Justin Bieber Nominated for FIVE AWARDS at 2011 Teen Choice Awards

Justin Bieber is nominated for not one award but FIVE awards at this year’s 2011 Teen Choice Awards. He is nominated for Choice Male Artist, Choice Twit, Choice Red Carpet Icon, Choice TV, and Choice Male Hottie.

This year’s ceremony will take place on Sunday, August 7 and broadcast LIVE on FOX at 8/7 central!. Fans aged 13 to 19 can vote for their favorites on the official website starting from Wednesday, June 29.

Voting is now open, click here to vote Justin Bieber.

Below are the Teen Choice Awards 2011′ Nominees.

Choice Music: Male Artist
Justin Bieber
Jason Derülo
Cee Lo Green
Enrique Iglesias
Bruno Mars

Choice Twit
Justin Bieber
Ellen DeGeneres
Ashton Kutcher
Demi Lovato
Homer Simpson

Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Male
Justin Bieber
Chris Colfer
Zac Efron
Jaden Smith
Justin Timberlake

Choice Male Hottie
Justin Bieber
Joe Jonas
Taylor Lautner
Robert Pattinson
Ian Somerhalder

Choice TV: Villain
Justin Bieber, “CSI”
Jane Lynch, “Glee”
Seth MacFarlane (as Stewie Griffin), “Family Guy”
Joseph Morgan, “The Vampire Diaries”
Ed Westwick, “Gossip Girl”

Choice Female Hottie
Nina Dobrev
Selena Gomez
Kim Kardashian
Minka Kelly
Mila Kunis

Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Female
Miley Cyrus
Vanessa Hudgens
Lady GaGa
Jennifer Lopez
Taylor Swift

Choice Comedian
Ellen DeGeneres
Jimmy Fallon
George Lopez
Andy Samberg
Daniel Tosh

  • Selena Gomez


    • Angel Girl Loves Justin Bieber

      2ND yay Hi Selly I <3 u!!

      • Selena Gomez

        Yea im the 2nd female hottie but its ok 0 hi Angel girl awww I love u 2 sweetheart R u going 2 c Monte Carlo?

      • Angel Girl Loves Justin Bieber

        Totally!! Awww they didnt add u in CRCFIcon:Female??

      • Selena Gomez

        Thank you I hope u love it.Its ok if they didnt add me in CRCFIcon:Female

      • Selena Gomez

        Im so proud of him I wish him the best THANK U ANGEL GIRL I <3 U SWEETIE!!!

      • Angel Girl Loves Justin Bieber

        IK he is so cute 2 b honest Selly 1 of all i love u so much…….Im not really a Jelena lover or supporter but I luv u guys r the BEST nd both of r so AWSOME nd sweet nd u deserve 2 b happy 2 dont listen 2 ur haters Love ya!!

      • Selena Gomez

        Aww its ok I understand u but it kinda hurts wen they call me names nd stuff but i have my fans who love me nd support me thank u so much!!

      • Angel Girl Loves Justin Bieber

        0 im so srry i didnt mean 2 hurt ur feelinrgs omg im so srry Selly…..=,( I feel bad!!!

    • my nickname is tweetybird

      i love you selly

    • charlotte

      i think ur all ways 1st and i think that u and jb r like well good together i mean better than that amazing with jb!! <3

      • crystal luv JB

        selena why r u dating jb?:[

    • crystal luv JB

      who r u?

  • Yasmine matar

    Wow that’s is cool JB I am so proud of u and I am go to vote for u tomorrow ok bye I lobe u Justin bieber !

  • Angel Girl Loves Justin Bieber

    I will vote 4 u Jbiebs <3 ya!!!

  • CLARENCE 7 , C7

    yo i need yo jb please call me at +917293353539

    • my nickname is tweetybird

      it is not good to give your phone number to people

  • CLARENCE 7 , C7

    here my love for jb by c7 music artist

  • CLARENCE 7 , C7

    dont hert me jb i need you by c7 iam a good raper boy from india

  • PandasAreAwesome

    Hope you win Jb! But I kinda hope other people will win Male Artist, Choice Twit, and TV Villain..but it’s just my opinion.

  • Remy

    Omg I will definately vote for u Justin luv and support u forever love true belieber xoxo

  • Biebs(;

    Ahaha “Choice Twit” that’s cute. It’s not like bad cos you know that when Ellen and homer Simpson are nominated! (:

  • Sabrina Bieber

    Thats amazing i he wins all his awards ge derserves everyone

    • Liza

      Hey r yuh’ Justin Biebers sister?

      • Sabrina Bieber

        No lol justin has only One sister thats 3yrs old

  • Shiny

    Yaaaaayyyy goooo Justin.I’m so happy for you love u sooo much and I believe in u good luck ur the best artist ever and u deserv it <3 u I'll b there no matter what JB forever

  • Sabrina Bieber

    I mean i hope lol

  • I love u Justin

    I think he will win big time but that only if we help out! VOTE NOW!!!!!

  • rosa

    congrats thas awsome we are the best fans u ever had and dont forget it we love u <3

  • love u justin bieber

    Justin I’m voting for u and will, always. Love u

  • suzette298

    I’m definately not hating on Justin but I wouldn’t really say that Justin was much of a villian in CSI, I don’t think he’ll win that category but I wish the luck for him and you all know that’s not Selena Gomez right? Anyone can type that name in and say things like that.

  • Camryn

    I’d be impressed if Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas and some other guys were nominated for Hottie: Male and Justin won. Justin is gonna win all of them anyways. He basically always wins.

  • James Wright

    Justin you’re so hott I want o marry you

    • ?

      but ur a guy?????

  • fan

    I’ve just voted in every category for Justin Bieber :)

  • serena celeste bieber

    HII:-) OMB!!!!!!!!! Justin you have no idea how big of a fan I am…I’m like ur BIGGEST FAN EVER!!! and I just love u soo much :’). And selena, ur just so lucky u have a wonderful, cutie, and amazingly talented man that u get to call your boyfriend :-) btw: ur movie monte carlo looks pretty cool :-). Byeeee!!:-)………….okay sorry one more time I LOVE U JUSTIN DREW BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) </3

  • Chelsea loves JB

    I have just voted for justin in everything he was nomanated for. I hope he WINS in everything.
    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chelsea loves JB

    I have just voted for justin in everything he was nomanated for. I hope he WINS in everything and selena a too!!!!!!
    BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kennedi


  • Teto Kasane

    To Justin Bieber and all her fans:
    You are indeed stupid

  • bbelieberrr

    Already voted(: <3 i love you justin <3

    • crystal luv JB

      yea me too he is cute

  • sammy

    I hope you win Justin!! Love you!!

  • sophie

    justin bieber is so auwsome dont you think

  • i have bieber fever

    congrats justin!!!

  • Danielle

    I love u Justin

  • dakota

    hey selly i love your movie dont chang jb plz ilove u and him together