Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj Presenting BET Awards 2011

Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj presenting best male hip-hop artist at the 2011 BET awards inside Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium.

Justin and Nicki later announced that Kanye West beat the rivals: Drake and B.O.B, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross for the Male Hip-Hop Artist award. Before taking the stage, Justin tweeted, “Having a great time at the #betawards. Getting ready to get on stage with my girl @nickiminaj.”

Check out the video:

  • Prabashi

    /\/\/\/\/\/\….Yahoo Im the first…/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

    • 11 C

      m osini…

  • tina lover

    2nd he he he

  • Yasmine matar

    Lol it was so funny I love JB ! And I am a team bieber ok bye ! I love u so much jb ok hope to meet u someday !

  • Biebs(;

    ahaha; can you handle curves?

    • JustBieber

      “YES I CAN!” -Justin Bieber

      • FAKER

        JustBieber isn’t Justin and hey guesss what? Yes I Can is from Christian Beadles dumbo.

      • Biebs(;

        @FAKER; she was quoting him :L

      • JBLuver101

        but he said -justin bieber so ur just being a moron…

      • BieberBieberOHHH

        @JBLuver101 that means quote. you must fail english. and if she probs wanted to fake as biebs. she would have had her name as Justin Bieber.

  • Bieber4eva

    5th yay. I love u JB u are sooo nice to ur fans and ur sooo hawt. I wish u the best with Selena. U make a cute couple and I support u all the way

  • SarahYB

    am i the only one who cant watch the video? :(

    • nahal

      no dont worry i canttttttttttttttttttttt ah

      • imabelieber

        i cant either

      • DesiBoo

        I can’t either… :(

  • Remy

    Ohhh justin u r soo cute but i rekon u have da best fans, us beliebers can not beat any other fans we really love and support you and believe in u ily 4 eva xoxo

  • nahal

    i just know that nicki isnt pretty i meean ugly but jb ……..the earth angle ..!!!!

  • jblover

    yes i wached this. im happy for justin and selena but they finally not with each other he was with jaden smith <3 but i loved "can you handle curves?" "YES I CAN"

    • jblover

      *But they were finally not with eachother at bet

  • D.N. fan of J.B.

    Justin I’m Davron can u remember? I wanna ask 1 thing if you read this comment please reply! CAN U BE MY MENTOR?

    • Justin Bieber I love you

      look, I dont think Justin comes on here…I will ask him at least, but Im sure he doesnt:( so I advise you to go and sign up for tinychat.com and find there his channel…people said he was online last night!! so everyone managed to see him live!! I think it’s the only chance for you to write him…

      • D.N. fan of J.B.

        you are sure?

      • Justin Bieber I love you

        yes!!! ppl’s eyes can’t lie, right?:)

    • D.N. fan of J.B.

      i cant find

    • D.N. fan of J.B.

      what’s ur name nd where r u from?

  • proud belieber

    omggggggggg justin r u the hottest or what ??!!u got me cryin’ T____T i loooooooove yoooooou

  • imabelieber

    I CANT WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awwwwwwww mannnn

  • Sabrina Bieber

    Lol nicki
    Also justin looks soo cute
    Team bieber all da way

  • belieber4eva

    when i saw this yesterday i fell out laughing when he said YES I CAN lol my mom was like ooooo and my sis was like i know selena would want justin to say tht about her i bust out laughing when my sis said tht. Tht award show was really funny i love the sketch of real husbands of hollywood tht was so funny. I love Kevin hart!!! I feel bad for rihanna and chris brown with the akward moment tht had. but it was funny LOL i be the girl presenting didnt mean to mess up though. But it was funny

  • jbsuperfan

    is it just me or is his hairflip coming back to life? :3

    • imabelieber

      i know right!!!!!! it looks like he’s trying! i hoe it will come bak!!!!!!!!!!

      • imabelieber

        i mean i HOPE it comes back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha sorry bout that!!!!

      • belieber4eva

        omg i didnt even notice it till u mentioned it omg it is omg :D

    • Belieber4evaz

      xD yipeeeeeee

      • imabelieber


  • kennedi

    i missed tht part of the show i hav 2 watch it again well at leat tht part. ;-)

  • Queen Gogo bieberfever

    aww he looks hot!

  • ♥ Dena Bieber ♥

    Awwww man he hasn’t got his earings in!!!! Mannn xxxxx i love him with them in!!! HE’S STILL HOT THO!!

    • JBLuver101

      I actually hate his earrings…

  • ♥Belieber♥

    Justin is so hot, lol! I love that kid. Please follow me twitter! I follow back!!

  • Emily

    Yah Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj are my fav singers!!!!!! :D
    I love u Justin <3

    • Angel Girl Loves Justin Bieber


  • belieber

    justin is getting his hairback

  • baby gurl

    Nicki minaj is relly. Pretty

    • Daryna:)

      Yep she has a huge butt though!



    • D.N. fan of J.B.

      r u a boy?

  • Lindshei

    I love you!!!!<3<3 yeahhhh

  • angel

    hahahahaha when i watched it Sunday it was funny

  • sara

    i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu justin i

  • Ali

    i LOVE the pic Justin is in. not the video but the pic above the video. I love Justin’s expression in the pic! :D

  • Maggie

    Nicki minaj has a really big butt

  • kaylabieber

    u could say tht again Maggie

  • Megan Bieber

    no, i am!!!!!!! ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BIEBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!