Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Nud3 Picture is FAKE

Above is the original photo that someone edited.

You can find the fake pic on twitpic.

There is a picture circulating around twitter and twitpic with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Hugging and Kissing in the water Nak3d. Beliebers, if you look close at it you can definitely tell its FAKE.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

      • ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

        i know it’s fake but seriously
        how evr did that is a sicko and should be ashamed

      • U Know that selena needs to stop touching justin cause she made him change his hair i mean she went out wit other guys why cant she go out wit them she just wants to date him so that she could marry him and forget about her fans cause she dosent care about no one but herself

    • i hate selena so much i hate her i hate her so much selena if ur readding this well i hate u so much u make everybody sad for ur falt even 5 8 7 9 year olds cry for justin being with you thats very sad ok i wish u the best but dont make them sad wish u the best

    • 1 I HATE bieber 2 he is gay 3 he dont balls 4 im proud that i hate bieber 5and i love that im not the only who hates him!!!!!6 jb MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • first i hate selena she is a gross fuckin ass hole bitch she is not a right girl for justin i mean she changed him alot she is a nasty person with a nasty breathe fuck selena gomez ass hole bitch

      • Oh, and YOU’RE perfect? Not even CLOSE! Take a look in the mirror, barbie; the only thing faker than you is the person in the reflection. How is she not right for him? How is she gross? How is she a bitch? B/c she’s doing what you could only DREAM of?! She went ahead and did something with her life, so why don’t you get off you lazy ass and GO BE SOMEBODY! Oh right, b/c you’re attached to that little scooter chair, right? Yeah, go re-examine life, come back and THEN try calling HER the bitch again…

      • lollll get a life u sad perthetic wench and u wounder y he goes with her??? coz there are ppl that need to be sectioned lets see for example………..YOU

    • your just not mature enough to see the ebauty of love, and if you think its gross, the why did you even look it up? hmm? wow your so stupid. way too fail

  1. yes totally fake
    hey owners i sent u an email 1 month ago … but never give reply :(
    plz answer me i want help u …

  2. Okay that top picture is just gross and whoever did that has a very sick mind I mean really that’s just eww

    • True like who would actually do that in public ….. its just gross .. and if you look at der mouth in the original picture u can c selena’s teeth but in the other one u can`t and if u look carefully there`s more stuff that arent in the original picture look carfully and you`ll see … it totally fake -.- ¬.¬

  3. Its obviously fake for two reasons, u can tell its fake, 1) they wldnt do tht in public, they r matture. 2) in the bottom pic (real) the top of JB’s Ass it kinda pale. In the fake one its a bit darker. ( this may sound weird ) btw i wasnt analyzing his ass. Haha x

  4. This is plane nasty Justin would never do that but I still miss the old him and u haters should stop since Justin has never done anything bad to u ok to u he might look ugly and sing bad but I still love everything bout him

  5. man people are sick take a beautifull picture of a couple and turn it in to something sick and perverted for sickos out there its realy sick.

  6. It’s totally FAKE as u can c in the original pic Selena’s finger is hanging off of his back in the other pic her finger isn’t there so whatever stupid idiot did this theire plan back fired

    Queen Bieber 

  7. im am so glad the first pic. is fake becuz if it wasnt i really would have been through wit jb…………………………………………..and jb just need to let selena go anyway………….. i hate her ughhhhhhhhhhh

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