Family Worried that Justin Bieber’s Changing too Much

According to InTouchMagazine, Justin Bieber’s parents, Jeremy and Pattie are worried that he’s changing too much. “He has lost his Canadian accent and totally changed the way he speaks. His family is concerned,” the insider revealed inTouchMagazine.

Jeremy and Pattie are also a little freaked out over Justin’s relationship with Selena Gomez. They think the two are getting a little too serious for their age.

“They’re a little freaked out by how fast [Justin Bieber] and [Selena Gomez] are moving, but they’re just chalking it up to young love — for now,” a source told In Touch Magazine. Also added that he came home with new earrings and a  tattoo.

Despite all this, Justin’s family does like his choice for a girlfriend. “Overall, the family really likes Selena and is happy with her good-girl image,” the source explained.

    • lol i never thought my celebrity fanatasy bf and my role model will date but it happened and now guess who’s my new role model… taylor swift…. to all the beliebers out there u should read the one where he yells at his fans and that just proves my point

      • Lol!! I was laughing my ass out at your comment sabrina my name is sabrina 2! so there are 2 sabrina’s on JBZ yeh Selena can prepare her suticase and leave i knew that day was coming and it came right in time

      • ØӃ so l°̩kε guys I really want Justin 2 ße ‎​ happy ∂πð live happily eva after ∂πð if it °̩š with Selena Gomez den dat shall have 2 ße ‎​ it!but he has drifted away 4rm us ∂πð hasn’t been payin any attention 2 us.. Yes ii know he °̩š ƞ̶ busy teen,he has ƞ̶ life but its what he wanted now ƗнαƗ * selena* came by he’s literally avoiding his job ∂πð dat just hurts us fans soon ‎​№ one will ße ‎​ interested in him ∂πð I DEFINATLY dnt wnt tht 2 happen but it might if he carries σп l°̩kε th°̩š!! ∂πð his new song Boyfriend ists awesum bt has ‎​№ meaning what happend 2 dat Justin! “Down 2 earth” actually had feeling, ∂πð actually touched yu bt Boyfriend just shows ƞ̶ guy with ƞ̶ ptetty girl luking l°̩kε they really wana kiss ∂πð its just all abt H̸σω he wana spend his money σп his girl ∂πð stuff l°̩kε ƗнαƗ guys what should we do should we do I DON’T wana give up σп Justin I NEVER will even if he marries Selena what do yu guys think?

    • I agree with you Sabrina. Selena really needs to hit the road and find another man of her life. They really don’t deserve to be together. Selena is spoiled mean and & brat & a slut. She don’t need to be all up in Justin’s love life. I’m sorry but Selena gotta go. If they end up being together forever & ever she’s gonna end up doing something bad. For example what if she cheats on him.. You know Justin would find out & he’ll dump her for that kind of crap. Selena is not the right girl for Justin. I’m telling u they need break up for good.

      • but who are you to judge if they belong together or not? Nobody has the right to judge that but the parents. Justin obviously has some soul searching he needs to do. Find out who he wants to be. If him loosing his accent and getting earrings and another tattoo is how he wants to find himself then let him. It’s not our concern, it’s his families concern not his fans. Remember you guys are just fans, you have no right to control what Justin does or tell him what to do, your not his parents.

      • 1. we don’t want to be his parents 2;LET us have our opions i mean like seriously!
        3. you’re always commenting that were wrong and stuff 4.our opions count you know so i didn’t like Selena from the first place and Justin wont be anytihng without his fans i admit his losing fans because of Selena the famiyl spoke up Selena gotta go and he might get back the fans he lost :D

      • ITS NOT SELENAS FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!! its just that Justin thinks he is all cool now because he has an older gf I STILL LOVE HIM but still!


    • How could the 90s be filled with so much pain?

      1997-Biggie Died

      1996-Tupac Died

      1995-Eazy-E Died

      1994-Justin Bieber was born

      • u’re turly right Sabrina Bieber!! and u up there this web is only 4 ppl who r facing a serious case of that illness so : being a belieber or hiding in a cafe 4 the rest of u’r life :P GTH

      • Well the 21 century is s exciting!

        2009- Justin Bieber became discovered

        2010-I went to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 1st time

        2011-”I dont have Bieber fever” died

    • It’s his choice noone can do choices 4 him an I actually love his girl friend jus make sure you take good care of her jb an don’t hurt her.

