Justin Bieber Pranking and Cone-ing haha

looks like we should go #cone-ing. #SWAG

  • L0veJB


    • L0veJB

      wow i nvr got first before :D

      • proud belieber

        haha…then congrats’ 4 the first time :D

    • caitlynnicole5544

      hahaa second funny vid by the way and love ya jb

    • caitlynnicole5544

      ewww i hate choclate

      • caitlynnicole5544

        i mean choclate shakes there not that good there okay now i im craving one

      • jaja

        justin hates chocolate to that is not chocolate its ice coffee.
        i also hate chocolate.

      • Mrs.Bieber#1

        um jaja ur wrong Justin does like chocolate.

  • Bieber


    • emmy15jb

      hello how are you xx

  • Daryna:)

    Uuu hot he looks really cute wen he pranks at ppl I just love it haha!

    • Daryna:)

      Yea #SWAG

  • chrissy bieber

    he is sooo hot!! but zac efron cuter!!(but he too old foe me) but he is still HOTT! i<3 JB!

  • BieberBieberOHHH

    i laughed so frickin much (:

  • kaylee

    LMAO!! his face is so flawless tho and his teeth are sooo white!!

  • Summer A.

    OMG!!!! hahahaha Justin u r tooo funny!!! i swear u r the cutest thing in the world and that was amazing!!! ILY!!! U should come to New Mexico!!!!<3 <3 <3 <3 :P

  • Natalie

    OMG his teeth are so white and hot :D he looks soooo hot when he smiles lol (: i loved the way he talked when he was planning the wendys/burger king thing (rhymed)

  • I love Justin :)

    haha this is funny! i wonder if they recognized him?…

  • Savannah:)

    I love it:) and him to lol

  • Savannah:)

    Yea I wonder if they did recognize him??

  • keira harris


  • alyssa bieber

    omgg. hahah. he is soooo fricking cute…and funny. i loveee him. i laughed so hard in this video (:

  • Minnie Mouse

    Lol, me too alysaa bieber:)

  • proud belieber

    lol……….when i saw this i laughed sooooooooooooo hard….he’s so funny and such a cutie hottie driving that car…………BIEB’S GOT SCHWAG :)

  • Natasha

    OMG ! His hot man ! xP

  • Bieber fan 1700

    How did the people not notice him

    • :)

      I think the first lady did cuz she was like :-o

  • natnat


  • BieberGirl

    I should try it sometime xD

  • niya

    lol i like hw is insisted tht he got it there. also like the way he got the ice cream…… <3

  • jbsuperfan

    LOL that was really funny XD <3

  • Kristen Watkins

    Haha my two besties went cone ing and the lady asked do you need more napkins sweetie? sHe said no im good!

  • justin bieber lover

    im just now done watching that on youtube. it was so funny!!!! XD

    • justin bieber lover

      on the first part of his coning, you can har te woman being shocked.

  • Mrs.Bieber#1

    omb thta so funny!!!!! Cone ing! ha lol! gotta try that

  • Dena Bieber

    HAHA that was soo funny justin is such a prankster i love him, YOUR AWSOME JUSTIN!!

    • Dena Bieber

      OH and he look HOT in his car :) xx

  • 4everbelieber

    lol that was soo funny and he look so hot lol !!!!!: )