Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Nud3 Picture is FAKE

Above is the original photo that someone edited.

You can find the fake pic on twitpic.

There is a picture circulating around twitter and twitpic with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Hugging and Kissing in the water Nak3d. Beliebers, if you look close at it you can definitely tell its FAKE.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Chelsea loves JB

    First!!!!!!! That pic is gross!

    • Ery :)


      • jaja

        its fake because shes taller so her*** would be higher but in the nude pic its the same

      • ezza12345


        i know it’s fake but seriously
        how evr did that is a sicko and should be ashamed

      • Daryna:)

        Yes its gross!!

      • Cynthia loves Jb

        Justin Bieber i dont think he would ever do that ,thhat is groosss

      • tyenna09

        U Know that selena needs to stop touching justin cause she made him change his hair i mean she went out wit other guys why cant she go out wit them she just wants to date him so that she could marry him and forget about her fans cause she dosent care about no one but herself

    • alexis36

      i hate selena so much i hate her i hate her so much selena if ur readding this well i hate u so much u make everybody sad for ur falt even 5 8 7 9 year olds cry for justin being with you thats very sad ok i wish u the best but dont make them sad wish u the best

      • jblover

        oommggg grosssssssssss theyre like ………………….

      • poohbearbabii

        da only reason u hate her because she succeeding and she’s living yo dream u need to stop hating on her and get a life

      • caitlynnicole5544

        ewwwwwwwwwww im so surprised they didnt make child tht day

    • KANO101

      1 I HATE bieber 2 he is gay 3 he dont balls 4 im proud that i hate bieber 5and i love that im not the only who hates him!!!!!6 jb MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jelena

        why are you on this website if you hate Justin Bieber…. doesn’t make sense?!

      • Melissaluvsjustinbieber


      • BiebersGurl


      • Mrs.Bieber

        why are u here jb hater

      • amanya

        y the heck r u saying that jb must die?? u r INSANE!

      • ilovejb

        whats wrong with u bieber is awesome

      • marissa143

        i luv justin bieber and im 16 he is sexy i would have a kid from him

    • blarg

      your just not mature enough to see the ebauty of love, and if you think its gross, the why did you even look it up? hmm? wow your so stupid. way too fail

    • janelle

      that is so gross justin bieber

      • janelle

        i love you justin bieber

    • tahmar

      first its not gross thats what couples do for ure info so u look madd dumb right now lol……i luv haterz

  • masoud

    yes totally fake
    hey owners i sent u an email 1 month ago … but never give reply :(
    plz answer me i want help u …

    • natnat

      so fake

  • goldstar


  • goldstar

    i think justin should leave selena anyway!!

    • bonsai

      man gosh its not ur life with her its his

    • Veekeey

      me too i think he should leave selena

      • ILuvJustinBieberForever

        true u think tht too ;P

      • brianna bieber

        Don’t worry he will wake up son it’s about time he realizes!

      • brianna bieber

        why is justin’s mouth open anyway?

      • jasmine


      • L0veJB

        like he should totally leave selena, she’s just using his fame!!! >:(

    • Tiffany

      its none of your business what either of them do. if they want to date, they will. you cant change that. get a life and stop daydreaming about justin falling for you-cause it’ll never happen.
      BTW: you obvs arent a real justin fan, because you cant even be happy for him. He’s obvs happy with her, so why cant you just leave them be?

      • Jelena’s Biggest Fan

        Agreed @Tiffany; I think all you negative people should just leave them alone! As if you can’t see she makes him happy & if you were really his true fans than that would make you happy & you wouldn’t care!?

      • beiber fan

        I aggre that was gross & the person who made that has issues.

      • beiber fan

        Thats groose

      • Biebergirl23

        I would be happy for them I I didn’t hate Selena I always have and I always will because she thinks that she is so smart and she has money, so cant she buy some swimsuits that fit her? Like seriously that swimsuit would fit a six year old!

  • Maddie loves Justin Bieber!

    Okay that top picture is just gross and whoever did that has a very sick mind I mean really that’s just eww

    • ILuvJustinBieberForever

      True like who would actually do that in public ….. its just gross .. and if you look at der mouth in the original picture u can c selena’s teeth but in the other one u can`t and if u look carefully there`s more stuff that arent in the original picture look carfully and you`ll see … it totally fake -.- ¬.¬

      • Bieber Luver

        i know…=/

  • Yo#1Fan

    lol, ya gotta admit. from first sight, it looks real! its soo funny tho.

