A Grown man Anthony Keidis Cried Over Justin Bieber Movie NSN, Twice

According to a recent interview with Q Magazine, a documentary movie “Never Say Never” featuring Justin Bieber got Anthony Keidis, who also known as the Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist to cry.

“I sat on an airplane recently, coming from Hawaii to Los Angeles, with [producer] Rick Rubin just across the aisle, watching the Justin Bieber movie, ‘Never Say Never,’ I cried twice during that film and I want the world to know that!” said Kiedis.

So which part of “Never Say Never” was it that caused this grown man Anthony Keidis cried?

“They were doing this very cheesy giveaway of concert tickets to 16-year-old girls. The cheesiness didn’t matter — it was the reaction of the kids. When you saw those little girls crying deliriously, I lost it.” said Keidis.

Beliebers, did you cry when you watch Never Say Never?

  • Justin Bieber I love you

    No, I didnt!!!


      Then you dont love him ?? Cause that means you dont like one of the nicest things he could ever do

      • Justin Bieber I love you

        I DO love him way too MUCH than all of you. You are JUST fans. That’s the way Justin call you. He DOES love you; I DO respect you. BUT your love ISNT the real one. it’s a PASSION. You can’t love a person untill you know him REAL. You have never talked to him. You love IMAGE.
        I DO know him REAL. I DO know his PERSONALITY and this time it’s not just the words. And I ACCEPT him as he is…despite very bad things he’d done before which you will never find out. So I know myself that I LOVE him. Sorry, but you just go CRAZY. See the difference? If you’re aa mature person, then you’ll. If you’re just a little obsessed girl, then you won;t understand anything I wrote here.
        So go on crying over awful scenes showing poor crazy people, who is ready to do everything just to see their IDOL, a usual person who became their GOD. This just really scares me. It’s ABNORMAL.
        As for me, I’ll keep Justin feel way better when he needs it, when all the world knows a zip about him.

      • R.Bieber

        No iet doesnt

      • Belieber4evaz

        u dont have to cry to like him lolz, its just that, ur not that emotional, as some ppl who cry at parts, like when he came home :)

    • Jesse

      i had sniffles does that count? LOL :P

  • Victoria

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! i totally agreed with this guy because seeing the reactions to those girls faces made mee cry! Imagine him giving you tickets in person to his own concert when your tickets SUCK!!! <33333 love this kid with my heart <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

    • Belieber4evaz

      That man is a nice guy :) hes not afraid to admit jbieber one fo the awesomest living celebs in the world! :) and yes, the movie was so good o.o i watced it like 3 times, once in the theatres and twice on DVD.

      • Victoria

        omg same! hes a nice guy to admit that. but i did cry because he is sooooo nice to let some oof his biggest fans come up on stage <3

  • Lauren

    no,but it was a great movie!!!!! :)

    • Victoria

      True true but that is REALLY sweet :)

  • Dani


    • Dani

      i didnt cry but the movie was very inpirational for kids with dreams . i cant believe this guy cried lol

    • Dani

      whoops i mean 4th

  • kirsten

    no i kept it together but only just. i got to the point where i got a sore throat and headache from keeping it in

  • I love u Justin

    When he was sick and they had to put that camera down his throat SO YES I DID CRY!

  • iSmileAt_BIEBER

    YES! i cry almost everytime i see the movie (which is alot) because he is such an inspiration to so many people and he has taught us to never give up and to follow our dreams :) i dont think its bad if you didnt cry because some people arent as emotional as others and thats fine :D why are so many beliebers fighting?? its so sad to see this happen :( i think we should have respect for all real beliebers!! sure we dont know each other personally but we all have one thing in common…we all support JUSITN BIEBER and love him for what he has done for us :)

    • Belieber4evaz

      true dat, lol, i almost cried cuz he has an amzing story!

  • Minnie Mouse

    U go iSmile at Bieber. I didn’t cry but I screamed….ALOT! It was very inspirational andI love Jaden Smith!

    • iSmileAt_BIEBER

      haha i screamed alot too :) it was like a party in the cinema!

  • ~kennedi~

    no,i didnt cry but i screemed my head off

  • BiebersGirl♥

    Im making a video for the Berry children .
    Its ShowYourHeartsVideo and its on Facebook
    Please like it , post ur pic and share :)

  • Hope

    i did cry 2 times in the movie when he was sick and at the end

  • Savy Bieber


  • Mrs.Justin Bieber

    lol i didnt cry but i almost teared up when jb got sick :(

  • Segway Sweat!!

    I’ve watched NSN probably over 50 times since I bought it, and I’ve only NOT cried twice. I’m a pretty emotional person, and I just think it’s so sweet when he suprises fans and stuff like that.. Also I cried when Grandpa Bieber cried:)

  • Ariel Bieber

    i cried at the 1 less lonely girl part!!! it was so cute!

  • me

    yes,his imaginations are so correct!

  • mgm013

    cried when he was singing down to earth i use to cry alot when i would hear that song but its not cause whats the song like about his parents divorced it was for something i did but now im controling my tears and now ican listen to that song without crying:D

  • Chelsea loves JB

    I was balling my eyes out, my face was red and I was making this really weired noise while I was crying cos I could not breath. The movie was so touching My best friend and sister were laughing at me cos I was crying!! LOVED THE MOVIE!!!!!!

  • jessi

    i love justin really much but should i really cry watching that?!i think it’s not crying but funny !! :P :)

  • jessi

    will i did cry alittle at some parts…! :)

  • julissa


  • san bieb

    why not everyone loves and adores bieber they all want him by they sides!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emily

    i cried in the end. amazing movie!!!!!!!!!

  • TheyCallMejBlen

    Yes, I did! :””)

  • Natasha

    I did ! I love him so much :DD

  • Serena Bieber

    i cried at 2 parts!! i cried when justin and his crew were giving out free tickets and when they were talking bout the one less lonely girl tradition!!! :P

  • Leah

    All i have to say is, I LOVE U JUSTIN, keep inspiring the younger ones, just remember that your Beliebers are always here or you and we support you all the way :) :) ;) :D

  • natnat

    i cried

  • Daryna:)

    I did cry in several parts of the movie but I cried more wen he sang OLLG 2 the lucky girls!Aww that part made me very emotional:) #NSN

  • Mandi

    Course I do cried!