  1. oh no i am with your family on they justin you are changing a lot what happen justin

      • ya he got earings who eva thought he would get earings??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • …uhh hes growin up……can a person do tht???HELL YEA!!!! STOP SAYIN THT YALL WANT THE OLD JUSTIN JUST B GLAD THT HES STIL HERE…..PEOPLE HAV TO MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVE he cant b the same he need to grow wether yall lik it our not…. and if yall want jb and sel want to break up then 2 bad if yall were real fans yall would let him make the decision and let him be happy……

      • excuse me!, @ belieber…. i want the old justin!. cuz he has changed a lot! i hate selena! he’s changing justin! look at what she did to justin! and now she’s asking why we hate her??? what a freak!

      • guys as i said before its justins decision selena has nothing to do with this its just that Justin Biebs (yea thats right Biebs!) thinks hes all cool now cause hehas an older GF I LOVE HIM but still!

      • excuse me but we want him to be happy not broken hearted cuz selena dted too many guys then dumped them whats better happy justin or sad justin your choice

    • he’s definitely too serious with selena. i like them together, but now it just looks and they ast as if they’re already married! he has definitely changed a lot, and i expect that, but so much in so little time! I wonder if we have another miley coming. . . .

      • Hey! Wow so much news about me on this website iv never even knew about haha
        Im not changing Im just getting older dont worry im still the Canada loving boy I
        was before I got famous. I cant thank you all enough you guys are my life and I wouldnt be here without any of you! I wish I could meet with all my fans and get to
        know each one of you guys but it could happen #neversaynever #someday

        Love you guys! Check out my twitter!

      • ikr im kinda scared its like what happened to the canadian hottie like I like the earrings and the tattoo’s but it breaks my heart the accent is gone.I think hes really sweet in all but lately he just sounds …idk how to explain it ??????


    • yes he has changed alot i wouder the happen everybody what do you thank what happen

  2. The tatoo and earrings i dont necessarily have a problem wit its just selena i like her and respect her very much but even though i accept her and jbs relationship i still find something wrong

    • yea i agree you you i just dont get it you know what scencs they was dating justin is changing alot but i still love the both of them but yea

      • i totally agree!! he looks super hot with the earrings and tattoos, i support jelena but she really is changing him, not only can his fans see that but his parents see it aswell, he needs to get rid of selena and focus on his career, he has got so many moe years too come to get all serious with girls.

      • look he is a 17 year old boy, 16-18 year olds change, it’s called finding themselves. That girl is not changing him, have you ever thought that Justin is changing to impress Selena? He might be trying everything to please her, be someone he isn’t to impress her? You know people do that. Has anybody ever thought that Justin is changing because he wants to change, he doesn’t want to be something that people are trying to mold him into, he wants to be an individual. No, none of you have because your so quick to blame Selena for it. That girls crime obviously is falling in love with Justin. True fans wouldn’t care what Justin is doing as long as he still loves his fans and is making his music. His personal shouldn’t be our business, that’s why it’s called a personal life.

  3. I think Justin is trying to grow up to fast and he’s relationship with Selena needs to either slow down or end because i don’t even know if this is the same popstar i fell in love with less then a year ago

      • i just think that he really doesnt see whats going on with him and selena. something just doesnt feel right about there relationship the only other thing he wanted was to get a gf and now hes got one hes taking things to way to far, to fast.

      • i agree becuz when all of us became jb fans he was so sweet kind and fun but now since he turned 17 got a new tattoo and wear earrings and dates selena gomez he really became a jerk im sorry 2 say but he have became one and selena got him so caught up into her lies he doesnt want anything to do with us

      • just as I predicted….JB’s fans (myself included) are not accepting so much change so quickly….smh


  4. Idk starla to me justin is still the sweet kind carIng very skilled and generous dude we have come to love i admit his tattos and earring make him look very its just something about selena i find wrong she is an amazing artist and actress but udk something doesnt feel right to me

  5. well him and selena r kinda moving fast for there age! i think the earring is a little to much and the tatoo idk wat do u guyz think????

    • jb is awesome: i think that he is moving too fast and that he should slow down and go with the flow….he shoukdnt let selena make him get earrings or another tatoo, sadly, it is making him less and less loved by the day…..

      • selena did not make him get the tatto he got because his dad got the same one like the other tatto he gots. and if u are a true fan u then u want leave his side even now u don’t like his girlfriend he is goin to have a look of girlfriends in his life. and we are going to have 2 like it are not. and he is happy with selena and selena is happy with him. so we sould be happy for them. and i thank he looks hott without out the earring and hott with them

      • sophie bieber, ilovejelena and mrs,bieber: i dont think selena made justin get a tatoo or the earrings i just think he disided 2 do tht on his own! i just think tht he may be moving a little fast and he needs to slow down a little rite!?

