Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – Stuck In The Moment (Music Video)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – “Stuck In The Moment” Music Video (some of you may haven’t seen it). The video is created by @jardc87 dedicated to Justin and Selena. This video took him 2 months to finish.

Thanks @jardc87! Amazing artwork!

  • belieber4eva

    i love watching jardc87 videos he does them so perfectly they are always creative and very good. I remember when justin uploaded that should be me video of jardc87 on twitter and i fell in love with it then i watched more of them. He does a excellent job and i bet it takes alot of hard work to do things like tht. Even though i really dont like selena and stuff this video was pretty good. GOOD JOB @jardc87

  • Bieberfever

    I saw tht video a last week it was really nice of them to do tht it’s a cool video

  • bieber 2148

    omb!!!!!!!! love it

  • Emily Bieber

    OMB! They r the cutest couple ever. I love them. And good work on the video it was awesome :D

  • ♥ ♡ ♥ Writni Luv’s Her Boyfriend Jordan ♥ ♡ ♥

    That video makes me cry… I love them both

  • javi

    this video is awesome that kid has talent i have been watching the video more than ahundred times.

  • love u justin bieber

    I love them both and happy bithday selena. Pls be with justin

  • Natalie

    Awww sooo cute :) wow this was amazing LOVED IT!!!

  • belieber4eva

    u guys should see the down to earth one it made me cry cause just check it out u might cry too

  • kelsie


  • TheLizBelieber

    Justin and Selena HAVE TO SEE THIS…. itz SOOOOO SWEET:)
    ok beliebers start tweeting!!!!! ;p

    • kendra johnson


  • Belieber 4 Ever

    This Is Amazing …. I Hope Justin And Selena See It

    • kendra johnson

      THEY ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaezha

    WOW! This is Amazing! I don’t know what else to say, I’m speechless. Great job! Hope Justin & Selena see this! :)

  • ILuV BieBer

    Omg Awesome job luv this GREAT JOB P.s by the saw the other videos by jard87 they are AWESOME PEASE!!!!!!!!

  • JB4Eva

    This vid was AWSOME!

  • sexy beiber

    i love it very much,it’s very amazing.i hope too for them to see it.you rock guys.i,m proud of you.i ‘m gonna be just like both of you.i’m following my dreams.

  • natnat

    i luv this vid

  • Theresa:)

    thats a really beautiful video of selena and justin :)

  • sexy beiber

    happy birthday.i wish you all the good things.i hope you have the best birthday anyone couldn’t have.rock the party and get up and celebrate.i have fun.enjoy the best time.love you.big fan selena gomez.happy birth day girl.i want to meet you face to face selena gomez.i wish i was on prankstsars.bye love you selena gomez and justin beiber.

  • Laurasia

    i swear i could just STRANGLE that slut.

    • keira harris

      LOL LOL LOL !

  • jbsuperfan

    the person who made this is kind of obsessive over this couple. just sayin.

    uugghh. selena. its not like i hate her. i just dont trust her….

    and like i said, i REALLY hate it when i see or hear the line (i dare 2 say it), “awww their so cute together! <3". i literally shivered after i typed that.

  • ~kennedi~

    its a nice video and all but it made me freekin sick a alomost puked i hate selena sooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    • epicbieber

      IKR! Again, at my comment, not Jelena Zone! We don’t like her! She stole our man!

  • paige bieber

    that was good

  • meeee

    Great and awesome!great work!

  • meeee

    ALMost cried!!!!

  • xXXBieberRoxXx

    OMG I now this dude from youtube he is an amazing artist and anime vid maker! BTW Amazing vid… again!!

  • meeee

    Heard for the 100th time!

  • Daria’Bieberx

    I love this
    Great job

  • mary

    Oh My!!!!!!! so cool..it’s sobeautiful!!! :-)

  • starla lovee you justin and selena

    it was really cute i love you selena and justin forever