A Guy Asks Justin Bieber To Prom

From Leon:

“Hey everyone in this video I am brave enough to ask Justin Bieber to my prom please watch it and I hope Justin Bieber watches it. My prom is on June 2nd, 2012. If you need to contact me can email me jpmay300@aol.com”

Leon asks Justin Bieber to prom.
What do you think beliebers?

    • pickles who is h gay if u ask a boy out for prom dosen mean y gay i had ask a girl that does not mean am am lesbian so getr ur facts straigth and if u r commenst dont make sence keep then to urself got it get it good

    • Sabrina u always get on here 1st to comment do u stay here like 24/7???? You must have EXTREMLY HIGH BIEBER FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. hi belieber 4 eva am Ms.selena and i am so happy for u to reply se ya luv u bye ps: dont ever give up u can be wat u wanna be never in your life give up NEVER SAY NEVER bye :) :(

  2. Umm, i don’t know how to respond to that. Well, i mean, thanks for the offer. But, I have my girl Selena and I’m not gay. I don’t care if this girl doesn’t want to go with you, but I don’t want to go to Prom with a boy. I don’t have anything against gay people, but I would obviously want to go to my Prom with Selena.
    -Justin Bieber
    P.S: Try to get the girl! NEVER SAY NEVER

      • I don’t know why he really asked……..it’s kinda weird..but if i were u i would take a girl with me to there…………..but actualy it’s not good to go

      • wow yall..its 10% possible tht thts jb anybody can put the name on the comment duh….and y the hell would he put it on youtube jb might not ha time to go on youtube…and now i bet on youtube comment thinks hes gay or weird…instead of puttin it on youtube c if he can find his fan mail address to make it more private and let jb really know tht hes tryin..woww he even sounds gay…good luck jb lover

    • he said he is not gay he is just asking you as a friend like if you go to prom with your friends because the girl broke your heart like that justin and like you said NEVER SAY NEVER

      • he is not justin because in the video the guy said he wasnt gay and that he just wanted him to show up their not as a prom date and justin would have understood what he meant cause if i can justin can

    • yea just try to get the girl you dont need justin to look good it is going to be ok and justin you should come to chicago because there are a lot of girls willing to see you .i know know one person that put it in her will to see you

      • guys he is not trying to act cool if he doesnt get the girl he he like he said in the video he is his number one fan so just stop saying stuff guys and that is alittle mean and NEVER SAY NEVER

    • Hey baby! Thanks for saying that you would go to prom with me instead of that guy. I mean I’m better looking than he is. Am I right, am I right! LOL! Anyways, what are you doing Justin?

      • ok so if i come outta no where and say hey guyz i’m Ke$ha no one will belive me so why will we belive yuh*?

      • idc what u say fake selena watever u say no1 will belive that ur selena gomez come on she has a lota stuff 2 do and she cant come on jb zone &leave stupid comments!!!!!!

      • hey selena, that wasnt the nicest thing, he’s just fine the way he is. would you like it if someone else was dating justin and you were in that guys position to ask out your crush and to send a message to justin to come to prom AS FRIENDS! and everybody thought something was wrong with you. WOULD YOU??? i really doubt it,

      • okay we know your not selena gomez she would never say that but if you are selena gomez that is just mean to say your better looking even if it is true

        oh #bieber fever good one

    • OK Justin he is NOT gay! he has a GIRL crush and even said he wanted to go AS FRIENDS and he knows you have selena maybe if you brought her he’d be ok with that. he just wants to get a girl and be friends with you is that so bad. gosh the way you responded makes you sound like a jerk. you ARE becoming a jerk.


  3. I don’t know about you guyz but hell no justin going to the prom with him! Who the does he think he is? If Justin cannot go to the prom with us he can’t go with him get that Justin Bieber Guy Lover

  4. I am a guy fan to but this is just creepy. I think it would be cool to hang out with him but prom come on that is weird.

  5. he means that hes probaly saying that justin is a really cute girl i bet thats what hes sayin if he is thats not cool and kinda creepy

    • he’s not weird and is obviously to young to drink. hes a fan of justins and wants to get a girl. he may seem a little weird but nothing is wrong with him. even if he was gay nothing would be wrong with him. people are people and it probably really hurts for people to think that he’s gay when he’s not. btw gay means happy. so even if he was gay he’d be happy the way he is. :) and that really wasnt funny.

  6. R u kidding me????? justin saying yes to him??? neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer,just imagine justin dancing w/ him…BLOODY DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s really weird …i think it will be bad for justin to say yes..cause after all he’s not gay….it will be disgusting to dance with that guy…….it’s good for guys to have a friend like him …but dancing..oh come on .noooooooo

  8. Lol weird but if he said yes I would go with Justin Aka ultimate party ever haha me and Justin pumping it up again

  9. umm wow:/
    i dont think hes gay i think he just want justin to go with him as a wingman or something help him with the girls:))
    but i dont think justin would say yes! he would think its weird!..lmaoo
    good effort though=)

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