Selena Gomez Pregnant Rumors spin out of her Hospital Stay

Selena Gomez pregnant rumors started spinning hours after she goes to the hospital with nausea and a headache. This could also have something to do with JELENA’s recent public displays of affection and kissing pictures.

While this is not the first time questions have popped up online about Selena being pregnant, as soon as the word “nausea” is heard, it apparently crossed a few minds that this might be the case. With Selena “very publicly all over boyfriend Justin Bieber for the last couple of weeks, there is no telling what happens behind closed doors,” according to the website Hollywood Dame. This could act as the thinking around these rumors, but even this website doubts that they are true.

      • @wabwabman
        Hes gay? Nah. Why do you think he has all these girls in his videos. If hes gay then why tf would there be so many pics of him with selena kissing and doing stuff? Hes not gay. 2009 called,they want their joke back. And even if this was a random person who was gay,it still isnt right to make your rude comments. Gays are gays and you should learn to respect everyones life. And why are you here anyone. Gtfo and stop hating you jealous little prick.

    • i totally agree wit u…..justin is just……just…sooooo…gayyyyyy…i mean seriously… real people……get the facts straight!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTIN AND SELENA ARE NOT GOIN’ TO HAVE A BABY!!!!! there’re all just rumors……

      • Just cuz u don’t like him doesn’t mean u can talk trash about him. i don’t like Cody Simpson but i don’t talk crap about him. Justin is not gay, and he is a good guy. u wouldn’t like it if people u didn’t even know talked crap about u.

      • JB’s not stupid . but i think u r . & i’m sure that u r gayyyyyyyyy not him . yah but its true that he isn’t selena’s baby’s dad . of course he can’t do such stupid things ……..may b selena is pregnent by some1 else ……..

      • Wohhhhhhh k no heis amazing straight up okay got a problem get off this site cuz it says NO HATERS and go tell to people that care he is amazing and u can’t change that and ps if u didn’t like him y r u on this web site ?

      • why is you hating on justin bieber becuz maybe you are not famous lol keep on hating on him he does not care

      • you loser shut up you nasty he is not gay and i bet you are and you just need a gay friend to talk to so shut up you gay person

    • Everybody buzz off Selly isn’t pregnat. Justin would never try to hurt her in any means, if Selly doesn’t wan’t to have a baby yet Justin understands, I know because I’m her and Justin’s bestie, okay. So stop, everyone.

      - Taylor

    • Is there a reason that every single person on this board is incapable of speaking English? And since all of you girls are Bieber fans it is just your wishful thinking that makes you think he’s not getting with Selena. The truth is, they probably are having sex, and there is a big possibility that she is pregnant, which would put a hitch in all of your plans to marry Justin. Sorry to break it to you, kiddies.

      • I agree completely but I still think that she is not pregnant but is it any of my business if she is? NO!

      • Can it really be true? One thing I would like to believe, but still do not think they are SO STUPID? as to do so without having to protect …!:)but is likely to have sex THEY are very close!!!:D :)

      • shut up voice of reason unlike u i dnt like jb either…. i used 2 but u kno u changed it cuz u had 2 open ur big mouth……… i bet ur just a kid urself so i wouldn’t b talking kiddie……..

    • OMG guys, get over it, he probably has done it with her and who cares so what i imagine he’ll do it wiv lots of other girls so get over it and if she is preggers then she’d probably have an abortion anyway so GET OVER IT !!!!

  1. She isn’t pregnat!! This is just stupid because Justin would never do that at his age! And if she is pregnat then their baby would be adorable!

    Luv ya Justin!!:):)):):)

  2. She better not be pregnant, which I highly doubt she is, because Justin would never do that.. If she is then I’m am going to be soooooooooo po-ed…
    <3 you Justin!! :)

  3. she ain’t pregnat she probably is just sick, but if she were pregnat her and justin would make pretty babies

      • yeah i know i want to make a shout out to selena

        AND STUPID

      • -damnnnn chill …likk he will go 4 u!!:DD ^ he can go out with anyone he wants to…and he wants SELENA soooooooooooooo….chilll!! let them have a life!!!

      • Oh, Jennifer Bieber your so cool hating on selena for dating justin bieber like you have a shot at him. unless you suddenly become famous hating on her is getting you no where! geez! I love justin bieber and everything but its just a celebrity crush I know that there is no possablity of ever dating him duh!


    • Too all the girls out there: They are obviously having sex, which is perfectly normal. If you think it is bad for them to have sex at 17 and 18 you’re probably 13. Trust me when you are that age you will have already had sex or you will want to have sex. Its a normal part of life. So it is very possible that Selena is pregnant, I doubt she is because if she was they would hide it better. So sorry but none of you had a chance anyway.

