Justin Bieber New Tattoo meaning JESUS

Hate it or love it, Justin Bieber got new tattoo.

During vacation in Hawaii, Justin Bieber spotted with shocking new tattoo. According to a source, the new tattoo under his armpit is written in Hebrew, meaning JESUS.

Check this out for the close up pic!

As of May 2011, Justin Bieber got 2 tattoos.

What do you think about Justin’s new tattoo?

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  • starla lovee my justin

    awwww thats sweet justin love ya

    • belieber06♥

      his so hot!! like his body..and also his tattoo♥♥

      • katherine

        why he need to have a new tattoo???

      • brandy

        me too

    • Lydia

      It’s not the correct Name. It has to be YAHSHUA, meaning YAH saves.

  • Angela

    wooow! Bieber really Loves Jesus! :) the same as I am … && OMb! Justin already got the BODY I mean the Hotter one. ;) I Love it ! I Love U JUSTIN :)

  • Adriana(:

    JUstin Bieber Got A Tatto Yeaa I Know That Since The Longest Its Under Is Harm At Lest Hes Growing Up'<3 Love You Justin Bieber(:
    There are gonna be times when people tell u, u can't sell out #MadisonSquareGarden & this is what I tell them..#NEVERSAYNE

  • starla lovee my justin and selena forever

    i change my name gin woooooooooohooooooooooo yay:)

  • javi

    i hope he dosen’t get more ink if he gets more tattoo’s hes going to look like travis barker the drummer from blink182 or like miley cyrus one every month.

  • Sunny Chiudra

    Wow, its awesome :)
    n always be awsome :D

    • suos;dfl

      THATS NOT AWESOME but at least its about jesus not bad things I SWARE TO GOD THOUGH THAT I WILL NEVER GET A TATTOO IN MY LIFE I H-A-T-E THEM grossssss…………. but good job picking out the design.. jb will u go out with me??? BTW JB IS WITH KE$HA BEHIND SELENAS BACK. THERE MEANT TO BE IM NOT JOKING SERIOUSLY……. adios justin……………. i heart u!!!

      • Mrs. Bieber

        Justin is NOT seeing Ke$ha behind Selenas back! Justin loves Selena and will never let anyone hurt her. Im not a big fan of Selena, but I know Selena is so perfect and I dont know how anyone could cheat on her so STOP SPREADING RUMOURS. And if you havent noticed, Ke$ha ISNT a teenager like Justin is. And I absoulutely HATE people like you that spread rumours coz i know how it feels to be talked about behind my back and it is the worst feeling ever! And now that I have proved this person wrong, I am one of the most popular people in my class with 4 guys that like me so if you want to be as sucsessful as me, stop bitching about other people coz karma comes back around.
        Love all beliebers but mostly Justin himself. xxx

  • Yasmine matar

    Wow that’s so hot and sexy I like your new tattoo Justin bieber ! And I also like your bird tattoo too and I hope to meet u soon in la ok bye !

    • Mrs. Bieber

      Right back at ya. xx

  • Mis.biebs;)


  • Jaime

    i love it!! it so nice and good that he cares so much about Jesus and got a tatoo meaning him, i love JESUS and JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! <3 and the bird is cute aswel

    • JB FAN

      I really like it!!(:

  • ~*Amy Caramel Vanilla Juzy*~

    Justin I Dont Think Is A Good Idea=/Christian Ppl Shouldnt Be Gettin Tattoos.God Doesnt Luv That. Im A Deep Christian Too,All Of My Family R Christian N Non Of Them Has A Little Tattoo Hidin Sumwere In Their Body I Like A Guy wit Clean Skin.Im Not Really Happy About This News.I Dont Want Ur Skin All Cover Wit Tattoos I Know Alot About Jesus I Luv Him Wit All My Heart I Konw U Lov Him To But I Just Dont Like That Idea=/But Its Ur Descion Not Mines=l
    ~ ILuvVanillaJuzy ~

    • ~*!JozeyLynn Rosalez ~!Luvz!~ Juziah 0rtiz N Justin Bieber!*~

      Agree wit u Im a deep deep christian too I luv you GOD!!!!!!!
      ~*!Luv Hurtz!*~

      • leesoojin

        yeah.. i agree with you. Besides, he will look better without that tattoo. i think so. just my opinion.