  • CosmicBieber13

    Its obviously fake for two reasons, u can tell its fake, 1) they wldnt do tht in public, they r matture. 2) in the bottom pic (real) the top of JB’s Ass it kinda pale. In the fake one its a bit darker. ( this may sound weird ) btw i wasnt analyzing his ass. Haha x

    • The K!!!!

      Sure u weren’t lol

    • Mary

      Sure you weren’t and I agree with you!

  • joanne

    yuck I love it

    • Lauren

      that’s funny, ur comment i mean :)

  • Topping Little JB

    lucky number
    dirty picture

  • Iluvcodyandjustin

    This is plane nasty Justin would never do that but I still miss the old him and u haters should stop since Justin has never done anything bad to u ok to u he might look ugly and sing bad but I still love everything bout him

    • justin biebers BIGGEST FAN

      thats so true plus who would do that in the water

  • micaela

    hola muy linda la foto me encanta esa pareja es tan hermosa selena gomez

    • Muachx :0

      MUY LINDA?

    • Daryna:)

      Que!?Muy linda esa foto d ariba es demasiado askeroso

  • ILuvJustinBieberForever

    Ew thats Gross ! So Fake tho …

  • Minnie Mouse |>o



    WTF dirty minded bastard



    • Bieber Luver

      its not real and u dont need to cuss

      • SarahYB

        she means the guy who made that fake picture, i guess…

    • Bieber Luver

      @SarahYB I know… but she doesn’t need to cuss

      • WTF

        im a guy… D:

  • sali

    so ugly……

  • Next 2 U

    that’s very groos and if they did that i will put a knife in her vag..

    • Amanda

      oh yeah like that would ever happen, u r just jealous, but it is weird

      • Next 2 U

        i wont ever happen i know i said if and i get to say what i want and nope i aint jealous a bit..and i didn’t ask you anything so do ur bullshit elsewhere

      • Amanda

        what ever i’m just saying, that u don’t like selena and u r just another crazy fan that wants 2 b with him and it probably will NEVER happen, but oh well:)

    • Bieber Luver

      what u said is very gross and disturbing! =0

    • Emily Bieber

      Omg wow u r so unmature and jealous!

      • Amanda

        If u don’t mind, who is immature and jealous?

  • javi

    man people are sick take a beautifull picture of a couple and turn it in to something sick and perverted for sickos out there its realy sick.

  • Lauren

    all I have to say is WOW, that is very weird

  • Andrea

    hahahah its so fake!! selena gomez doesn’t have THAT big tittes

    • Amanda

      that is rude and mean 2 say

      • Kiley:)

        I kinda agree with Amanda.:)

      • ILuvJustinBieberForever

        Lol !!!!!

      • Amanda


  • hamza

    sexy ill try it with my gf

    • Bieber Luver


  • Tashaa

    I know that picture is gross… But its a pretty good edit.. Haha x

  • Bielieber

    k well it’s obviously real because look at there lips and facial expressions

  • Queen bieber

    It’s totally FAKE as u can c in the original pic Selena’s finger is hanging off of his back in the other pic her finger isn’t there so whatever stupid idiot did this theire plan back fired

    Queen Bieber 

  • Belieber

    Plus they would have tan lines…Duhh!

  • D.N. fan of J.B.

    lol justin

  • Mrs.Justin Bieber

    im am so glad the first pic. is fake becuz if it wasnt i really would have been through wit jb…………………………………………..and jb just need to let selena go anyway………….. i hate her ughhhhhhhhhhh

    • Bieber Luver

      don’t hate Selena she is just a girl living her life with a person she loves

      • Mrs.Justin Bieber

        Bieber Luver and Marianna Shut up

      • baby

        i know you are right but than also i won’t like her

    • marianne

      come down, your just jealous;)

  • Lauren

    people need 2 stop spreading rumors, i’m just saying:)

  • marianne

    lol, it’s just loosers kissing around..

    but he’s butt is still nice, haha:) just saying!

    • baby

      what are u saying man!

  • marianne

    *kidding :S