Justin Bieber PINK Dress and Shoes

Justin Bieber arriving at the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ in PINK on June 22.

Justin Bieber greets screaming fans on his way into the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Do you like his Pink outfit?

  • kiki


  • belieber

    he looks freakin adorable

    • belieber

      i could just omg he looks so huggable and cute and just like fluffy and stuff

  • JoJo

    It takes a real man to wear pink……. : D

    • Belieber4eva


      • Kaia

        yes only a real man can wear pink! totally correct!:)

  • Laurasia

    who the fck is that fat-nose girl to the right of justin on the top pic

    • kennedi

      stop your to funny like really im rofl ing really

    • Belieber4eva

      Lmao lmao lmao lol tht was rude but hilarious

  • I love u Justin

    Love it ;) love ya Justin! 

  • kennedi

    he luks hot in anything and luk at kennys face in the pic wtf :-P

    • Biebette24

      1st guy to rock pink. :D

  • Bieber’s Beliebers

    It takes a real bieber to wear pink (: lol hah <3

  • Dilaceecwee Moetcllu

    sweet heart

  • Jordyn

    this says dress and shoes. isnt that a shirt. anyways looking good (as usual) Justin

  • Hilda

    I think he looks really cute(: I really thought he looked cute for the Today show and The View<3

  • Gaby Lovveeeees Justin Nd Caitlin 4ever!=D

    Aww Justin u look super adorible nd hot! ILY

  • sammy

    It so cute!!!!!

  • sammy

    Justin can pull off any style!!

  • Sophia

    A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I don’t really like the color pink,but,he just put some S.W.A.G. into it!!

    • Gaby Lovveeeees Justin Nd Caitlin 4ever!=D


  • kimiya

    very lovely
    i love u 4 ever

  • ailin

    i love pink color and i think its very beauty for a boy…

  • Remy

    OMG I reckon Justin looks mega hawtt likes always he can get away with wearing anything i mean come on he is just perfect like an angel sent down from heaven ily Justin xoxo

  • Emma

    he looks hot,cute&sexy on everything even my moms close lol

  • Annika Bieber

    thats not a dress it just a top! soooo what???

  • riddhi

    lucky is that girl who got an opportunity to click a photo with the hottie

  • Zobia Bieber

    HE LOOKS SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER UR THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • supporter for jelena

    thats not a dress its shirt any way he looks so cute in pink and he also wore it to the mmva’s awards he’s so freakin hot

  • supporter for jelena

    actually hes wearing a jacket a pink shirt and pink shoes justin makes pink like anybody can wear

  • Lindshei

    He’s soo normal! I like that way!

  • nilofar

    he looks freakin cute!!!!!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u soooooooooooo much justin! :-*

  • Tatyana

    I think he look so sexy in pink he is buff

  • Dena Bieber

    HOTTT!!!!! i love boys in pink but justin bieber lokks the best!!! :) looove you justin!! xxxx

  • Melanie

    real men were pink lol i hate pink, but not on Justin :) HE LOOKS SO CUTE

  • giovanni1450

    PINK is Ok In Canada it means against bullying

  • ….

    Hey:) i need your help … I want those shoes as Justin has the picture of himself, I do not know how to call … someone you do not have a link to e-shop?