  6. i love justin but i just hope he do not changed i want him to be just he use to be

  7. Selena is like telling him something to make him change… I feelbad for his parents cuz there losing there son to a girl

  8. Yea he had changed too much but I still like Justin and Selena together ok I love u Justin bieber and please follow me on twitter @fairlygirl4 ok please ok bye !

  9. all i gotta say is if the family see something isnt right:/
    then he gotta let the girl go!!
    okay lets get 4real here!…
    to me he wasnt doing all this until he started to date selena! not saying its her fault!
    okay im saying a lil bit is her fault!..i know everybody goes though some type of change!..but if the family is worried to much then its either the girl…or the girl=) lol:D
    cause bieber really dont hang out with bad people and the people he do hang out with are the people who been there since day one!! and they only tell him to do right!:D
    i really dont know what else to say:( im really lost for words:/
    i cant explain myself then what i have done before! I JUST CARE! thats all♥ im not trying to tell him how to dress nor talk or who to date or nothing!! im just a concered fan!
    i love him and there nothing more to say:DD

  10. Honestly, I agree with Pattie and Jeremy. I always said that i will always love you more than life but now i am re-thinking it. I love you, but i have to admit that u r changing too much… u r 17 and u already have 2 tatoos, 2 earings, and u r gunna propose to selena in july! Good for you guys for being together and so happy but i dont think it is time to get married yet. You need to slow down and go with the flow. i still love you but i am just worried about you<3

      • her b days in july i think, and his is in march. which comes b4 july so hell be 18 :L i really dont want them to get married. kim karadshian got married at 19 and that lasted like a second. its just a massive mistake.

      • sorry just adding he’ll supposedly propose this july so she’ll be 19 and he’ll still be 17… agree big mistake! i know he wants to do everything at a young age and stuff but whoa take it easy on big things or this is going to turn into a mess :S

  11. justin lost his accent a while ago…. He doesnt live in Canada… He is everywhere in the world everyday, he is obviously going to be speaking different… lol

  12. I really liked Justin a year ago when I first heard about him I thought he was really cute but a year on he is like a different person get the bieber cut back! but still love you though.

  13. i miss the old justin! watching Never say Never makes me sad cuz it reminds me of what he used 2 be like. I still love Justin and I always will but he’s really changed. Ever since he started dating Selena he has changed. Im not trying 2 blame her cuz every teenager goes through a change. But Selena i think is a bad influence on him. It started with the hair, then after that it has gone down hill. I still luv u Justin, but dont forget who you are or where you came from, plz!

  14. I think justin is changing to much and to think about him changing just makes me wanna cry…i loved him, he was just so amazing but now im rethinking everything about him, i mean i still love him but its the old him that i miss. i watched some of his videos from when he was singing for fun and not dating so seriously and i miss smiling at those. he was so amazing and i think that his family is right he needs to slow down. i love selena but im honestly tired of seeing him change before my eyes just cause he started dating her. before she said she hated his hair and he changed it as soon as they started dating. it hurts my heart to know our old justin is disappearing. and sadly he cant see that. </3

      • well said, kidrox….Justin is risking alienating his fan base…none of us want to see that happen…..maybe JB, as a Christian young man, should rethink a relationship with a girl whose TV show is about witchcraft??? hmmmm just a thought

      • thanx i just had to get that out. im really…………tired of him doing everything hes doing. and he says “oh i love you all and your the reason im here” it dosent seem like he loves us. when’s the last time he posted a video of him singing for fun not at a concert but like a cover of a song. justin can you answer that…or does selena have to lie to you and say that it was a week ago.

    • that was so sweet and “Reallyy” ur so rite he a canadian christian boy and her show is all about withcraft and wizardy

  15. He is changing from what I see.
    But I don’t think that Selena has anything to do with it.
    I think the fame is starting to get to his head, and every body said it to me, but I wouldn’t believe it, because he was so sweet when he started. I don’t care about that his looks is changing, because he’s getting older. All I care about is that he starts smiling a little bit more as he just to do. I really hope that he reads this so he will have it in mind when he’s on tv. JUST PLEASE SMILE! I stile love you Justin, but I think that you are gonna lose alot of us, if you don’t start keeping this in mind.. You are still just a kid. A totally normal kid. We love you for who you are, so just stay grounded.

  16. the only person that i have to put the blame for justin’s changing image is his mother i mean you live with him he’s not a comple legal adult i know he brings money to the table but she’s his mother she should have a saying in his life and also his manager he as a friend and manager he should have a saying also i mean i know justin’s want to look like an adult and lieve the kid image but his parents specialy his mom is the one who should advice him if not he’s going to have the same fate as any former teen idols

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