but ive been thinking of getting a twitter just to follow Justin should i do it?

    • Vivianne


  • Mrs.Justin Bieber

    dont cry justin i already know im the girl of your dreams

  • Sabrina bieber

    Haay wats up jb

  • JB`s RoCksTaR

    ummm….. u dont have 2 tell us! it says it in the article. lolz!

  • Ms.Say What I Feel

    when he cries on stage it just makes me love him even more.♥
    aw justin please dont cry:(
    i hate it when he cries when though its tears of joy…i think??
    man any guy that cries on stage is MADE for me!..aleast he shows that he has a soft
    side and thats imporant too!…and the beliebers right there just screaming and makes him smile:) was like so cute.♥ i feaking love him<3

  • Jade

    Don’t cry because your fans love yo so so much cry because the haters hate you. Love ys Justin!!!

  • Justin Bieber

    Hey any of my fans out there?

    • JB`s RoCksTaR

      hey biebs

    • Kiana

      Not the real justin!!

    • jb’s latin girl

      hi justin im a BIG BIG fan of u

    • Lerosha

      yea justin bieber

    • charlline bieber

      hi justin we love you..!!

    • Mrs.Bieber

      yeah hey justin

  • Sabrina bieber

    Im here justin

  • Miss.biebs;)


    • Trixie


  • Sabrina bieber

    Hmm i wonder if jb has an 8 pack hmm  (and my randomness continues)lol

  • Emily

    Hi justin, I’m here for u!!! :)

  • marina

    aw dont cry justin but was it just cause you love your fans so much?

  • Yasmine matar

    Hey Justin wat up r u liking your world tour ? And are u watching dancing with the stars guess who lost Justin ? Justin kendra lost dancing with the stars ,and now who do u think win it all Justin ?and please follow me on twitter @ fairlygirl4 please ok bye Justin cutie ok love u and please reply back to me ok bye !

  • Johail

    Awwww Justin I will always support you! I love you! P.s you look sO cute crying in a good way lol <3

  • Rangimaria Crichton

    i love you justin !! can you write back too me ?

  • jb’s latin girl

    omg poor justin

  • jb’s latin girl

    awwww poor justin he still luks cute wen he cries

  • jb’s latin girl

    hi jade watsup:)