    • Katie

      I am a strong Christan too an i am pretty sure that it dosen’t saty any hwere in the bible that people shouldn’t get tatoo’s – i think it is fine its not big or anything and i think he looks good with or with out tatoos – LOVE YOU JUSTIN

    • Mrs. Bieber

      I dont think so. I know Justin loves God and would never try to hurt him. He is putting on a tattoo that says Jesus to show that he believes in him and that he is a true Christian. If he has a tattoo that says something different that has no meaning, you Christians will come whining and saying that Justin will get something that symbolizes Jesus and look what he has! So dont go hating maybe just think about why he is putting on a tattoo that says that. And if you havent figured yet, it is because he loves God. Im sorry if im offending anyone. I am a Christian myself, but I disagree with you becasue Justin should have the freedom to do whatever he wants without FANS controling him.
      Love all beliebers but mostly, Justin himself. xxx

    • RNA128

      How do you know God doesnt like it? Did he tell you that himself? No. Bible and religion was made by man not God so maybe you should look into that and also hes not very christian have you heard any of his new songs or see what he does on mtv? Btw hes got a new one on his forearm.

      • JBLuva18

        To RNA 128 i agree that the bible wasnt made by God but if you read the bible some of the words in the bible are God’s words. Not to say that you havent read the bible its just that thats what it says. Thats why some bibles have red words and it says on the front of the bible that those red words are the words of God. Thanks love ya Justin Bieber.!!!! :):):):)

  • Biebergirl

    I think it’s AWSONE dude lol

  • officialbieber

    So sexy <3 aww #officialbieber6

  • WTF

    Haha he still looks sexy

  • EquateJesus

    So now he thinks that he’s Jesus? hmmm….I don’t think that God appreciates him equating himself with the Son of God.

    • Katie

      He dosen’t think he is jesus – he just has a tatoo that says Jesus – its like wearing a cross around your neck but it’s just a name on his skin. LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!

  • nikki

    Justin getting tattoos is not agood idea but it’s your discision and no matter what, you will always be perfect to me. I love you justin and I will never say never. My dream is to become what you are but God is the only one that knows what my future is going to be. I <3 U JUSTIN BIEBER!!! I am gonna be you fan until I die. Love yuhh!!!!

    • Remy


  • Remy

    Bad boy Justin already has 2 tags and he is only 17 but I think it’s cute he really loves god and Jesus and respects them as I do u love ya Jesus we r all so blessed ily Justin xoxo

    • Mrs. Bieber

      Thankyou! Finally someone that thinks like me! xx

  • roni

    is not in hebrew !

    • roni

      ohhhhhhh it’s ישוע

      • roni

        but there is a mistake
        we say ישו(jesho) or יהושוע(jeosho’a) but ישוע(jeshoa) ???????? it’s abnormal

  • Justin Bieber

    Oh wow. Well im glad you guys are happy with it and dont worry! I wont get all inked up! :) luv yuh beliebers!

    • Michelle Flygel

      I love you !

    • starla lovee my justin and selena forever

      justin if your happy im happy for you too and i love you too:)

    • Mrs. Bieber

      Obviously thats not justin i know justin enough that he doesnt spell you like ‘yuh’

  • Michelle Flygel

    WOW! That tattoo was soo hot! I ‘LOVE HIM ! <33

  • erin bieber

    OMG!!! he lookssoooo hot! i luv this tattoo!

  • m.majidi

    you are carazy????????i want chat with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…

  • Mary clare dionco


    • miss biebs

      I know right. i think selena is turning him into a bad boy.lol!

      • Angelina

        I KNOW RIGHT ITS ALL SELENAS FAULT!!! i want the old Justin back! :(

  • yafit

    OMB it’s in hebrew !!! i think he did it in israel !!!! <3 ישוע hahahaah i can read this :P

  • shelly mae bieber

    Omb!! It’s great he did a little sacrifice wow wat a nice tattoo Justin!!! @ everyone: Pls follow me in twitter belieber0526 thanks luv. U justin

  • Sabrina bieber

    I rly like it thats so cute justin :)

  • Stephanie+justinbieber

    I like it, i just hope he doesnt get tooo may tattoos, i wouldnt want his beautiful skin getting ruined..

  • Reska Morulita Sari

    i dont like it to much. but i still love JB 4 ever

  • Jade

    Another tattoo how hot but I hope he doesn’t get too many but I’ll still love him for ever

  • Lani

    The pic aint showingg up..

  • haina belieber

    oh….love you justin..