Overexposed? Men got Tired of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga (Survey)

It’s no secret that many guys are hating on Justin Bieber.

According to Askmen.com’s annual Great Male Survey, 47 percent of the 70,000 men polled said they’re tired and sick of hearing about Justin Bieber! While 26 percent of voters said they get tired of Lady Gaga.

What other celebrity are guys sick of? Sarah Palin came in a close third with (25 percent), Charlie Sheen (20 percent), Kim Kardashian (17 percent), Lindsay Lohan (15 percent), President Barack Obama (12 percent) and Donald Trump (8 percent).

Beliebers, what celebrity are you most tired of hearing about?

81 thoughts on “Overexposed? Men got Tired of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga (Survey)

  1. Segway Sweat!!

    How could you get tired of hearing about Justin Bieber??? I guess these ARE guys, though, so I understand.. :)

      1. Ezza

        why r u saying your first your not
        anyway i will N***r ever get tried of hearing about J Bieb’s he’s soooooooooo hot and sooooooooooo knid and giving I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOO Much but lady gaga is sort of getting old her songs r the same and every one expects to see her wearing something weird so there’s nothing new
        JB makes his songs fresh and they will always stay popular !!!!!!


    1. Belieber4evaz

      Stupid jelous, men these days ahhh :) they jsut gotta get over it, they just jelous they are not successful and insipartional as justin bieber. men r just couch poptatoes that can only judge others.

    2. Camryn

      I’m not trying to be mean or anything but this is MY OWN opinion, Justin is getting kind of boring XP I rather hear more about Selena Gomez. Why? Bcuz I’ma a Selenator!! And her new album is da bomb!!!

    3. Paula

      not only guys :)
      i dont like him too (but i dont hate him )
      many girls from my country doesn’t like him too

    1. justina

      extremely! i’m tired hearing it especially here in this website she has a lot of more news here than Justin….. I miss the Jaitlin and Justmine couple the sweetest perfect and not tired of hearing …

      1. Segway Sweat!!

        I know!! This is a website for HIM, not Selena. Like, I don’t think it was necessary to have a “Happy Birthday Selena!” thing on here when it was her bday, even if it is his GF. I don’t hate her music or her, really. I just wanna hear about Justin, that’s why I’m on here. :)

  2. Eimear

    1st yay :D Who wud get tired of JUSTIN BIEBER? honestly u must b very strange if u do but i am kinda tired of Lady Gaga it’s like WE GET IT u dress weird she cud tone it down but sure all 2 er i respect er 4 being different and pkus i like er music :D

      1. c h

        um………………… thats not even why she dresses like that. she doesnt dresh weird. she wears fashion how it should be wore.

  3. alyssa

    In my opinion, haters of justin just need to stop. i love justin soooo much and i do not see why you have to hate on someone you dont even know. . and I dont get tired of any celebrity. it is either i love them, or i just dont worry about them….im not gonna hate on someone i dont even know. that is just ignorent. and JUSTIN BIEBER AND LADY GAGA ROCK!! i love them both so haters keep hating, nobody cares.

  4. Chelsea loves JB

    I think lady gaga is someone who they metion to mach. Who would ever get sick of hearing justin bieber.

  5. JB #1 fan

    HAHA I Agree!and i hate CODY SIMPSON! and most important ‘””I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER HATERS'””.!

  6. proud belieber

    hahaha oh yeah
    go on justin <3 <3

  7. biebergal!

    hmm……m jus realy tired of shitty gomez she is f*****g bitch!! she stole my bieber!!


  8. Chloe

    They are both getting boring and like Jaden Smith said in Karate Kid “too much good stuff is bad stuff” I think they such turn it down a little so that we can see the other talented generation. I’m not a hater I’m in fact one of his biggest fans but the world does not revolve around Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga.

    1. c h

      it kinda does.. and wtf are you talking about? if you would look around the internet and shit you will see talented people and you see them on tv. that and there arent very many talented people in this generation.

  9. oshin

    justin bieber is ever green.
    he is alwas my star…
    for me he is the sun of my day and moon of my night………………………………….

    can you ever get bored of your sun and moon ?????????????????????????????

    he is the air i breath

  10. francesca

    OMG that is so rude most girls in the world r in love with justin bieber people these days!!!!! I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER SOOOOOOOOO MUCH XOXOOX i wish i could meet u NEVER SAY NEVER hehe

  11. julianna bieber :)

    I get tired of lady gaga…
    I like her songs and everything but i do be getting tired of her

  12. carli bieber

    NO!!!!!!!! Justin Bieber Is The Best Thing That Happened To Me!!!!! He Is the Best Person Alive I Would Be Dead Without Him!!!!! xxxx #Biebstoscotland xxx

  13. rachaelbieber14

    How Cud Ani1 Na Likee Himm Hes The Best Singer,Dancer N Actor I Ever Newww

    I Hate Wen Ppl Call Him Gay Wen Hes Goin Wer Selena ….

    RachaelBieber Xo

  14. Vazhen Aras I LOVE J.B

    Omg, the ones hating on j.b are only the ones who are jealous of him!!!!!! Who could hate him if they werent jealous!! He’s sooo hot & has a wonderful voice! I love justin bieber!!!!<3

  15. belieber2002

    i never get sick of hearing about bieber unless its the tweets saying that theyll dm him to follow me and he never does

  16. bieberfan4eva

    Imma say I’m getting tired of hearing lady gaga and chArlir sheen… And all dudes don’t like Justin Bieber cuz they r all jealous of him cuz he is AMAZING!


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