  4. well ya know hes leving us and its posible trust me he dont care about his fans


      -hes always with her
      -they r caught in Hawaii up on each other
      – making out for 3 min at mtv arwards
      -JBs parents think tht Justin is changing way to much for selena
      -selena possibly being pregnant
      -Justin yelling at 20 of his fans
      -coming out of hotel wearing same clothes as before
      -hes basiclly forgotten us

      i am writing this and i am crying so Justin
      i hope ur happy! (sarcasim)

    • well i think he dosent any more jennifer is soooo right ! :( he dosnt like us any more all he cares about is selena well i used 2 like selena 2 but now that i c shes changing justin i think id better hate her now i understand y ppl hated her and she sould understand that 2 well wat ever im not happy :( :( :( :(

  5. I think (PERSONALLY) that they hav had sex b4… bt i mean, 17 is old enough. But then again, it would be illegal, cause Selena is a ‘legal adult’ since she’s over 18. But little Justin is still a minor… sorry Justin. i think they’re taking things way too fast. but i doubt she’s pregnant

  6. Ok, sorry if this is long. PLEASE READ THIS! So, in my opinion, I feel like Justin is getting farther and farther away from his fans. The weird thing is, and what makes me most peed off, is the fact that SELENA didn’t get him famous… WE DID! Think about it. He wouldn’t even be with his precious little girlfriend if it weren’t for us. I don’t know about you, but I really miss “The down-to-earth, 15 year old, from Canada, who appreciated his fans so frickin much!” Justin said, and I quote, “I’d be nothing without my fans.” Now, it seems like he forgets who got him here, and it makes me angry. I’m glad that he’s happy, I really am, but I wish he would realise that we have been with him all along. Why would he turn his back on us now? It’s all Bull. I MISS JUSTIN!

  7. You know i don’t even care anymore, i miss the 15 year old justin and he may tweet that he’s the same but he isn’t, he has like four tattoos, which is absolutely too much. All i really want is for him is to be happy but he needs to just wake up. Selena’s not wearing her purity ring but people are saying he’s still a virgin but clearly he is changing and we can’t do anything about it. So as much as i want him back, he clearly isn’t. Oh yeah one last thing, he’s not ready for any marriage. But that’s my opinion… and you know i don’t even care anymore, he can make his mistakes but just know he’s losing fans as he makes these stupid decisions.

    • i know! jb i thought u loved us all. i know u n selena r in <3's but that doesnt mean u should leave us! we helped make u the #1 dude in the world! we will always love u, if only u will love us bak! jb + his fans = #1 DUDE IN THE WORLD, jb + selena – his fans= <3's, scarce fans, and a teenage father…………..selena can be with u just stay the bieberboy we know and love and who is down-to-earth!
      plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee jb come back down to earth! by baby mean gf……not a baby!

  8. Omfg for the first time I’m thinking that this is true how could yhu do this to us you and selena new what yall was doing like you said life is to short “(I’m super pissed off :’(at you jb

  9. 4 real do u guys think she might be preg………………………….. becuz she went to the hospital saying she didnt feel good but remeber she spent the night with jb

  10. I don’t think it’s true I’m a 9 year old I liv in yuba city CA i so any ways at 1st I thought it was true but then I thought well Selena Gomez is my inspiration an so is jb so Ik that they never would do that to their fans and Theyre to young and what if Selena Gomez is actually pregnant I would be happy for her!!!!;) luv ya! @SelenaA.

  11. To straighten things out and to not make this hard for my girl, SHE IS NOT PREGNANT. Selena and I have done nothing, Our trip to Hawaii was a gettaway and her being at the hospital was for naseua and a headache. She was just sick. Everyone gets sick once in a while and think it might be something more. My friend from Miami had naseua and a headache and she had a apendix removal. And, NO, i am not insisting that my girl is getting her apendix out. She was just there for naseua and a headache.

  12. if you want to know if she is pregnant then wait and see if shows a baby bum! i have nothing against jelena and i would support them eigther way!

  13. Wow Justin! Who r u. Ur making terrible decisions with THE WRONG GIRL! Please
    Listen to ur fans! I totally agree with Switzerland. Ur my homie:) Justin pls go back to ur normal self PLEASE!

  14. oMG IM SCaReD PLZ DoNT B PReGNaNT SeLeNA JuSTiN uR 2 YouNG iM MiSS THe oLD JuSTIN i THiNK We aLL Do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sorry Shawties, Selly is my girl and you all need to exept that. I love her, and I think she might be pregnant, because she has been throwing up in the morning. So Im going to propose to her on her birthday. Hopefully she will say yes, so we can make many beautiful babies. Wish me luck.

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